I do this after every time I work the 7-5 straight shift that I continually swear up and down that I won’t do ever again, but end up doing anyways, but good gravy there’s a reason I stopped doing that!!!!! Wake up at 4, walk dogs, bathroom, breakfast, bathroom, drive, work work work, drive, walk dogs, eat food, crash. I mean…I’ve left the house then from 6-6:30 and am awake from 4am to 10pm. if I had kids that wouldn’t work, and it’s bad enough to have to leave my dogs for 12 hours and more. It’s just lucky that someone else is around to take care of them, otherwise it’s just not fair. I just kept telling myself that it’s for Gable. It’s for Gable…which is ironic if you think about it. Thankfully it’s not long term.

For the future I’ve managed to secure some Mondays in March! Not only do I have to pay for the medical bills, but  also our vacation  (at this point it looks like I’m not getting help from anyone…it’s all on me), my car stuff coming in in March here, trying to replenish my drained savings, the Nintendo Switch I decided to pre-order when life was medical-free, the toilet issue, and the dogs need to have their checkups TWICE a year now because they’re old. Yeah…that last one’s going to have to wait.

Ahhh the weight of life on my shoulders. It could be much worse, but man that burden is heavy. Just lucky to have  good job.


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