Scratch scratch


Scratch all day and scratch all night
All these darn mosquito bites.
There’s just no way to settle the score
I walk outside and boom, there’re more.
Few others are as savory as me
Guess I’m just a delicacy.
Every year, it’s such a bummer
But without it, wouldn’t be summer.


Figures the day I have to go back to work (had yesterday off) I slept reallllly well with favorable dreams. My extended weekend was unremarkable. Mostly video game playing (no costume stuff done at all….), entertained friend and her bf for a minor amount of time, took Gable to the vet, ate a ton of junk food, ferried my mom to her eye appointment, and spent money.

At least my patio debt is gone! WHOOOOO. Now the fridge debt is almost done too! On to the next one! Or better yet, let’s try and save something…though I might not be able to because my mom needs to go to the premier eye facility in the region…she has hereditary macular degeneration, specifically the cones are messed up in the macula. Explains why she confuses color and sees halos. They need to do gene therapy and no one takes her insurance, so basically we’ll be paying it out of pocket. I will be helping if it comes to it, which I’m sure it will. What this also means is that I have something really fun to look forward to! How exciting! This is an instance where I’d like more dark blood, thank you.

Stupid HOA never got back to us about the tree. If you don’t WANT to take it over email, then at least TELL US THAT. How idiotic. It’s still splitting at an alarming rate. More money there.

SO MUCH RAIN. This can’t be good for any of the plants (except grasses). Every week it’s rain rain rain. I’ve dumped water out of pots so often it’s crazy, and the spider popluation has exploded in response to the mosquito population.

Spent last night refreshing my information about the eye in the physiology textbook I bought myself last year. When my mom told me what they diagnosed, it amazed me how much I retained from my studies all those years ago. I really and truly was fascinated by the human body and how it works, so much of what I learned has remained with me all this time. I was able to explain to her in the car, what was going on, the difference between glaucoma and macular degeneration, what the macula is, etc.

It’s my creed: learn how things work and then you’ll be able to identify the problem, understand why something is going wrong and subsequently have an idea of how to fix them. Works for all aspects of life. That and my other creed of: Moderation in all things. That. Is learning. Always learn. Know. Analyze. Comprehend. But be willing to amend that information because research changes knowledge all the time.

Dangit. Time to go.



This is a map of the total solar eclipse’s path on August 21. Where I am, we will only get about 82% visibility, but hey it don’t matter. Just finished reading an article on how animals react to eclipses and now I’m eager to see how Gable and Liana react, though apparently domesticated dogs and cats seem to have little and varied reactions.

I woke up this morning and my left eye was really weird, like it was swollen. Turns out it was…just like how it is after I cried a lot the night before and went to sleep. It’s still swollen like that. Was I crying in my sleep again? I slept better last night than other nights because I put in my nightguard, but it wasn’t a straight restful night. I don’t remember my dreams ( I did have them, I remember as much), but I did wake up with the  Rascal Flatts song From Time to Time on my lips. Yeah, I typically wake up with a song, and it can be telling about the dreams from the night. If this is one of those nights, then it explains the one crying eye. Just one, though. LOL.

After my lofty goals for Saturday, all I did was eat food and play video games. Yay.

Is it bad

that I don’t even want to read the news headlines?

It’s finally Friday! I swore up and down that yesterday was Friday…you know how that goes. I am thankful, however, that everyone is on vacation this week. Traffic has been so light. I wish it could stay like this forever. Probably won’t get this kind of mileage for again until the next big holiday.

Tomorrow I plan on moving forward with a test piece for Gable’s samurai coat costume. Monday saw me cutting out a pattern on doggie pee pads. Lol. Not only were they the biggest piece of something I could find, but they’re tough with little risk of ripping. He is not a big fan of being a model for fabric especially during the time he usually naps. There is still part of the design I have to mess with (the shoulder part for the coat) to make it look closer to authentic, but I think I have an idea of how to do it. The “armor” I made last October out of cardboard is still slated to be used with it, but I am still super unhappy about how working with cardboard looks. I mean, it’s corrugated and reflects light in strange places…and it looks like it was made from cardboard. I wonder if I can remake them with foam…which presents its own problems. We shall see how much time I have. The helmet was the hardest part which is why I originally chose cardboard. Not sure how I can do the same thing with foam. Foam helmets are literally the hardest part conceptually. Apart from carving it from a block of Styrofoam, making it symmetrical is hard but shaping it is the worst. I’m a bit excited, though.

Made an appointment for Gable to go to the vet Monday. I shall be poor yet again. Sigh. I tried their advertised “make an appointment online!” thing and OMG what a slow system!! It was awful. I spent an hour the night before trying to mess with it and it was just impossible, so I was like, whatever, I’ll just call. Lo and behold when I called the next day, it was NOTHING like what the system told me. It informed me that Saturday had lots of appointments available, but the girl told me, nope, all booked. Then it had told me there was no openings on Monday and the ones available were with a doctor I didn’t want (I like most of them, but not her…interestingly the doctor that my greyhound mentor adores), but upon calling I got a doctor I liked. Wut. So much simpler, so much faster.

Finished the last day of cat-taking-care-of. He is so cute, I’m so glad we were able to find the source of the incessant and ear-splitting beeping going on in the house. How very obnoxious for an animal with more keen senses than ours! His zoomies were very spirited and fast! He also reallllllly liked my brother for some reason, and used me as a bridge to balance on and get to him. I made up a game with him where I’d fake a mouse burrowing under the blankets and popping out every so often and he just LOVES it. It could be anything, not a mouse, and he was completely intrigued. As much as he set off my allergies, I’m going to miss him.

Natural People

…As much respect as I have for going organic and nature in general, “natural” or “homeopathic” people drive me crazy. I work in a field where scientific evidence is at the core of what we do. There’s no denying science is the real deal, as much as people try to. One of my co-workers got into yoga and if you know anything about yoga peeps they all go “natural” with their essential oils, incense and crazy crap. For a time she was doing the detox, no carbs, etc etc diets and all sorts of stuff to reduce “toxins” from her body. I’m not refuting the efficacy of certain ones because I, myself, have been using some my whole life. The whole idea of “Chinese medicine.” Menthol for muscle pain, stuffy noses, (Vicks Vaporub!), Lavender puts you to sleep, the power of tea, and so on and so forth. Recently she’s been doing essential oils and is trying to start a brand with a friend for essential oil soaps, or whatever.

I mean, I’m all for supporting her, but time and time again I’ve warned her (nicely) about the potential risks of all this crap. There is not enough scientific evidence to support medicinal/therapeutic uses for these things. Similarly to “natural” supplements, they’re not FDA regulated, and therefore not required to provide risks or contraindications. In fact, you use it all at your own risk. She says, that’s why you do your research, but are those sites legit? And also, the worst part about these “natural” things, they don’t actually have to prove that the concentration of their product is 100% pure….it could be anything thrown in there…you know, people trying to make a quick buck. And then there are allergies. There is someone in this world allergic to basically everything out there. When you think business, my first concern is liability…as should everyone. No matter how much benevolence you aspire to or is the push behind an idea, you must think of liability in this day and age. She asked me my opinion on her brand thing and I straight up told her that I wouldn’t ever use them. Some days she’s like, I have a headache so I dabbed essential oils on my head. And she has a diffuser at work which while she means well, could possibly cause an allergic, respiratory reaction in some people coming through. This is why the medical field prohibits you from wearing perfume around patients. I always give her a look, but there’s only so much bubble busting you can do, you know?

I don’t know how many of these type of people I’ve been running into lately. I mean, whatever, I’m not them, they can do what they think is appropriate, but from a third party perspective, how much of it is worth the time and money? Things that make you “more calm” in my experience usually does the opposite in the long run and beyond that, the effects are most likely temporary or have unintended side effects….like Chapstick. Addiction. Your body becoming dependent upon this external function because why waste energy doing something when there’s something else taking care of it? Better to allocate resources to this minor infection. I swear in the end it’s mostly mindpower. The power of suggestion.


So. Sleepy. Again.

It’s 62 degrees F outside right now. In August. My mind went immediately to fall décor as I was walking this morning. I love fall, but it’s a little early. Many of my patients have been complaining that it’s been really hot. I’ve been up here 7 years now and while it is technically cooler than 100 miles south, I can’t imagine it being THAT much cooler…honestly I think the summer has been rather normal…on average. haha. It was super hot for a while and then it rained quite a bit, and now it’s like fall. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just not experienced a “normal” summer but I have no real opinion about the season. It’s…summer.

Finally, 4 days after the day, I can walk not like a zombie and more like a human. Am I seriously one of the few people out there whose body can’t mop up lactic acid or something? I have yet to meet another person who has this problem. It’s not a new thing, it’s been happening since puberty. It was most memorable after aikido class in college, and back then I was at the prime of my physical ability, always doing cardio, climbing trees and doing weights. The day after I’d have to beg my friends to wait for me because my quads were KILLING ME. There’s a good pain and then there’s a not so good pain. And then there was Old Rag which took me out, like, TOOK ME OUT, for an entire week. In that I could not walk, literally, and had to call out of work for a week. They still hurt today but I have some speed! Yay! Maybe I should bring it up at the doctor the next time I go.

The kitty I’m taking care of has stolen my heart. Yesterday I meant to pop by for a little bit, but he really enjoyed my presence and I had to remain because I couldn’t help it. He immediate came over to me and stretched on top of me and then sat on  my belly asking for petsies. Then he wanted to play again, so I pretended to make the mouse burrow underneath the blanket which he was thought was just awesome. Then I emptied his toy box and we played with a rubber chameleon. Later it occurred to me that the box I left for him had been knocked over and a toy placed inside, and the mouse ball I bought him was all the way in the corner. He was super excited about food and as I was doing litterbox stuff, he came down to see what I was doing. When I left he didn’t want me to and wanted to keep playing, so I left all of his toys out. O_O But I’m allergic to you, cutie!

This is why I don’t want to take care of other people’s pets: I start to care too much because I love them all. Hmm. This is why I don’t want to care too much in general. Because I’ll love them too much. And that love makes the inevitable pain unbearable.


Doggone it

I forgot to cut my nails and it’s Tuesday again! I can’t just go cut them now because working dentistry and fresh cut nails don’t go together. Guh. Will have to do after work.

Speaking of after work, I am taking care of a cat for my friend while she is away. Sat through yesterday was fine, but starting today I’m a little concerned because I won’t be able to get there until late. Today and tomorrow will be fine, but Thursday…………….

Things to do before beach trip: make Gable’s vet appointment and be prepared for another chunk of money lost, pack things, get items from other house (which I straight up forgot in my exhausted state). Reef-safe sunscreen: check! Expensive stuff, let me tell you. Hope that I still fit in my swim-stuff.

I spent Sunday and especially yesterday walking around like a zombie owing to muscle pain, but I found my eclipse glasses! At Walmart! Aaaand I’m glad I dragged my mom with me because we found sunglasses to go to the beach with! I’d forgotten all about it since I broke my old ones. It’s got to be genetic, too, this inability of mine to mop up lactic acid buildup in my muscles. Debilitating! And these days it’s not the second day for the most pain, it’s the third. That is my new standard for someone coming out of youth. I learned that from my patient. Quads and hands, mostly. The sunburn is unnoticeable unless I’m leaning up against something.

Did you know that squirrels are interested in laser pointers too and will follow them? Also, I think my cat allergy is getting worse. It didn’t bother me the first day or two, but I’ve progressively shown more signs of it the more I time I spend with the kitty. Who is adorable btw.

Why don’t I ever sleep well when I have to go to work? At least this weekend will be longer. Must make vet appointment this week.

In other news I bought a cheap semi-rigid endoscope from Amazon. MWAHAHAHA. It works really well when I fed it into the interior areas of my car, but it has trouble focusing well in some instances. Also it doesn’t fit in my ear. Darn. I don’t expect much given how cheap it was, but the lack of focus is a little disappointing and leaves you wanting. However it will be useful for finding items in little places, plain old curiosity, seeing things behind my neck, or even magnifying small text. Too bad my phone is too high tech for it. What limits are there for something like this? HAHAHA. Did you know that a closeup of your auricle is weird? They’re strangely pitted. Mine has some sort of large pit/scab on it.



I can look at the far reaches of his mouth with this! Quality isn’t too bad, yeah?


Yes, this is the inside of my left nostril. VERY COOL. 





Came back from a Saturday of marathon yardwork with a killer sunburn! Woohoo!

When I came down I was immediately overwhelmed by what a disaster it all had become. Weed-choked beds and weeds galore. The mulch I worked hard on last year? Completely overrun. The plan was to take advantage of this one beautiful Saturday that wasn’t raining to try and at least get the grass killing down because the fence doesn’t rely on heat and sun. And glorious is truly was: gorgeous high of 83 with a moderate breeze and just enough clouds. So I started by commandeering the lawnmower to do it right this time by cutting the grass down as far as it would go before laying down the mulch and landscaping fabric for maximum heat damage. That lawnmower is awesome! Except that the batteries last a total of 10 minutes or so, less if the grass is really thick. Very frustrating. Good thing I don’t plan on owning the house longer than the beginning of next year, because a riding lawnmower would be necessary, and subsequently the dreaded gasoline. The lawn being all weeds didn’t make me feel too terribly bad because if you looked around the neighborhood very few lawns survived this year, but the unkempt factor was annoying. Whatever. I set to work right away (traffic had been so bad it took me forever to start and I had planned on starting earlier before the sun got too high), rolling out landscaping fabric, lofty goals in mind. Ran out, so I made the mulch/fabric/pin run. A guy looked at my items and said to me, “heck of a job for a Saturday,” and I was like, “it’s a nice day.” Same guy smiled knowingly and pityingly at me during checkout. 19 bags later I went back out to finish landscape-fabric-ing and uh oh, the sun was getting bad. But it was OK! Because I didn’t have much of a choice! And there was a breeze!

The difference between this year and last year’s workings

Guhhhhhhhhhhh. The weeds are choking out a tomato plant

By the time I got to spreading the first load of mulch, I was already done for and the expansiveness of the yard hit me hard. Not only did I have but 1/4 of the mulch I actually needed, I could tell my strength was fading and fast. Extremely hot and tired, I came stumbled in around 3pm (I started at 10:30am) and while downing my 2nd Vita Coco stolen from the fridge (water wasn’t anywhere near cutting it), and told my brother in law that I really and truly needed them to buy mulch and spread it for me before the side I prepped turned into the other side. Then I made my way tiredly out to my car, not caring what the heck I was wearing or how I smelled, to buy the second load. This time pushing the cart full of mulch bags was much harder and much less fun. While waiting for my turn at checkout, a couple behind me asked me what case my phone was in. I turned slowly, Ganado-style, and slowly reached for my phone which took 2 tries (I usually stick my phone in the left back and my wallet in the right back), and showed them. He asked if I could sit on my phone without breaking it and I joked that I’ve been sitting on it and we all laughed. The whole time I was frantically hoping in my head that they wouldn’t think I was drunk, possibly having a stroke, but not drunk. Then it was my turn to checkout. Driving home slowly, I unloaded 2 loads, smaller ones because I knew I was quickly fading and still had to spread it. Took some time to put my rocks down around the drainage thing, and frustratingly realized in my addled state that of all the rocks to choose from I chose the one size that would slide willingly into the drain. Figures. I might as well be drunk, holy crap.

Only one more load left (5 bags) I went into the house because I thought I was going to die and needed to rest for a little. Grabbed a new Vita Coco, and went over to my dog’s bed to just lie down for a quickie. I felt my eyes close as my butt hit the ground and as I lay back, Gable barked hard at me before coming to lick my face–something he never does, ever. I could feel Liana lay down on my other side and he wouldn’t stop licking me until I sat up. Right then and there I was revived. I had a surge of energy. It was powerful, having my dogs attentive to my health like that. From 2 dogs that I suspect are ailing from old people stuff. Gable just the other night and morning was displaying more dementia-like symptoms. Liana, I think is intermittently incontinent. I told him that I only have one more and I need to do it so we can go home because otherwise I would crash and never make it back. Like the little engine that could, I kept saying to myself, you can do it. 5 more bags. That’s it. Let’s do this. When it was over, I summoned the last of my strength to take the last wagon-walk back and then grabbed my stuff (slowly) to leave. Talked to my brother in law for a bit and then left. Made it home, finally, and took my long awaited shower ( I knew if I had taken it there I’d never want to drive back). That’s when my next task came: go take care of friend’s cat.

Thankfully, my family called me then to ask what to have for dinner because I hadn’t even thought of food. See, in this instance I am very glad to have someone take care of stuff like dinner and dishes for me. It occurred to me I hadn’t even eaten all day long.

Then we found out about my sunburn. Ouch. Spray sunscreen is great except for on your back. Lotion FTW there. Geez. I hadn’t worn a tank top in years and BOOM there you go. These days I’m so much more comfortable with shorts and tank tops, all thanks to the IPL and possibly old age. Haha. So exhausted, I went to bed around 9pm and ended up on my phone with my brain in full alert mode for an hour. Of course.

Woke up exactly the same time I wake up every day and I could feel my body was going to me unhappy. Ouchies. Not NEARLY as bad as Old Rag, though. I am so proud of myself and glad that my physical state has not deteriorated like that again. Phew! It’s tired and achy, but I can walk and put on my underpants. Definitely could lose some fat, however…

Sunday! A good day to veg out! Or do crafty stuff!