Feelin’ Great

…after yesterday’s Total Gym workout. I keep going yo-yo style to my Total Gym, but it still seems to be working pretty well. I’ve incorporated jumping in place (pretend jump-roping) as my cardio and MAN is that tiring. I am crazy out of shape, but my upper body feels fantastic today.

I’ve gotten to the end boss in Dragon Quest Realms of Revelations and it’s ridiculous. There are like 3 forms and I got HAMMERED by the last one. Now it’s just level grinding, so I switched to Mario Kart 7 (which is awesomeness) and Okami Den (which I originally was disappointed by and yet I’ve logged 5 hours into already).

Finally got around to reading one of my library books: The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman. SORELY disappointed about 4 chapters in. I dunno. It’s dark, gritty, somewhat (and seemingly unnecessarily) vulgar. It seems to be poking fun at radical religions but mostly I feel like it’s a huge jab to Catholicism…Maybe because I’m Catholic. He might be too, dunno. It also uses a lot of strong language which annoys me. I don’t mind some, because some things are best described in that fashion, but it peppers the book indiscriminately. Anyways I started reading it at 8, decided I didn’t like it around 11:30, so I started “skimming” the book until about 1:30. >_< Only to decide that I truly didn’t like it. And that it was book 1 of a trilogy.

It snowed today!!! Really pretty. About 1 inch of it and it didn’t stick to the road much (good thing I didn’t have to work today).

January is not my most favorite of months mostly because all the bills show up at once.

I’ve been horrible with waking up and going to sleep. Sleeping late and waking late are so not my style! And the worst part is that I get up everyday really early…it’s just that I kind of nap until later or I pick up the 3DS and start playing and whup there goes my whole morning. And with all these games lately, I’ve been neglecting reading actual books and drawing!!! For a while there I was having brainstorm inspirations and then that went kapput, as it usually does.




One thought on “Feelin’ Great

  1. I try not to play my DS before bed because I just end up sleeping way later than I had planned. Not good. Then my brain gets too stimulated and can’t sleep anyway.


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