8/14/2010 – Static Clings and t-shirts

It turns out that the material I’ve been searching for is called static clings. If you search for window decals on google you’ll most likely come up with products (such as Avery) that are more adhesive-stick than what I’m looking for. What I’d ultimately like is a good compromise between the two that is maybe 2/3 static cling and 1/3 adhesive. From my research I’ve found that the static clings tend to not do so well in the heat of cars, hence the need to have some sort of adhesive. Plus, I’ve found that there is this spray to spray behind these window decals that help your graphic look more bold. Indeed the ones I print out on my printer are very light and somewhat difficult to see in sunlight. If there was a way to make them more bold, I’d be all on it.

Inkjet static/ultra cling

The 2nd thing I’d like to share is that using the “family decal” as I’ve christened the drawing, I want to make t-shirts out of them. I’ve visited the different custom-print-tshirt sites and have gravitated to customink.com and zazzle.com–mostly the former. With as many colors as I have on the graphic, it’s going to be expensive, but I’d LOVE to have one…now I know why cool t-shirts cost so darn much.

Zazzle & customink

Alas, the only thing holding me back for both projects is money. Further updates as they become available.


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