6/9/2010 – Family Decal

Getting back about those other clings, they are doing well. The package holds true about being repositionable. Overall I love it. the only bad thing is that the lines on the backing of the decal comes off on the image when you peel it apart. I guess it didn’t help if I was putting pressure on it wrong, but still. They’re sitting on my car and my brother’s car as we speak. No signs of fading yet.

In the meantime, I am in the process of printing out new ones. My mom wanted a decal of her company’s logo on her car and I created one for her. Drew it and prepared it last night. Here are the steps:

                            Hand drawn                                            Traced via computer and tablet


The program I used is the GIMP, an image manipulation software that is basically photoshop. If you don’t understand the picture, it deals with the zodiac: my mom is the water buffalo in the middle with her children all around her. My brother is the dragon, I’m the kitty (in vietnamese zodiac the rabbit is a cat) and my sister is the mousie.

The finished product  below:

Darn. I didn’t realize that I’d left the color purple by accident. Oh well. I think I’ll round the corners of this when I cut it out.


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