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Well, not so much hot as humid. It is crazy humid out there. What was hot was just 50 miles south. I’ve been up here so long I’ve forgotten what not northern hot and humid is. Now imagine 100 miles south of here, or all the way in deep south hot. Left my car outside the garage on Saturday until about 4 or so and inside is was an oven. I was seriously concerned about the stuff inside my car. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous too.

…now imagine trying to survive a summer season like that without any AC at all ever. No thanks. I’d like not go back into depression mode again.

Good news is that I’ve been able to seal the fence! Whoo! Progress! It was a little hampered by the fact that my neighbor was having a big party in his backyard for his son who graduated, so I didn’t get to completely stain that side even though I did bleach it. I decided to do the other side instead to stay out of their way and then realized that they’d have clear view of me the whole time. Oh well. It’s always something getting in my way, you know? I did find out that the side I ended up working on was not well off. Because the sun would beat down on the other side of that fence, the side I was working on looked absolutely terrible with mildew, mold, etc. Now it’s even worse since that side neighbor put up a 6 foot vinyl fence. BTW…I don’t think I ever want a vinyl fence, no matter how much easier it is off the bat. They don’t seem too sturdy and without gaps I can see the whole thing coming down in a windstorm or a hurricane, especially with the yards the way they are in that neighborhood: no trees to speak of. It’s a wind tunnel. While I was busy doing work, Gable and Liana would beg to come out and then in, out and in, because while the day was low humidity and beautiful, the sun was hot hot hot! Gable did get lots of attention from all the people at the party. I’d look over to see him getting love and enjoying every second of it. As soon as he came over to see them, literally everyone stood up and rushed to the fence. Liana barked at them, was OK with it, but then wandered off to lay in the shade. She’s more of a one person dog? He’s gregarious.

We wandered off to Lowes after dinner of amazing cowboy ribeye steaks, and only had about 40 minutes to shop before it closed, but I spent 20 minutes of that sidetracked, trying to catch a kitten. I’d pushed a cart back into the cart return really loudly because it annoys the HECK out of me when people just leave carts around when the freaking return is TWO STEPS AWAY. Ok, so maybe 4 steps. Have some decency people!! Can’t stand it. Anyways, I pushed it in so loudly, I saw something dart out from under a truck, so I followed it because it was little. Really little. Turns out it was a little gray fluffy kitten and it stared out at us from behind a tree, mewing so pitifully. I think it was hungry, why else would it have been hiding under a pickup so close to the store? By itself??? I looked around and didn’t see mama anywhere. My biggest concern was that some heartless dumbass had just dumped it in the parking lot. So I got down and went to see if it would come to me or if I could grab it. I got some help from a Lowes employee (my brother was nigh useless, but a good barrier/run preventative) and lamented that we hadn’t used my car which had towels and collars and leashes and such in the back. I got really, really close to it, and actually came to me and smelled my fingers at one point. More than anything I wished I’d had some fried chicken on hand because I KNOW it would’ve come right to me. I wanted to grab it, but also didn’t want to get rabies or some other disease. Cats really aren’t my knowledge base. I was about to reach around and grab it since it trusted me more than any of the men when another guy and his young son came up to see what was going on and I made the mistake of asking for their help. This guy was too forward for this kitten and eventually it ran into the sewers and away over a hill. I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t get run over by a car, but the fact that it knew the sewer led somewhere was a good indication it knew the area well. Probably feral. But I was SO clooooooose! And one feral off the street or at least fixed is better than none.

I was upset that it got away, but a bit relieved as well, because 8:30pm on a Saturday…what vet would be open and would take it? Plus we had no way to carry it and not get massacred by the claws of death, and if I took it home…uhhh…my greyhounds… Still, I think about it and how close I got. What a passion for animal rescue and rehabilitation inside of me. I don’t even care what species.

Maybe I should start keeping a net in my car, lol.


Tuesday again!

I woke up late because I woke up early. Every day now, my body naturally gets up between 5 and 6am. I’m up with the sun and when it’s up, there I am too. It messes with the way we have our times set up here, so I end up doing the nap-wakeupchecktime-nap-repeat until I oversleep by accident. Like this morning. I think instead I’m going to keep a book by my bedside and just get up and read it when I feel that I can no longer sleep.

I’ve been oddly itchy since yesterday, and I’m not sure why. No welts, no hives, just randomly itchy like I’ve eaten something I’m allergic to. My biggest fear is that I’ve indeed been bitten by a tick and didn’t know it. Maybe something in the house??

Another gorgeous day! I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather at all because it has been awfully rainy and depressing. I stayed inside yesterday when I should have been outside! This morning is just like it! Not summerlike at all: clear blue skies, cool, and sunny. The birds and squirrels are out in full force. I swear it’s the spring we’ve missed for the year, just gotten to us now in June! Maybe that explains why I’ve been getting up so early. That happens only in Springtime. Summer usually has been sleeping in late from the heat.

Liana has been depressed lately, and so has Gable…have I been doing something wrong? So I went and bought birdseed yesterday to try and attract squirrels to the deck and make her excited again. Also, I figure that with all of the rain drowning everything, there are only an abundance of mushrooms, not seeds or ever bugs. Apparently I guessed right because even the big birds (jays and some black birds that aren’t usually around here) are on the deck looking for food. They’ve been eagerly eating up the grape offerings my mom has left out. Gobble them up almost instantly. I’m glad to see my girl happy again, and when she’s happy, Gable is too. I left the bathroom this morning to see his giant penguin in the hallway. He hasn’t been playing with his toys much either of late. Maybe the rain gets all of us, not just the humans?

My anthology of the end of the world has been very very interesting. I finished this crazy one called “The Feast of St. Janis” where the ending was nuts. Now I’ve started one where The  Wheel is considered sacrilegious and dangerous–the work of the Devil–to the point where you will be placed in Inquisition and a confession forced out of you. I think I can see what the ending/reasoning is going to be like, but I’m eager to find out.

I’ve noticed my brain, language and such have increased sharply after just reading this one book I’m enjoying so much. How did I go for so long without reading? And what influences have prevented me from it? I need to be around the right people, methinks. Keep the mind spry!

Out of time.


Does anyone want my dogs? I’m so sick and tired of trying to feed them. Yes, we’re in one of those phases again. Difficulty feeding a dog has never, ever been on my worry list. WTH. I’ll take a different struggle over trying to feed a dog. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted every strategy by now. It’s just soooo stressful, you don’t even KNOW!!! Of course, they have no clue what’s going on and it’s not like I can sit them down and make them understand it, either.


I had this whole list of things I wanted to blog about, but now that I sit down, I’m like, ?_?  Happens every time.

Remember those books I borrowed from the library? I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my brain or something, but I just can’t get into them. The first one was a massive disappointment, but the second one should be fine. It’s good, it’s not like it isn’t, but I dunno, having the main protagonist so flawed like that is apparently not up my alley. Strange. Strange, strange, strange!!! Maybe my mind is now incapable of being intelligent anymore. Too many video games and mind numbing work. That’s pretty depressing. I have one book left which is an anthology of short stories, subject matter: the end of the word. I love short stories like these. Hopefully I’ll be OK with that. The books are due on Monday. I’m gonna keep trying to find a good book.

Rain, rain rain….all week, all weekend and even into next week. The ground is soggy, the sky is gray, there have been many, many crashes and I can’t do anything outside.

See, now I’m sleepy again even though I just woke up. I wonder if i can do anything useful today.

MY muscles have been trying to cramp all week.


Just looked at my bank account, hoping for some extra cash to transfer to other accounts an the process of saving them, but…wow. I’m depressed. Just like the weather right now: damp, gray, sprinkly, and foggy.

Even more depressing is how the weather looks for the next few weekends. Rainy, thunderstormy and impossible for me to do any woodwork staining at all. Buh. I was down staining my fence (finally!!!) and I was pretty upset with myself for being unable to finish the entire side like I planned to originally. The weather was just no working out as usual. I knew it was going to be HOT and humid, but I was promised mostly cloudy skies which did NOT happen. I was dying of heat exhaustion after about 4 hours, and I ran out of stain, so when I went in to cool down and rest for a bit, the sun went away. Every single time this happens in the heat, my ability to return back outside decreases dramatically and I can only endure maybe 1/4 – 1/3 of what I was able to the first time. It’s not even a half-life! Then, when I was ready to maybe give it another shot, the sun came back out and I just gave it up because I still wanted to return north. In the end, I am glad I made the decision to not return back outside because on the ride home, my muscles were starting to cramp and I was getting light-headed and sleepy–all heat exhaustion symptoms.

I just am not young anymore, no matter how I look at it. Mostly it’s frustrating because I really do want to capitalize on selling the house, but life is telling me to just wait and hang on. I’ve already resigned myself to not selling until later on in the year anyways, so that’s not really it. Usually what happens is that I go down to do yardwork and then I come back the same day…well, I do that because I get tired and I know my muscles will start hurting too much to drive comfortably the next morning. My muscle-cramp risk is very high and on a longer duration of drive like that, nothing is more frightening to me than a sudden gastrocnemius cramp–or whatever deep muscle it is that does the cramping. So, if I get all the work out of the way, then I CAN go down and enjoy myself like I used to without worry of needing to do stuff like that. I like doing work but it’s different when it must be done for whatever end. I love the house, and I’m reminded of why I love it so much, why it means so much to me and my dogs whenever I go, but it doesn’t make me happy owning it. The amount of stress and worry that’s constantly on my shoulders in regards to it overpowers the joy of homeownership. My brother and sister actually enjoy(ed) it. I just own it. A source of pride, but not felicity.

On the bright side, I got some work done! It looks nice too. We planned a “surprise” grilling dinner for my mom for Mother’s Day. It was good. Then on Mother’s Day, I took my mom to Super Walmart and the Premium Outlets. It has been a looong time since we’ve been able to just go shopping like that. Our schedules just don’t allow for it. The only thing that was missing was probably my sister, though that would’ve added another layer to things and I get bored of shopping pretty quickly for a female. I personally wanted to go for the Merrell outlet. Bought myself shoes for the next year again. I’m so cheapo, I’ll need shoes, I go spend a fortune on them, and then keep them around for another few months in the box until I really have to replace my old ones. We go about once or twice a year. It was all around a nice day. Thankfully it was a little gray and rainy because everyone slept in a bit and driving wasn’t overly aggressive either…my mom (and everyone else) gets nervous and horribly anxious when I’m driving. It’s bad when the first thing she said while getting in the car was, “don’t make me scared!!!” haha. ha…ha……ha……

My inner fire is not nearly as intense as it used to be. It’s amazing what age can do for you. Honestly, I can’t imagine how I used to be, yowza. Crazy, spitfire, aggressive.

Sleepy day. I actually drew something recently!!! I’m super proud of myself for doing it too. Maybe I’ll manage to draw some updates to RW for once.

So here’s something interesting: one of these was taken with my phone’s new AI Cam and one is just the regular camera. Because I’m dumb, I can’t remember which one is which.

How’d I Do?

Soooo? Did I get to accomplish everything I wanted to? Welllll, first off, I was right about sitting down to play games. Because I did. And then I realized that somehow I managed to log 174 hours in Dynasty Warriors 9 already. At first, I was like, that has GOT to be an error, but even after taking into account leaving it there under the TV shows while I cooked, ate and walked the dogs, that still wouldn’t explain nearly 200 hours of gameplay. Then I realized that yes, I actually HAVE logged in that many hours. Even scarier, that game is easily 2000 hours long…longer if I did every single quest and killed every single captain before hitting the objectives. Yowch, but a testament to the game itself. Gameplay, open world, story driven and history all rolled into one? Wowza. Reminds me that I have to access the gameclips I’ve recorded of glitches haha.

Secondly, I DID manage to accomplish things! Mowed the lawn, picked up dog poop (smelly stuff when it’s hot out), put together a high chair, tested a new fan (Vornado fan that doesn’t need to oscillate because it creates vortexes of airflow in the house), spent money, did recycle, cooked, even managed to draw stuff! The only thing I didn’t accomplish that I set out to, was read my book because by the time I got into bed it was later and I realllly wanted to finish the drawing thought in my head. I’m feeling those C-juice flowing again! Must take advantage of them. OH and also exercise. I’m too poor to buy Just Dance, so I guess it’ll just be my own imagination for a while still. Mondays are busy times.

All in all a success in my book. Now it’s back to work. Soon, it will be Mother’s Day and thereafter, Memorial Day and then it’s June!!

Crazy bees always slamming into the windows. Scares the heck out of me.

There’s a cat in our neighborhood! A light colored tortoise-colored? I saw her yesterday running around and was afraid I’d run over her, and then this morning I was coming back into the house after the walk and she was there, just chilling in the mulch next to the house. I said “hi!” and she ran off to the sewer. I wonder where she came from? It’s been a WHILE since there was a cat here. I’m always scared too, because animals die around here all the time…everyone drives very quickly and uncaringly.

I guess I didn’t get to stain the rocking chair either…oh yeah, it’s because I was tired after mowing in the heat and was sweating everywhere.

Monday Again

I had a couple off the wall thoughts today while walking the dogs/showering/breathing: 1) If you believed in reincarnation, wouldn’t you be anti-abortion? and 2) Maybe the reason I like fries so much is that I was born on a FRY-day. HAHAHAHHAHA.

I’m officially out of my mind-funk, I think. I’m happier today, I mean, I’m evening joking on my blog. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday playing video game after video game. I wasn’t happy or fulfilled at all, though. What I really wanted to do was go outside and re-stain the rocking chair and prep for power washing the deck, but the weather forecast wasn’t cooperating even though nothing happened anyways. Figures. Today looks gorgeous and I told myself I wouldn’t waste it bumming around. My bottom  ha—my ‘j’ key is stuck for some reason. Mechanical pencil saves the day! As I was saying, my butt is starting to feel that desire, that all too well known butt twinge that means my body wants to move, to accomplish things. I don’t want to spend any more money, but I think I want to buy just dance for the Switch. I did the demo last night and I forgot why I was using that for my serious cardio, because, well, it works. The switch is nice because then I play it on a screen in the basement while I’m working out. My belly fat is way too prominent. I need to get rid of it and it’s no longer winter. Bulk time?

Similarly, and influenced by my mind depression, it’s the time of year again to feel that PUSH–and by that, I mean, I want so badly to be able to live on my own. I’ve been thinking again about dating, but I told myself I wouldn’t do that until I got my own place. I don’t want to feel roped anymore. I love that house and I love my family and I know my dogs love that yard, but I need my own place, the ability to run the house they I want it, not having to be accountable to anyone but myself and my dogs. I need the privacy. Having my brother leave for half the week has shown me (and I’m darn sure, him) that absence really does make you appreciate other people, more. And not only that but it pushes you to feel more confident because, well, you have to. I very much enjoy having someone else cook for me, but when I come home from work, I just want to enjoy peace. My dogs would be sad if they weren’t with my mom on the weekdays and I tend to rely on the people here at home to let them out midday. I’ve already planned it out: Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’d probably sleep over at my mom’s and then Thursdays and the rest of the time I’d be in my own place for the sake of the dogs and food. I’ve found that Tuesday and Wednesday and Monday too, I am a much happier person which then goes away completely by Thursday and Friday. Saturday, I’m recuperating and Sunday is a bit of a wildcard.

What a gorgeous day it’s looking like, today. Gotta cut the grass and see if I can do the staining. I want to try and draw something and read one of my books. It’s been a week since I checked them out and I’ve only gotten 1/5 of the way into one. Old habits die much harder as I get older.

Dammit. I just know I’ll pick up a video game.

Accomplish! Accomplish something!!!



I’m back! Today is my nephew and soon to be God-son’s baptism. It’s amazing how now that we’re old anticipating things just don’t happen anymore. Things just happen. Maybe it’s a defensive mechanism, but the “can’t-wait” feeling just isn’t nearly as powerful anymore. I kind of miss it. I’m sooo glad there are options for clothes these days and I don’t have to wear a dress or anything. There is, however, a little bit of a worry about a small hitch that might occur, but overall I don’t feel any major anxieties about today.

My time in the South was very productive, relaxing and enjoyable. Good gravy how much I love that house, miss yardwork, and overall just miss the relative lack of stress that comes from living somewhere like that. I can see the stars in the night sky, there’s very little noise pollution there and probably much less pollution in general. You know, I live with it here on a regular basis and don’t think much about it anymore, but I’m sure my body is still unconsciously noticing it. That would explain how and why I just prefer to just relax because anything to get me away from all of this “noise” is better. I don’t get how everyone around here just has no chill. Then again, stay down there long enough and I start to miss the thick skin people around here have.

I managed to finish laying out the grass cover in the back, mulched everything that needed it (the mulch will probably never be done there), prettied up the front (took forever!) and re-did some of the stonework that has sunk into the ground a bit. I would have done the fence which is one of the last things that needs to be done, but I didn’t want to further destroy my body in anticipating today and my potential duties at the baptism itself (I dunno what I’m supposed to do). Plus, I managed to waste all of Thursday to a vacuum salesman and ended up spending a crazy amount of money that I don’t have on said vacuum. It’s supposed to be a lifetime investment and I figure with the amazing warranty, made in the US and the scary obvious worthlessness of consumer vacuums, it would benefit allergic peoples like the rest of my family.

I am SO IN THE HOLE in terms of money I’m stressing out so badly.

I freaking love that house.