Crazy Weather

Iiiiiiit’s Tuesday again!!

And it’s also cold again, only to jump up past 70 degrees on Thursday how exciting!! I noticed buds forming on the plants outside today. That’s bad because I know there’s ice coming in the forecast. Buuh. My bulbs were starting to sprout out back too. Eh, what can you do? Well, as for me, since I HAVE NEXT WEEK OFF FOR MY BIRTHDAY WHOOOO, I’m going to try an take advantage of the weather to do outside work finally. Please stay warm through that for me so that I can actually do something.

heh heh heh…every single year I take off work around my birthday because that’s what I really want: to not work. People take off of work to go travel and stuff but I take it off and lounge around because that’s what makes me happy. Especially in this area, people will look negatively on me for not wanting to make exotic trips or for excitement filled vacations, but I like them. I’m not a frills person. I don’t care at all for anything super fancy. I DO want to visit some picturesque locales and see the grandeur of nature, but the other stuff? Not so much. If I went, that’d be nice, but I don’t feel the absolute desire or need to do any of it. I understand other cultures, and other socioeconomic backgrounds. I am well aware that our culture here is only one of very many throughout the world, that other countries go about things differently. I don’t judge anyone for anything in that aspect. Many of my patients are world travelers, have lived all over the world. The vast majority of those residing here are those types of people, one because of work (government, military) or two because they can actually afford to travel (money and time). When I tell people I just don’t have that travel bug people are genuinely confused. Once again, I’d much rather take a hike and visit all the national parks than go somewhere bustling and fussy.

Haha. I’m too different to live here. I don’t enjoy the fast pace, or the impatience, or the lack of space or the crowds or the emphasis on self and money or the entitlement everyone exudes. But. Here I am. And I’m not going anywhere any time soon it seems.

How’d this turn into that.

One thing I’m starting to enjoy quite a bit is cooking! It’s like any of my creativity projects, except edible! Making new flavors, exploring new dishes! It’s much more helpful to not have to cook for anyone but myself (and my dogs) but it’s also nice to be able to get feedback and share the taste and creation with others. Unfortunately for me, when I do cook for others they have very limited taste due to food allergies and such. No matter what, I’ve been cooking just for myself lately rather often and it’s great! Usually what I do is figure out what’s on sale at the grocery store, then I start looking online for said items and add the word recipe to it. Many times I don’t get good hits because of the particular set of ingredients I have to work with, so I’ll combine different recipes to get an end result, plus, of course, my own taste. The only limitation is that I have to be able to feed whatever it is to my dogs too. There have been some flops but last night’s was very good! I greatly enjoyed it and am already thinking about how to make it better. My success rate is much higher than my failure rate.

Ever since I ate that Texas doughnut which was bigger than my head, I’ve been struggling with the addition of several inches to my waistline. It’s been absolutely terrible. Add in the bloating of a certain time of month, and BOOM. My muscles are doing really well. The weights are staying constant, my leg muscles are limber as well as my ab muscles. This was all evidenced last night when I skipped the cardio for floor exercises and stretches. And there’s the problem right there: lazing out on the cardio. My body does NOT want to do it, I’m so heavy, the cardio is slow and my heart is not liking it. I can’t do the DDR anymore because of the addition of a mattress downstairs, Just Dance is also not doable because people are always upstairs and the TV downstairs has been moved down South. Mostly I’ve been doing my own dance routines and it works except I’m so lazy! Weights are more fun for me because I see results and quickly, but cardio feels BAD, my feet hurt and it never seems enough. Also, portion control has been awful because  I end up having to eat leftovers myself so I don’t have to waste food and throw them away.  The jiggles…THE JIGGLES.

But yeah, it’s bad when I can sit here and feel the stomach bulge squish together. I hate that feeling…

Gable’s vet appointment went well yesterday. When we came home he almost ripped off my arm running up to greet Liana who literally ran out to see him too. It was absolutely adorable. They really and truly do love each other. She was terrified that I’d take him away and never come back with him again, just like last year…



Monday Yet Again

It was a 4-day weekend whereupon I was supposed to take advantage of the unseasonal 60 degree (again) winter weather to paint my fence at the other house and otherwise prep to sell. Well. As is per the norm these days, I didn’t because things always happen. In this case I was sick. Stomach sick. Like, I woke up at 5am with a very sharp pain in my stomach which landed me in the bathroom for the majority of the morning. Throughout the day it was strong enough to make me nauseous. So I stayed in and stressed over my girl who was then on food strike. Again. Yet another complication to travelling with her. Her gums were so light colored I was terrified she’d just fall over given her age, but she was as spry and energetic as always, just extremely extremely stubborn. I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore nor why I bother trying to fight it, because she’s going win. The battle of wills always ends up in a draw like that. As it turns out, after some anger from me and more stubbornness from her and about $100 or so later, we came to an agreement and she’s happily eating again, while  my dog-feeding anxiety grows yet again and I feel wrinkles, white hairs and my life-years ebbing away. These are just DOGS. Not human children. It should never be so hard and stressful to feed a dog. Can you imagine children? I’ll be an old wrinkly prune I think if I had kids.

Friday was shopping day with my mom where we were gathering materials for a project I’ve been wanting to accomplish for years!! I’m super excited to be making headway on it. I spent the rest of the day playing video games (Dynasty Warriors All-Stars for PS4).

Saturday was awesome. I was supposed to go South and take advantage of the 60 degree weather. Instead, I woke up at 5am with stabbing pain in my stomach which ended up lasting all day long. I played video games and lolled around for a while. Went out and got Gable some birthday accoutrements. However, I did manage to get my girl to eat her food! Made it all better. And Gable’s 10th birthday! My old man!!! Such a cutie pie.

Sunday (yesterday), surprisingly,  saw me not even touch a single video game! Instead I spent literally all day long drawing, designing and cutting out the piece to my garden flag project! I can’t believe how long it took me, but I am super proud of being able to focus on it for so long and accomplishing so much. These projects are equal part planning and doing. Takes such a long time. Golden Girls in the background helps quite a bit. By the end of the day, I found out that didn’t have all the puzzle pieces to make it all come together. Very frustrating, but partially a good thing, because it means more time to think and plan. I also gave Gable a bath in the morning and every time they get baths they are extremely soft and it’s soooo adorable!!!

Monday! Today! Usual routine in the morning. I thought I was going to play more video games per as usual since I needed to wait for the other equipment to arrive. Mulled over buying a Cricut machine to help this sort of project go by much more quickly and look more professional. As it turned out, I couldn’t get over the project and jumped right into sewing up the flag portion. I’d been worried about that since I’d never worked with nylon before. The lines are super NOT straight and in retrospect, the gold thread while a nice accent to the red, would only look great if you were very sure of your straight sewing abilities….yes. Should have stuck with red. Don’t inspect too closely. Oh well. Still waiting on an iron in order to star the fuse web. I guess I should have started the painstaking cutting and such of the fuse web for the pieces, but I want to make sure it’s going to work at all before I commit to even more cutting of small pieces. Today’s background was Unusual Suspects, murder cases. Very intriguing stuff.

While I’ve officially lost pounds in weight, I’m wondering if it’s muscle mass dwindling away. My knee still is healing and feels much better today, but I’ve been trying to rest it as much as possible. My diet took a dive today, too, not sure why.

Well there you have it. Almost 11 now. Gnight.

Tuesday once more.

It is the first full week of December. There are 3 weekends left until Christmas which is on a Monday this year. I feel a unique and distinct push to get everything done and quickly. Why haven’t I felt like this before? This is the first year I feel very rushed and for no apparent reason. Last year I was ON IT. Cards were ordered early on in November, gifts were bought and wrapped by the first or second week, lights placed quickly. This year I literally just took down our Thanksgiving flag and have been thinking about the lights. Haven’t even thought much about presents. There have been errands on the to-do list I’d been tackling. Thankfully, I’ve crossed quite a bit off the list now and I think it’s safe to say that I only need to do presents and send off the cards. Oh and the outdoor decorations too. This year we’ve all decided to not buy many things for each other. I’m going to try hard to make that a reality for realz. I’ve bought many very big ticket items that are not for Christmas (or I could say it is) already.

This past weekend it was all about pushing for those portraits to finally choose and place the card orders. To do that, the dogs absolutely hated me, I got to use the photography setup I’d bought (one of those big ticket things), and then I spent the rest of that Sunday on the computer using Corel Photo and paint suite Pro X9 to manipulate the green screen. I learned about some features on there! Neato stuff. Going to need a few more neutral backdrops for the future, though. Can’t always be green-screening it. That was pretty much the highlight of the weekend. Wandered out to look for lights and wreathes finally, but of course all the multicolored rope lights I wanted were all gone because everything is on sale. Friday night saw me switching my phone out again. I held my LG G6 the longest of all the phones I’ve had, I’m thinking. I’d thought about switching out for the Moto Force z2, but the LG V30 was so superior in everyway (and yes, in price too…) I ended up with the latest LG phone. I’ve had the G4, G5, V20, G6, and now the V30. They are wonderful phones and I love them all. Generally, I don’t like being a fangirl or brand-loyal because I believe it breeds partiality which I wish to avoid like the plague (on the whole, that is), but there is a reason I’ve stayed with LG. Just like, in my reasoning, there’s a reason things are cliché.

Saturday…………………………….actually I can’t really remember what happened on Saturday. I raked leaves, but that could have been Sunday morning. OH! I remember now. Saturday saw the delivery of the new washer and dryer we bought. It came 2 hours earlier than expected, and it’s a good thing I decided to listen to my gut and clear out the utility room and path to the backdoor and entrance landing and yes I DID rake the leaves and trim the roses all earlier instead of later. LISTENING TO THE GUT. Hella important.  Really. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games. That’s why I couldn’t go anywhere on Saturday, because normally I would’ve gone out to buy wreathes and garland and set up the lights. There’s a cold snap coming through, so this past weekend was the last time for a week or two that it would be warmish.

My brother and I have been playing 7 Days to Die on the Xbox One X.

I guess no one else wants portraits of themselves, so I should take down the green screen. The softbox and the umbrella lights are cool.

I’ve had this low grade stomach-ache for like 2 weeks now. I hope it goes away. I also hope that the drama at work on Friday is gone now. Ugh.


I just finished health insurance shopping and how horribly frustrating! Not many health insurance companies are offering individual anymore and the ones that are force you to go through an agent company. I already miss my Aetna plan. What a great insurance. Gave me money all the time. Worst part? I don’t even know if the money I paid even work.

omgggg it’s 4pm??? I spent the last 3 hours doing this. WTF. And stupid medical offices are all going direct primary care which makes all of this even more frustrating because why pay for mandatory health insurance when I already have to pay 1200 dollars a year extra for a physical exam that nothing will be found on me.

This weekend has been ridiculously productive though. I’ve been off since Thanksgiving, so about 5 days off? It’s flown by. Thanksgiving itself was pretty nice, nothing super amazing, but the first Thanksgiving for my nephew. Then I had a myriad of errands and chores I needed to do and have been meaning to do. Replaced the rug, cleaned out my closets, consolidated belongings, set up the photography unit, finished up the yardwork project, planted bulbs, moved the extra bed to the basement, consolidated the basement. Body aches and pains later, I feel good. Health insurance addressed. The only things I didn’t get around to was raking (forgot to do it this morning after the dog walk) and taking the pictures for the Christmas cards this year.

Money? What money? With the insurances, and other purchases, I got nothing. And those aren’t even Christmas presents! Bought a new washer and dryer for Black Friday. I am POOR again.

In other news, the sister situation is good! They’re closing on a house on Wed. Whoo! Unfortunately, though, it means that I need to pay for those utilities again. Another 200 bucks, but still, that’s $200.

I’m tired now.

Monday again

And once more, I’m working, but this time it’s a normal Monday becaaaaauuuseee…..THANKSGIVING IS ON THURSDAY. My favorite holiday during my favorite time of the year! Whoooo!! After talking to my patients for years on this, I finally realized that more people than I ever imagined actually greatly dislike this holiday. Mostly women. Mom types of women. Then again, I think more people than not dislike the major holidays altogether. Then I was even more appalled to know that my mom admits to disliking Thanksgiving. I assume it has something to do with being the sole maker of foods on a tight schedule, then cleanup, etc. So I told her that she doesn’t have to be the only one who does things and it’s like she never really thought about it. Whatever. It’s still my favorite, even as I got older and have more to do in the kitchen. Although…this year is a bit different and possibly more drama-filled. And likely the very last time I will ever be able to utilize my own amazing kitchen to its full extent.

I had Friday through yesterday off and spent Friday (I had allllll these plans and errands and chores that needed to be done) morning outside trying to finish up the whole thing I was trying to fix in the backyard. It occurred to me afterwards that the HOA is going to throw a fit once they lay eyes on it. Oh well. Why do they care so much about a private backyard, anyways? Boggles the mind. That’s not what an HOA is supposed to stand for, excuse you.  Well, let’s just say that yardwork like that, which is one of the mainstays of my existence, has not been accomplished by me in months on end…therefore I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling around slowly and in great muscle pain. I felt lightheaded afterwards, but filled with an endorphin rush. Today, 3 days later, there is lingering but minor pain (all lower body), but I can walk and even my upper body feels stronger. The rest of the weekend saw other chores being done, like moving the extra bed into the basement for a daybed, organizing the basement, cleaning out excess materials in my closet so that I have more room to store more things, paying bills, then playing video games. Still have another closet to clean out and probably will end up moving my bed back to the other room. The whole idea behind moving the extra bed away is because I ended up splurging on that photography lighting and backdrop kit I’ve been wanting for years, just more important to me now because my dogs are not getting younger and I’d like a decent photo of them before they’re not around anymore–one without clutter all over the background, etc. And then I can take vain photos of myself too. Bwahaha.

I don’t think I’ve ever met another person (aside from probably my dad) who has the same unbearable muscle pain I get after doing strenuous activity. A couple concerns pop up like rhabdomyolysis, fibromyalgia, other muscular problems, but in the end I think it’s just plain old pain. You might say, maybe you’re just a pain-wimp, but I beg to differ because I actually like pain. I’m thinking it’s more like my body does a terrible job of mopping up lactic acid, or slow wound healing response (like my bruises too), or maybe my muscle fibers expand too quickly and it results in pain as the body is not prepared for it yet, especially since it really only is painful when I try to contract the growing muscles. HULK MUSCLES. MUSCLE GROW, MUSCLE CAUSE PAAAAIIIN. No matter what it is, I’m effectively debilitated for several days. Let’s not mention that whole mountain incident thing. Then after the pain, then I really do feel like Hulk because my body’s all muscled up. If I was born a man, I’d probably be a muscle dude. Body builder. Crossfit Bro.

D’oh! Out of time.

DST is over

It’s that weird time of year again when I’m wide awake at 5am and dead by 8:30pm. Also, it’s the time when the dogs think I’m punishing them by not feeding them on time and doing walkies late.

I have been just AWFUL about working out after last week’s focus.  Doughnuts, candy, cake and fruit tarts. Guh. MUST MUST MUST get to it tomorrow. It’s just that by the time I’m done with everything it’s late and especially with the time change my body’s like, let’s go to sleep!

What happened this past weekend? Well, I was going to go South on Saturday since my mom had off both Saturday and Sunday. In fact, she took them off so that we could do that, but as it turned out, the in-laws were visiting. Again. Seriously, when are they NOT there? I could care less if they were in their own house, but yet AGAIN, I have not been able to do any sort of housework. I might as well just give up. This is just impossible. I don’t mind so much that they visit as when they do, they stay the night which means I literally have nowhere to go in the house, MY HOUSE, except the living room floor and outside. There is just no room for me anywhere. In my own place. My grandpa said that he does NOT want to go down there for Thanksgiving this year because the house is so cluttered now, unlike how it used to be, open and pretty. When my mom told me that he said that himself, I was like, see? I’m not the only one who thinks along those lines. They moved in, and just took 100% over. Where in the heck they’re going to put all that stuff in a small townhouse in the future (hopefully NEAR future…) I have no clue.

So instead, I took the dogs to the park and then took my mom shopping. As it turned out, though, I was glad we didn’t drive down because the traffic going that way was crazy. I knew all my patients were going out to the mountains, but to see the traffic in person was nuts. It’s rarely ever that crowded on a Saturday morning. Not to mention later when it was raining during church around the time I’d have been driving back in all that traffic…I would have been right in the thick of it all. Plus, I got to have my pho. ^—-^

Sunday was DST-end. I woke up at 7am after trying to sleep in but failing, and just lay in bed instead until around 8:30am. Reason? I needed to acclimate my dogs to the new time frame. The first day of DST-end every year is the absolute best time to hit the park trails because everyone is still sleeping in and I’m up early. As a bonus, it was cloudy and drizzly which means empty trails. It was waaaay to crowded on Saturday. At least there were no kids following my dogs around. Then we prepped to meet up with the grandparents for brunch and then spent the rest of the day at their place with the dogs, setting up the Roku for a trial run and then I went out to buy my grandpa a new chair to replace his beat up one for the computer. He was really happy and there’s nothing I love more than making the people I love happy. My dogs seemed happy, my mom was happy, my grandparents happy. Job as granddaughter: fulfilled.

Then there was today! Continued my fall-cleaning quest. People to spring cleaning, but I do fall cleaning apparently. Still too wet to take down the Halloween lights, cut the grass, or finish my yardwork, but it was perfect conditions to aerate! So, after walking the dogs, grabbed the step core aerator and got to work. Perrrrfect conditions. Then it was the usual setup for grocery shopping where I spent way too much money because the Giant digital coupon thing wasn’t syncing properly. Guh. Also I bought way too many impulse things. Food, games and cartoons, you know, the usual, then I started staining the do-it-yourself spinning photo cube my mom bought me. Pretty neat to use a stain pen, but also about 10x as long as traditional stain. Much less messy, though. Then dog walkies, cooking, UnoIPBox testing with the brother, cleaning up, dog feeding, recycle and trash, and then an hour of watching video clips on the NVidia Shield.

Kids are off school again tomorrow for elections. Must remind myself to go vote tomorrow, otherwise I’ll go straight home and forget.

So. Sleepy.

I didn’t get much done this weekend at all and it felt like it went by too quickly and I also managed to spend way too much money. Sigh. Most of it was on my grandparents. Whatever. It’s worth it to spend on them. Who knows how much longer they have on this earth.

I hadn’t realized it was Veteran’s Day today.

There are so many things I want to do, but very little time to do them. I want to do crafty things, play my video games, be with my dogs, eat good food and sleep well.

I also wish I was able to go places and do new things, but there is no person to do anything with. Interesting, because this is the same feeling I used to have while I was online dating. The desire is still there, but it’s like, because I’ve already been through the relationship thing once, I’m less eager to try again…or maybe it’s not so much that as, the novelty isn’t as alluring as it was. It’s no longer a mystery, an unknown. I’m still interested in finding a life mate, but I’m also enjoying my life as it is right now: overall carefree and easy. It comes to me every so often. I tell myself, if a 600lb woman can have a boyfriend, so can I. If someone managed to fall in love and marry Idiot at work, someone can love me too. I’m certainly not unattractive to the opposite sex (and similarly even to the same sex…)  as evidenced by my past and just public interaction, but I guess I am a difficult person to be with. Too strong-willed, unyielding, and older than I seem. That tends to be a big turn off.

It IS flattering to be thought of as younger than I am, I guess. I’m old enough now to feel that way.

My dogs are old. Liana is worrying me a bit with her exhaustion. Gable is still as silly as always. Her past really is catching up with her. This rainy weather isn’t helping much either.

Tuesday again….HALLOWEEN!

I just realized I forgot to send my Halloween card. Buh.

One of the reasons I don’t like relying on my mom to do sewing projects is that since forever, she waits until the very last moment to finish them. Yes, it’s Halloween and they’re still unfinished! Very close to being done, but not done. Bluh. I can understand procrastination and being down to the wire because, well, school, but usually I like to be done the day before or at least several hours before. In this particular instance, Halloween is on a Tuesday and I’ll be at work. Oh well. It’s not like we’re doing any contests or anything, so eh. Still, I’m glad she was able to (while still frustrating that she can’t thread a needle with her super poor vision) accomplish much of the project and choose fabric and stuff. This may well be the last time she does this. I finished my own portion yesterday: namely, adhering the samurai emblem. Yes. That was all I had to do, but it took me ALL AFTERNOON. I couldn’t find any fuse web, so I decided on fabric glue. It seems straight forward until you have to use it on gold satin. Then it looks like CRAP. Plus, glue is very messy and apparently permanent so any glue spilled on the costume never ever comes off. Also, because I had to use gold paint to revive the color of the satin after the glue, I had the bright idea of “sealing” the fabric first for one of the emblems and then impatiently waiting for it to dry and “helping” it along. What looked like crap looked only slightly less crappy, now with bumps and ugly ridges. The other emblem I just straight painted on and it looks really nice and smooth. However, after completing that portion, I looked at everything and asked myself: why didn’t I just paint it all on to begin with? Not to mention the satin edges would fray constantly. Oh well. You live and learn. And I never made him the rest of the armor. D’oh!

At least once it’s over the table in the living room can be put away again.

I put up Halloween lights in the vein of my Christmas lights. Our walkway up to the door can be really scary without the right lights (and also dangerous especially since our porch light can’t actually stay on for longer than 5 minutes and the sensor is wonky). We are the only ones with the lights and I have to take it all down already this weekend.

I’ve got to figure some other configuration of lights this year for Christmas… change it up, make it different.

My car and my Amazon shopping cart need monies to fuel them, but I’m too cheapo to do anything. I really do need to bring my car in. Why do things cost money all the tiiiiime?

Spent Saturday doing yardwork…or at least that was the plan. Took myself out to Lowes and bought some soil, sand, rocks and some paver stones. Everything was great until I realized the parking lot was up a hill…you don’t notice these things until you have to struggle to push a 300lb cart by yourself up the slope, and then when finally reaching the car, open the trunk and realize said cart is rolling back down, so I have to use all  my weight and might to try and pull it backwards, almost lying on the asphalt to make it stop, attracting stares from people driving by. Also that weird guy in the red pickup who kept revving his engine as I was huffing and puffing up the hill. Then I had to unload the cart into my trunk, aaaaand getting home and realizing that now I have to bring each bag one by one out of my car, up the many stairs of the porch and back down more stairs to get to the backyard. Ya. So by the time I dropped them all on the porch, I was too tired. Went to the back to put away my tools, but I HAD to do something, so I pulled up the wood and whacked the soil a few times before taking a shower and heading to the front again to cut the roses and set up my lights.

Talk about exhausted.

Sunday saw me playing mostly video games, but finally hefting all the bags to the backyard. It was raining all day.

All I have to say is, I am SO glad I decided to be focused and back in my workout last week because otherwise my Lowes venture would have ended up much differently as would the state of my muscles.