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Back from the Beach

…and I have to go to work. On a Monday. Very saddening. Am I spoiled? Why, yes, yes I am.

Despite the trip having been extremely enjoyable and restful, I’m glad to be back home in my own bed. No doubt Gable feels the exact same way. Liana is probably the only one who still wants to be on vacation. Gable is almost exactly like my grandpa. Old men. Sheesh.

I can’t wait until Friday for the 4-day weekend. Still not recovered from all the driving and such.

I drove by myself down and up and even in between, so it’s exhausting in a different way. The trip down was absolutely awful. Not only was it raining like crazy, and I was driving by myself, Gable had spent the morning throwing up and threw up several times in the car, which meant that I hadn’t slept much at all and I had to drive with the noxious smell throughout the ride. Sleepy AND getting sick myself from the smell.

Right at the beginning of the trip when we were going to get the old peeps, I was driving and looked up to find that a stick bug was perched on the pillar just to the left of my face. I don’t know what kind of omen that was, but good gravy I was glad it wasn’t a spider.

We ended up with gorgeous weather and only 1.5 days of rain so it was really, quite heavenly. We initially ran into a bummer of a fiasco with the beach-access door. Basically, we couldn’t reach the beach at all through the house because the door mechanism was busted. The maintenance guy didn’t come until the next day and even then they told him it was as simple as we couldn’t figure out the lock, but nope, the door just literally wouldn’t open. He was there in the hot sun forever and finally after ruining the door, we were able to get outside! It’s all on the owner of the house now. My grandpa and Liana were very upset about not being able to get onto the deck and then onto the beach. I used the beach access to come around the other side, but everyone was relieved and very happy to finally be able to enjoy what we came to enjoy.

The house was stunning, updated, and beautiful, the deck and balcony were indescribably delightful, the sand, the waves, the weather….it was great. All of it.

But you know how it gets with family…as much as I love being with my relatives and being able to give them a low-stress vacation like this, it grates on you after a couple days and it makes you wonder what if it was just me and my immediate family.

Great pictures, though, with 3 different cameras. Now we’re still going to be unpacking for a week, still have to get the pictures printed and such, and my pocketbook needs to recover.


I’ve done more in this past weekend than most of the year so far

And the year is halfway done. WUT. June crept up so silently I can’t believe it’s already the fifth.

Talk about keeping  busy…Saturday I went to hang with an old friend of mine who currently moved a few minutes up the road from me. Got to meet her kitty and boyfriend (his house she moved into), both of whom were great! Sweetest kitty I’ve ever met and he is so very interesting and nice! Took a tour of the place, got to talk and play with cat. Then we went to a nearby park that I personally have never been to and wandered around there for a bit. Tried honeysuckle for the first time in my life, avoided mud, then backtracked because she’d dropped her phone. Turns out it was, thankfully, not found by anyone else/run-over/or in mud. Then we went a little bit more, saw lots of dragonflies, a toad, and deer tracks. We were being obliterated by bugs so turned around to come back to her place. Did lots of catching up with her and somehow managed to volunteer myself to come back the next day to help clean out her apartment. haha. Not like I have anything better to do with my time. Spent the rest of the night with the family, played video games.

Sat through another painful Father “screamer” homily and mass. I realized that day exactly why I do not like him: he is just like dummy from work! He was doing some long-winded thing (thankfully without too much screaming, even if it was still realllllly hard to concentrate on the latin I was trying to read) and the congregation was done listening so he could feel the tension and negativity and started flipping out. Over and over I’ve seen how desperate he is for everyone to like him (he’s a newer priest and actually said it once that he wants “you to like me” *cue eye roll*) and yet he has that annoying Look-at-me-I-know-a-lot-please-respect-me attitude that’s unnecessary and that obnoxious nasal singing!!! Anyways. I can’t respect people who are always pining for others’ approval. Just be confident, be yourself, be humble, and people will like you. No need to fake it, just show people you can be respected. Plus, why do you need everyone to like you? Not everyone will. It’s life. Dummy at work does the same thing. Stop being fake, shut up, and just work. Everything else falls into place. It’s painful. Absolutely painful to experience.

f88a91fff5525bf32ec5a8907e34fa60     al-inspiring-quote-on-self-acceptance

Sunday! Woke up earlier because I promised my dogs that we’d go to the park. Decided to go close to home today and what a good decision! The trees have filled in now, teeming with wildlife. The day was not to hot and not to cool. It was early enough that not many people were out and given the muddiness, more reason for less people to be there. Pictures were taken, dogs were unhappy with that, but they got to jump in the water a bit (lower than I’d seen it in the past), crossed some stepping stones, talked to old guys who like dogs, got to see the pond now filled with lily pads and not algae. Then we went off the trail a bit and found a gorgeous little enclave next to the water with a beaver dam at the end (at least I think it is, given the dogs’ inclination to smell ferociously at the greenery and water). Snapped a few more pictures and I would  have loved to sit there and take it all in, but the dogs were tired, and I had to get home since I had other obligations. Will certainly have to revisit! It’s funny Gable was being dramatic on the way over there (it’s a little tricky walking around the tree roots) and noisy as usual. In the meantime Liana who was afraid of water the first time I attempted the stepping stones, this time wanted and was the first to jump in. In fact, instead of being like Gable who followed me across the stones, she decided to venture further and was taken by some smell on the rocks (that’s what inspired the old man on the bridge to start talking to me). She…I don’t trust off-leash because she has a mind of her own, but I let her off there because it’s more dangerous to cross dangerous terrain with leashes than without. Plus her recall is at times better than Gable’s. Him I do trust for the most part because I know for a fact he won’t leave me. That greyhound in him sometimes side-tracks his mind, though. Plus he likes people and does that scary suddenly-lunge-at-you-thing because he’s so excited. Even over at the little enclave she wanted to go into the water. Silly girl. I’m excited to see her at the beach this year then!

Came home, mowed the lawn, shower, food, more games until my friend texted me and off I went. Hung out a bit there, helped unpack the car, busied myself with the cat, who decided he likes me (I think) while they were eating lunch. I kept forgetting myself and treated him like a dog. Then off we went! Spent several hours there scrubbing, cleaning and packing stuff into the car. Got to know her bf very well. Got back around 6pm and after helping unload the car, ran home to my unhappy dogs. Tired but happy and fulfilled.

What a great feeling to be needed and to be able to help. I’ve always loved helping with anything and everything since as long as I could remember. It’ll never die. That’s my weakness and possibly my downfall. That’s the point of my life. My meaning of life. I need to be needed. To make people happy.

It was also very therapeutic to be around positive energy. New energy! New situations, ideas and places. She is very much in love with him, and he truly cares for her. It always amazes me how much I can gather from a person and quickly. I can’t help it, that’s just I do (another downfall of mine). He really is quite a find for her. What I noticed throughout the 2 days is that he’s rather much like my own personality. I hope I wasn’t coming off as too nosy or putting off any other vibes because felt nothing but curiosity about him.

Things I learned:

  • He drives an Outback (already a winner in my book, lol), and you can learn a LOT about someone through their driving. He drives…like me. Meaning he’s definitely got an impatient side to him and he tries hard to maintain a calm demeanor, but unlike me, he doesn’t suffer from true road rage (actually I’ve yet to meet many others who suffer like me). Sometimes I think it’s the car, but I don’t think so.
  • He has an extremely creative mind that is always working. Always. This means that he has the potential to notice things you might not think he notices. However, he is musically inclined, so how much of that working is music and noticing patterns? Maybe that’s what makes us impatient: that our minds are always working, and faster than most so let’s hurry it up, people!
  • He is extremely confident. This is a rarity amongst males but most people in general. Being comfortable in your own skin points to the upbringing you had and also your strength of spirit/soul. Alongside confidence is usually intelligence and the acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • He is an erudite. Even though he is confident, it doesn’t go past to arrogance much. He (mostly) readily admits if he doesn’t know something. I brought something up and he bristled a little to have someone with a different view to his, but it didn’t last and he was able to think about it and apply it forward. Impressive.
  • Similar to above he is able to consider other viewpoints, and yet maintain his own in the face of it. Some people I call Bamboo People will in your face suddenly change their stance on something just because everyone else is saying that. Others cling so vehemently onto their own ideas they can’t even bring themselves to see a different viewpoint.
  • He has 4 older sisters (2 biological and 2 step). This means he knows how to treat women. Or he’d better.
  • A fellow DIY’er. You do something yourself, you learn how it works. You know how it works, then you know how to fix it. Also you save money.
  • He’s thoughtful. He was adamant that he didn’t want my friend to have too much to pack or do on the day she has to be checked out because she’d be coming from after work, so he tried hard to jam everything into the car. He cares. Caring is the all-important trait to me.

So all in all, I respect him. He’s earned my respect. That says a lot. My standards are high and he got it within an hour of me meeting him. Yesterday was the surefire fill-in-the-gaps day. Grilled him. Make sure he’s a good guy. Sometimes I feel like I notice things that other people don’t. I don’t know why I’m always reading people like that. It’s unnecessary and adds layers of complications and stress to me, knowing too much about people and judging them. Well, it’s been spot on for the vast majority of my life, so if you ever need to know about someone, I’m here for you. Haha. Get them in my dental chair and I’ll really know. Nothing like fear and loss of control to bring out the real you. I also gleaned other information about him, some of political stances, stance on the occult (and therefore possibly religion), nerd interests, aaaand in watching my friend with him, how she feels about things. She’s always been a little bit of a harder read for me, because she good at keeping things in.

Anyways, it was really good to feel alive and not depressed and honestly in terms of relationships for me, proves that there really are people out there that could be good for me. That there exists those that share similar traits, interests and intelligence levels. Never a “perfect” one, but that they do exist. That maybe this is the type of guy I’d like? I dunno yet. A confident man like my own confidence. Would that clash? He would definitely need to know things that I don’t know, otherwise he would be bringing nothing to add to my life. No matter, it highlights the things I value in a person and I am extremely happy for my friend for finding such a winner! She really is happy and lucky. And so is he. He’d better know that. I really hope it works out.

I’m also really happy that she’s so close now.


A lot has happened.

In the…2 days…? I last posted.

I can’t remember exactly what my last post was, but I’m back north now! I’d given myself heat exhaustion something awful Tuesday, even though I kept boasting that it was just minor, but it wasn’t. The splitting headache, the fatigue, muscle weakness, the desire to do nothing but sleep, burning skin…yep. All there. At least this time I didn’t slur my speech. The effects extended into the next day even though I felt overall much better: muscle weakness, sleepiness. Still went shopping with my mom, got some shorts from Kohl’s (yes! I wear shorts now! Not only was last year so unbearably hot to wear jeans, but the laser hair zapper thing has actually been working so I’m much more confident. I guess my ginormo calves and thighs don’t bother me as much as it used to), went grocery shopping and came home.

Decided to go ahead and start the GrowBox! I was doing really well, following the instructions to the T, and then it came to secure the stakes to the fertilizer mat and I had some trouble so I came up with the bright idea to use scissors to poke holes in it. Worked for 2 of the holes and then fateful #3 came up…let me just say here that new Scotch scissors are very sharp. I managed to cut my finger something awful. I haven’t injured myself that badly in a very long time. Blood came pouring out and I hadn’t felt the pain quite yet but I knew it was coming. I run in and mom got me those big gauze pads we have a zillion of left over from Gable’s foot. That was a lot of blood and the PAIN OMG THE PAIN. Used vet wrap to keep it in place and could feel the blood oozing out everywhere. I went back out to finish the box and water it, kind of in a daze and beating myself up internally for being such a klutz. I MEAN I HAD A CLASS TO GO TO LATER. All I kept thinking was thank GOD it was my left finger and not my right one. Removed the pad and put regular gauze on it (again, thank you Gable), replacing it later with bandaids, but it just kept bleeding. Later I found out that I bled on everything in the short trip from the deck to the sink. That was a LOT of blood flying around. Reminded me of Gable. I finally got a good look at it and good gravy I almost took a massive chunk from my finger. I knew, looking it, that it was something that needed stitches but I didn’t have time to run off to patient first or the doctor because I only had 2 hours before I had to go to my class. So instead, I played Mass Effect: Andromeda. Then the power cut out and I walked the dogs, changed the bandaids, took half the box with me and packed up to go.

 Here it is today, one day later and its still bleeding.


Ran into some traffic, and I HATE Google Maps, dunno why I always use it. Had to do a few turnarounds but I got to the facility. Super excited, a little scared, but mostly excited! I walk in and there are only men wandering around, so I stand in line and presently one of the guys calls me over. I explain why I’m there and this huge hulk of a man who is standing there, sizes me up. No doubt he’s the instructor and he asks the guy to help me choose a rental gun. They recommend a Glock 17 and I get 50 rounds, plus eye and ear protection (I fail to mention that I brought the ESS safety glasses M gave me). At this point I am very happy that I wore my contacts and not my glasses. My phone’s service is shot there, so the pictures I try to send M aren’t going to send for several minutes. At least the text goes through. Everyone gets there and we walk off to the classroom. There are 6 of us in the classroom, all older than me and one Asian dude also renting like me. I sit front and center, as the last student in the classroom. The main instructor is an impressive man with biceps bigger than my head. 23 years of experience with guns, ex-Marine, definite combat experience, no stranger to killing and protecting, as he was protection detail to Biden and presidential protection on the East Coast, trains military, everyone, planning, etc. And body builder. haha. On top of it all he has charisma and hella enthusiasm. Other instructor is very young, small but a strong voice, army weapons instructor in Alaska and in Maryland. Said that it’s easier to teach civilians because they’re nicer and here to learn. Other people are one guy about to retire, a husband and wife team, another guy and then Asian guy.

Class starts out with the gun basics and structure and theory, my contacts are messing with me. Then we get to load fake ammo, practice slide locks, magazines, form, stance. Let me tell you…the lack of my finger was killing me. I’d hit it by accident as I needed it and it would bleed anew. The only nice thing was that the guy with the Baretta next to me caught his finger with the slide and I had band-aids!! He thanked me often throughout the night. Asian guy was a problem from the beginning, not listening to instructions, and the instructor had to reprimand him often…he was really nice and helpful though, and even with that you could tell he was losing his temper after a while, but goodness I was impressed at his patience!!! Besides me and Asian man not knowing anything, the wife of the husband/wife team was like that too. I got to be next to her the whole night and we were feeding off of each other. My first time hearing a gunshot up close was very startling, but not as startling as first shot of the gun!!! Even with all the practice beforehand, wow. And sheesh guns are heavy!! But the one on one coaching was fantastic and I had such a good time learning and experiencing and throwing myself out of my comfort zone. The instructor was extremely impressed with me and kept smiling and telling me how I needed to come back and do some more. I think I was the star of the show, coming in with  nothing at all, learning and showing the results. It wasn’t too hard with sir-mess-up-Asian never following instructions, shooting 3x and not once like we were instructed, managing to put the magazine in backwards, and pointing the gun everywhere without muzzle awareness.

I would HIGHLY recommend that experience to anyone. Highly.

My finger didn’t enjoy it much and dammit I wish I had full bodily function when precision is important, but this was probably the closest to military I’d ever get and omg I am confident I can handle a handgun now. Definitely like martial arts, though, where if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’d love to go back whenever I have extra money on hand. My mom would freak if I got my own, but I would like to at some point.

Here is my target!! Only 2 shots outside the A-range in the head area. I am proud. Super proud. That was 49 rounds.


I’ve decided

— that my life is boring. Sooo I want to spruce it up and do different things, learn new things. That being said, I have to ask my mom so she can take care of my dogs, but when I come back on Wednesday, I’m planning on attending a class on introduction to handguns. It includes class time and range time. I’ve been wanting to do certain things but the problem is always there where I have no one to go with. Then I thought, well, I’ve never had any real problem doing things on my own, why am I hesitating? If no one goes with me, I’ll go by myself. Why should that hold me back? Plus, I’m only getting older, so why not?

Honestly, it’s a bit impulsive considering that I really need to save up money, but as I see and have discussed time and time again, just because someone doesn’t make as much money as others doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life. You just save in some other fashion that you’re willing to take back some. In thinking about it, I guess that “I don’t have enough money to do X” mentality was forced into my head from a very young age. My dad (as I’ve mentioned repeatedly) has saved up SO MUCH MONEY over the years and when asked about it he says it’s to save for retirement. No matter how many times you remind him that we could all die tomorrow, he doesn’t care. I’m pretty sure even when he retires, he still won’t use it for anything exciting. You should save money and buy within your means, because it’s true that it’s stupid to not think about retirement, but at the same time as far as we know this is the only life we have, so…why not? What’s the point of living then if you can’t enjoy it? Especially with World War 3 looming above us. >_<

Anyways. It’s a hard mentality to break, you know? Especially without tipping the other side of the scale. Similar to the “you’re not allowed to go anywhere, or try anything new, just stay home” mentality. *shudder*

Balancing money and life is FUN.

Also, I can get not a single man to go do a ropes course with me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE MALES??  I’m sure Gable would if he could.

So the plan today is to meet up with M because my grandparents are insistent upon treating him for his graduation. It’s kind of a bad day because he works his shift tomorrow and dislikes doing anything the day before, but yesterday we couldn’t eat meat. Every year it’s such a PAIN. But it works out as long as he doesn’t stay out too long. He’ll meet us there, that way he can work on his own schedule and we won’t encumber it. So the plan afterwards is to drop off the grandparents and then go shopping for PLANTS. SOIL. MULCH. Beccaaaaaaaaauuuuuuussssseeee it’s SPRINGTIME. Even if it’s  hanging around freezing right now. Supposed to warm up considerably. With all the crazy rain (there was a tornado WARNING in the area on Thursday!!!) my grass is like BOOSH but I’m glad I didn’t deal with it because the temperature dropped so low. I’m supposed to manicure it all today before I head down South Sunday to Wednesday. Tight scheduling!! Which means the week will be over before I know it. >_< that’s how it always is, I guess.

OH speaking of which, I ordered the GrowBox, something that is only advertised with magazines and such, because of the amazing pictures that come with it and indeed we don’t have much of a yard to speak of, nor are we realistically thinking the future will see one in our ownership in the near future. I’m REALLY excited at the prospect of seeing real results this year!!! AAAAND there have been bees and wasps around which bodes well for the season. Last year was a real bummer. We bought 3 as a good deal and will give one to my grandparents. The advertised, customer-taken pictures (which they encourage, btw, it’s even a contest), are really enticing. I was sold. Been sold for about 2 years before buying it. Gable was very interested when I opened the box and Liana wanted the fertilizer bag. Haha. It’s supposed to be super easy and pretty much impossible to mess up. You do nothing but water and their “award-winning” design does the rest. Plus the fertilizer (you have the choice to upgrade to Jobe’s organic fertilizer if you want).


You can see how excited my dogs were.

SO very cold right now.

Bought some impulse games last night: the DLC for Watchdogs 2, and Cities: Skyline on sale from Steam. I’d been looking for a game just like Sim Theme Park (which is unplayable now even though I own it, because I have nothing that runs Windows XP…maybe I should just buy it and install it on my old laptop). Cities IS like Sim Theme Park, but very complicated as it is a city builder. Instantly I did like I used to and used up all of my money to build roads, making it pretty, without thinking about electricity or sewage or anything. It made me laugh! I’m really going to enjoy it. M is really good at influencing me to make impulse buys. Thank you sir. Looks like I’ll be playing that on my time off next week. The Watchdogs DLC I’m pretty sure won’t take long at all to beat.

I had bought Megaman Starforce Leo from eStarland (very difficult to find now, fyi) and played that, so I was trying to play the second game of the series which I already owned and it was amazing how much I didn’t remember about it. I was like…well I definitely remember playing the first game but the first half of the second game definitely NOT. Now I remember why. Mental Block-out. The second Starforce game wasn’t good at ALL. Not only is it slower in battle to the first, but the random encounter rate is absolutely ridiculous, the run away chance is awful (meaning, mettaurs? You’re 3/4 of the way through the game? Nope. Can’t run.), and worse, it’s the SAME freaking bosses from the first game all over again…except combined with slower reaction in battle means I can’t believe I’m down to 1 HP on a boss I know every move for. Also, the text is really boring for some reason, and the kids’ personalities are whiny and terrible. No wonder the Starforce series was a flop after the Battle Network. I’m so glad I was one of the few to give the 3rd and really, last new Megaman game ever a chance because it was freaking awesome. Those games, too, are extremely difficult to find now. I have both. Somewhere.

So happy to have a week off!!!!


Slept WAY too much

I was super tired yesterday after Renaissance Faire with M and spending half the day in the car driving. Tried to stay away by playing Jurassic Park Lego, but ended up lasting until about 9:42pm. Then I woke up really early because I slept too much and my body LIKED waking up early to go do things so now it’s 8:30 (after lounging in bed for 2 hours), no one is awake and my body is raring to do more things. I’ve slowly taken him pretty much everywhere I went with J, and so far it’s much more natural and easy with M. No expectation for it being the same or better or worse, just curiosity on my part. Plus I like that stuff. It was interesting with M because he’s pretty much a screen addict (like most people are these days) so you could see him go from the screen addict’s ADD to totally focused on what was happening in front of him. The calming effect of that is amazing. He was also hesitant to do things but I didn’t force him to do anything so he got more comfortable after a while. I’ve noticed with my brother too that sometimes people pressure males into doing something because, well, they’re male and should do this or that. Thankfully I’m pretty individualistic and confident enough to not let it bother me  (should thank my brother for that one) because since I’m in the habit of not relying on someone (a man) to do anything for me I’m 100% fine being a leader. I’ll step back if you’d like, but if you can’t handle it, I’ll do it. And because he was comfortable, I didn’t feel like I was embarrassing him and was able to yell and huzzah to my heart’s content this time. He even joined in!!


He told me he had a fun day and I’m really glad. I don’t think I have ever spent that much time in the car with him before so we got to talk a lot. Aaaaaand it was totally natural. No awkward pauses or silences or struggling to come up with things to say because he was quite forthcoming and the conversations just spilled out.

OK. So the real reason I came to post today is to inform you of the IPL I’ve been using.

Image result for venus ipl

Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL 5001 (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal System, powered by Braun

Rated 4.5 stars on by 164 users.

SO, **if you are not squeamish*** I shall be posting pictures of body parts with hair to show you results. There is no graceful way to present said body parts with hair and it’s a tad embarrassing honestly, but here to show results and there are good results! **if pictures of hair on my armpits will offend you, stop scrolling now**

I’ve always not cared about body hair and since I was never in a relationship I pretty much didn’t care about shaving until it got too long or I needed to in order to wear certain clothes. Plus, being someone who likes to reason through concepts using nature plus science together, I find body hair to not be offensive, but rather, well, natural. There’s a reason why we have hair in certain places. It’s not gross. It’s meant to be. Social norms have directed how we feel about ourselves and while I do see the natural reasoning, I also respect that it is the norm. Mostly I just wore longer sleeved tshirts and jeans, but I’ve become more crabby as I got older and want to wear shorts when it’s hot without the OBNOXIOUS hassle of hair removal everywhere.

ANYWAYS. here you go.


Pic 1: that’s how you use it. That is my leg. You can see how my pores are HUGE and the whole black hair on light skin thing while necessary for usage of laser treatments can be a pain in  butt

Pic 2: GORGEOUS. Yes. I told you there’s no nice way to do this. Left side on the left, Right side on the right. So what I did was for the first 2 weeks was use it only on the right side of my body and not on the left. This picture was probably a week after either the first or second week treatment. It’s not that obvious, but there is less on the right than the left.

Pic 3: Three months-ish later, this is about a week after treatment. You can see how the RIGHT side looks much better than the LEFT side with the big pimple thing on it. Remember the right side has about 2 treatments more than the left.

Also notice how I can’t seem to get rid of the pore dots, but the hair is much less. I’ve come to an issue where I can’t seem to get rid of the hair on the upper portion of the armpit and if you’ve ever tried to wax your armpits before, you’ll understand why. By myself I can’t stretch the skin enough for the laser to get into the folds of the skin

Either way, the results are pretty obvious. Gillette never said it would remove 100%, but in its study most participants were happy with about an 80% reduction. That’s about what I’ve seen so far.

I have other pics, but I think armpits are enough lol. Now how to rid of those pores…

So, in short, yes I recommend this product, it has made my life much easier and cheaper (even though the tool itself is a big hit). We’ll see how the long run turns out. One downside is the inability to use it on the face (for obvious reasons), but I found one by Remington that has a face filter for the laser. It also doesn’t want to get places I want it to get, even though I tried to bypass it. If you have a special someone you don’t mind helping you, I’d recommend that for hard to reach places like that foldy part of your armpit. Much cheaper and convenient than professional laser treatments.

One word of caution, however, I was reading up on the downsides of laser treatments and aside from that small population of women you saw MORE hair growth instead of less (south Asian and middle eastern, I think), the fumes are to be concerned about. It applied to the healthcare professionals that perform the laser hair removals, but that sulfur smell thought to be from the vaporization of the hair follicle (yes sulfur is an important component in our bodies) apparently has MORE than just sulfur and can be dangerous if inhaled too frequently. I forbid my dogs to be in the room with me when I’m doing this.



July 4 and week off

Good golly when was the last time I posted???  Oh just on July 4th itself. Haha. I was just reminded how at work when I asked people what are you doing for “July fourth?” and they would pause a bit. One asked me, “what am I doing for Fourth of July?” which made me stop and think about the name of the holiday itself. Should I refer to it as Independence Day? It is more proper to say Fourth of July? July Fourth seems the same and a more efficient way to word the term, so to me it makes lots of sense, but it took that one patient to bring to light that maybe I’ve been saying it wrong forever? Don’t think I’ll change, though, lol.

OK, so that day M ended up not coming and just as well because although we had too much food, it was pouring pretty much all day. The food we made just ended up getting cold and honestly I wasn’t all that impressed by everything to my disappointment. After foods we sat on the couch to watch Spaceballs while my sister and her husband fell asleep and then we ended the after-food-time with some more multiplayer gaming, this time Gauntlet. I have to say again that watching someone play video games is good insight to them as a person. After that we went to bother my mom at work, and then they left and I had a MONSTER of a BRUTAL time cleaning up after wards even with the dishwasher. Now I have a good idea of what my mom feels like after holidays.

The next day (my first day of vacation!) saw me getting up early because my sister was coming back to have her teeth cleaned. We dragged my mom along and then planned to meet up with my grandparents afterwards for some pho. The whole time I was cleaning her teeth, I just couldn’t get over how identical her and my brother’s mouths are!!! Man it’s crazy…adds more fuel to my information base on family oral anatomy and phenotypes and genetics. So far I’ve found that the vast majority of the time, kids inherit either one or the other in terms of mouth, teeth and tissues. If you see a whole family then typically you can say, yep, that’s dad’s, or yep, that’s mom’s. I haven’t noticed as much a good mix of the two. Then again, I don’t see too many mom, kids AND dad, but of the few whole families, that’s what I’ve observed. Pho was good, and then we headed home and….actually I don’t remember exactly what happened. Huh.

Wednesday!!! I woke up TOTALLY STOKED because we were going to BUSCH GARDENS which I hadn’t been to in almost 20 years!!! M wanted to come even earlier, but we ended up agreeing on 8am, and BOOM it was about right because we did end up leaving right around 8am. My brother drove the 2 hours and 30 min down there and yaaay there we were! Parked priority and in we went! We were on FIRE with excitement as we made our way through the mostly empty park (I don’t think I’ve ever been in an amusement park that empty before) and hopped on the Griffon (they have these new locker things which are neato and a wonderful alternative to the old cubby holes) right away. My brother needs to the big people seats lol. What. An. Amazing. Coaster. The drop was almost 90 degrees holy moly and let me tell you I got a good scream on that thing…haven’t gotten to scream like that in years. When we got off I was a little bit off balance but DANG I felt great! It was a wonderful feeling and I was excited that maybe I could still ride roller coasters which opened up the possibility of other amusement parks! We wandered off to New France (Canada) and jumped into the log flume because it was really starting to heat up already. Stood in line for this one (everyone had the same idea). This ride was great for us too. In the past I remembered that I liked King’s Dominion’s better because you’d get more wet, but this time, because of how much weight we had on the log it was GREAT how wet we got. Other people really didn’t get we, but dang we did. Haha! Even more stoked now we kept going and got to jump immediately onto the one we’d been waiting for: Alpengeist. I remember waiting almost 2 hours for the ride when we were small (almost 20 years ago). Get into the ride and it starts off, and yay, and then…and then…half way through it, my head starts to feel it…then it ends and we get off and my brother and I immediately start walking veering off to one side, and I start feeling sick. And my hopes and excitement level drops from 100 to about 15. I feel sick. Like, dizzy sick. I dunno what I was thinking because a 20 year old ride is certainly bound to be rough. My brother announces that no more roller coasters for him. And while I was trying to keep it together, my head was suffering. We get into Dark Castle (?) and M says it’s not a roller coaster, but unfortunately for me and my brother, it’s a 3-D and 4-D ride which sends us swirling and whirling around and lurching and that pretty much sealed it for me. We went to go eat afterwards and while the fries and soda helped, I was OUT for the rest of the trip. We wandered around for a bit, looked at rides, ate some Dippin’ Dots, M and I rode the sky tram around the park and then even though I wanted to watch the shows now that the rides were getting to me, my brother did his best to convince us to leave, so I made the executive decision to leave, given that he was driving and didn’t want him to fall asleep or be too dizzy or whatever. To be honest I was disappointed in myself (should’ve skipped Alpengeist and went straight for Apollo’s Chariot…thankfully Tempesto was closed which made me feel better and the only other 2 rides worth going on were Escape from Pompei and Roman Rapids which are water rides. Oh and bumper cars but given our state of nausea…) an also at my brother because I wanted to at least see the shows, but all in all I did have a good time just being with M and my brother and we really did feel happy and excitement on the 2 good rides we made it on. My mom made food that nigh and M stayed for that.

Busch Gardens really seemed much smaller than I remember…then again I am much bigger now.

Thursday and Friday were lazy days for me. Spent literally all day playing Stardew Valley on Steam. By Saturday I was getting antsy, so I wandered out to Lowes and spent another fortune on paint for the bathroom. Played more Stardew.

Sunday. PAINT. Painting the bathroom! At first I was like woohoo doing things! Joint compound on the holes, drying, then paint! And then I remembered why I hate painting! With a passion! I will say, though, that like mattresses, it is worth getting the more expensive paint…it was evident the moment I put the roller on the wall. This paint is good stuff. More Stardew! Then M came over and we went to a different Asian buffet which turne dout to be only mediocre and then we walked around with pokemon Go for a bit before heading back in. For some reason my app was definitely not acting right so after restart, re-install I decided we should go out and look for more Pokémon. So we did. All 3 of us. And walked a loop all the way out to Walgreens and CVS, along the way seeing SEVERAL other groups doing the exact same thing. Pokémon Go phenomenon!!!! Making nerds exercise!! It is addicting, though. Then hanging out and then sleep.

Today was the usual grocery run, then Stardew, then touch up painting, then putting the bathroom back together and almost being happy before realizing that the toilet may have to be replaced sooner rather than later because despite lack of use it has been creating a puddle behind the tank. UGHHHH. I thought I was done with the darn bathrooooooooom. The ONE project I didn’t want to do and I’ll have to tackle it…ironically it’s supposed to be the easiest to do, but STILL.

But that’s for another day. And sadly I have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s all very surreal right now for me, going back to work. I feel like I’ve been away for months. At least I get to do it again in about 30 days. Maybe 40.

Oh, I managed to floss and softpick my dogs’ teeth. Hehe. I think they’re getting more tolerant of it, thought Gable still freaks out.


My girl

I almost lost my little dark lady. Again. I came home and my mom said that she had destroyed the little orange plant, and ate all sorts of plants. She had been refusing to eat her kibble and that morning was no different so we knew she’d be a little hungry. The orange plant eating alarmed me and she was very stressed out. My mom said she’d been trying to throw up for a while. Took her on the walk and indeed she was trying to eat any vegetation she could find. Poop looked fine, though. Came back and she tried to go to the basement. I took her out back and she wanted to eat the daylilies, but I stopped her and she came inside. The stress level was very high still and she kept dry heaving, so I decided to induce vomiting. I hate doing it…this is probably the 3rd time I’ve had to do this to her…but hearing that she ate all those plants was scary indeed. Brought her outside (made sure not to use her name) and forced down some hydrogen peroxide. When the foam came out of her mouth I had moment where I was terrified, but the pile grass and leaves made me feel so much better. She stopped heaving and I let her back in to see how she was doing. There was an almost immediate improvement and the foamy mess indicated to me that I could have lost her. I assume it means that what she ate was poisonous…not to mention the look of terror on her face as she paced the house beforehand. And of course while I was trying to clean it up, she comes and attacks the orange plant again. This time I caught her and used my severe reprimand voice. I’m just glad she’s fine now. Never would I have thought she nor Gable would try to eat the plants in the house. He’s never done it or showed signs of ever wanting to.

I don’t want to think about what would have happened if my mom hadn’t been home because I don’t think I would have noticed that she attacked the orange plant. Blah. When I come home I kind of shut down a bit.

Good thing I don’t have kids.

In other news, check out this:


Hehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh. This is so spot on it scared me. I would expect no less of my Dark Age self.

Oh and I won $50 on a scratcher yesterday. I had $15 to cash, but no one was at the customer service desk, so I decided to go waste it on other tickets and voila! Now add a few zeros to that…lol. That should pay for 3/4 of Liana’s microchipping.