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Well, not so much hot as humid. It is crazy humid out there. What was hot was just 50 miles south. I’ve been up here so long I’ve forgotten what not northern hot and humid is. Now imagine 100 miles south of here, or all the way in deep south hot. Left my car outside the garage on Saturday until about 4 or so and inside is was an oven. I was seriously concerned about the stuff inside my car. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous too.

…now imagine trying to survive a summer season like that without any AC at all ever. No thanks. I’d like not go back into depression mode again.

Good news is that I’ve been able to seal the fence! Whoo! Progress! It was a little hampered by the fact that my neighbor was having a big party in his backyard for his son who graduated, so I didn’t get to completely stain that side even though I did bleach it. I decided to do the other side instead to stay out of their way and then realized that they’d have clear view of me the whole time. Oh well. It’s always something getting in my way, you know? I did find out that the side I ended up working on was not well off. Because the sun would beat down on the other side of that fence, the side I was working on looked absolutely terrible with mildew, mold, etc. Now it’s even worse since that side neighbor put up a 6 foot vinyl fence. BTW…I don’t think I ever want a vinyl fence, no matter how much easier it is off the bat. They don’t seem too sturdy and without gaps I can see the whole thing coming down in a windstorm or a hurricane, especially with the yards the way they are in that neighborhood: no trees to speak of. It’s a wind tunnel. While I was busy doing work, Gable and Liana would beg to come out and then in, out and in, because while the day was low humidity and beautiful, the sun was hot hot hot! Gable did get lots of attention from all the people at the party. I’d look over to see him getting love and enjoying every second of it. As soon as he came over to see them, literally everyone stood up and rushed to the fence. Liana barked at them, was OK with it, but then wandered off to lay in the shade. She’s more of a one person dog? He’s gregarious.

We wandered off to Lowes after dinner of amazing cowboy ribeye steaks, and only had about 40 minutes to shop before it closed, but I spent 20 minutes of that sidetracked, trying to catch a kitten. I’d pushed a cart back into the cart return really loudly because it annoys the HECK out of me when people just leave carts around when the freaking return is TWO STEPS AWAY. Ok, so maybe 4 steps. Have some decency people!! Can’t stand it. Anyways, I pushed it in so loudly, I saw something dart out from under a truck, so I followed it because it was little. Really little. Turns out it was a little gray fluffy kitten and it stared out at us from behind a tree, mewing so pitifully. I think it was hungry, why else would it have been hiding under a pickup so close to the store? By itself??? I looked around and didn’t see mama anywhere. My biggest concern was that some heartless dumbass had just dumped it in the parking lot. So I got down and went to see if it would come to me or if I could grab it. I got some help from a Lowes employee (my brother was nigh useless, but a good barrier/run preventative) and lamented that we hadn’t used my car which had towels and collars and leashes and such in the back. I got really, really close to it, and actually came to me and smelled my fingers at one point. More than anything I wished I’d had some fried chicken on hand because I KNOW it would’ve come right to me. I wanted to grab it, but also didn’t want to get rabies or some other disease. Cats really aren’t my knowledge base. I was about to reach around and grab it since it trusted me more than any of the men when another guy and his young son came up to see what was going on and I made the mistake of asking for their help. This guy was too forward for this kitten and eventually it ran into the sewers and away over a hill. I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t get run over by a car, but the fact that it knew the sewer led somewhere was a good indication it knew the area well. Probably feral. But I was SO clooooooose! And one feral off the street or at least fixed is better than none.

I was upset that it got away, but a bit relieved as well, because 8:30pm on a Saturday…what vet would be open and would take it? Plus we had no way to carry it and not get massacred by the claws of death, and if I took it home…uhhh…my greyhounds… Still, I think about it and how close I got. What a passion for animal rescue and rehabilitation inside of me. I don’t even care what species.

Maybe I should start keeping a net in my car, lol.


Short Stories

This short story prompt book is great! Not only does it allow me to wander my brain a bit, forces me to write and vary my thoughts, but it constrains the length too. I’ve always had an problem with being too descriptive and when I read books like that, I get bored. So far, I’ve extended it to the very end of the allowed space…my pacing is getting better, methinks. The best part of it all, is that if I wanted to elaborate and explore the idea some more, I can! My mind has already been planning how to do that on some of what I’ve written so far.

The dogs are back being brats about food. I knew it wouldn’t last. It would be normal if they weren’t so old and I know that the implications of not eating are more detrimental now than ever before.

That reading app I was talking about is starting to become a bad influence. I was waiting for it to become that, as I knew exactly what was going to happen, but there you go. It’s nice to read romance sometimes, but some of these stories are very frustrating and they’re aimed for young women, so the person when it comes to the female protagonist is you. There are choice to make which make it a visual novel game, but honestly all of the choices, even the ones you have to “buy” end up the same anyways. There’s one so far that will change the story depending on what you choose, but that one is so much unlike the softcore romance I’ve been reading so far and it’s pretty much a trashy romance novel. Not to mention all of the typos I’ve been seeing…seriously. Typos really mess up the story’s integrity when it occurs too often and repeatedly. Why paint these young women in such a idiotic light? To illustrate that “love” makes you like that? It certainly can. Also, all of the men (or target romance of the protagonist) seem to be rich and super muscle hot as well as totally chill, patient and gentlemanly. I guess that’s what you’re looking for in a cheesy romance novel anyways, but reading too many in a row can get…beh.

Obviously I do enjoy my occasional trashy romance novel, but my preference is more focused on fantasy plot. Regardless, it doesn’t seem that I’ll be putting these app books down until I finish them all. Guh. Thank goodness for this brain building short story book to counteract the brain numbing of the romance. Here’s just hoping they’re not shaped by these unrealistic ideals.

Stuff I learned yesterday

  1. Massive heart attacks are much more likely to kill younger, healthier people if they occur, as opposed to older, less healthy people. Why? Apparently the older you get and the more complex and convoluted your cardiovascular health, the more roundabouts your body develops so it has already had workarounds as opposed to the strong, healthy younger person with one route. — My RN patient. We were talking about how people defy science or healthcare as we know it.
  2. uhhhhhh. I forget because this piano song called Sakura is so beautiful. OH well, here’s a tidbit I learned from the internet a while back and was busy sharing it with my coworkers: when you snap your fingers, the explosive sound is actually from your finger smacking into the palm of your hand, and not the two fingers against themselves. Try it. :) I was causing mayhem at work yesterday with it.

Great. Now it’s going to bother me.

Gonna get the new G7 when it comes out June 1.

My dogs are busy not eating their food again. drives me crazy.

OHHHH here it is, I remember now:  Apparently greyhounds are regularly attacked, lunged at, barked and such by other breeds. I’ve mentioned before that greyhounds can be rather “breedist” dogs, but it’s true, my greyhound group is always posting about their greyhounds getting ripped up by other  dogs, oftentimes much to the consternation and confusion of the other dogs’ owners. People weighed in and apparently it’s been said in the past that greyhounds walk and hold themselves like predators (walk with their head low, and body language is a might different in that they don’t wag their tails as often as most dogs) so the other dogs instinctively want to kill them. Greyhounds are indeed an ancient breed and I’ve also mentioned in the past that I see it in them: the wildness you can see in their eyes into their soul. They hold themselves more like wolves than a domesticated breed, even if they are. Another person said their vet told them that other dogs don’t like them because they’re different. Hmm. Maybe their body language is like a foreign language, then? Like humans mistrust foreigners? German shepherds are always attacking greyhounds in the stories and Gable, himself, was lunged at in the past and almost bitten in the neck if it weren’t for his large collar. Unprovoked, just out of the blue. The white shepherd we met the other week also mistrusted both of my dogs.  I wonder if I only had one, if something bad would have happened. THe most recent attack story on the group was by a Doberman. Something to think about.


Does anyone want my dogs? I’m so sick and tired of trying to feed them. Yes, we’re in one of those phases again. Difficulty feeding a dog has never, ever been on my worry list. WTH. I’ll take a different struggle over trying to feed a dog. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted every strategy by now. It’s just soooo stressful, you don’t even KNOW!!! Of course, they have no clue what’s going on and it’s not like I can sit them down and make them understand it, either.


I had this whole list of things I wanted to blog about, but now that I sit down, I’m like, ?_?  Happens every time.

Remember those books I borrowed from the library? I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my brain or something, but I just can’t get into them. The first one was a massive disappointment, but the second one should be fine. It’s good, it’s not like it isn’t, but I dunno, having the main protagonist so flawed like that is apparently not up my alley. Strange. Strange, strange, strange!!! Maybe my mind is now incapable of being intelligent anymore. Too many video games and mind numbing work. That’s pretty depressing. I have one book left which is an anthology of short stories, subject matter: the end of the word. I love short stories like these. Hopefully I’ll be OK with that. The books are due on Monday. I’m gonna keep trying to find a good book.

Rain, rain rain….all week, all weekend and even into next week. The ground is soggy, the sky is gray, there have been many, many crashes and I can’t do anything outside.

See, now I’m sleepy again even though I just woke up. I wonder if i can do anything useful today.

MY muscles have been trying to cramp all week.



Remember how I always manage to injure myself or something crazy before going South? I was doing great until late last night around 11:30pm when I let the dogs out. I saw that I’d left the battery inside the weed whacker, so I went to remove it, when the pusher thing from my aerator happened to fall off the shelf and smack onto my pinky toe. The ram rod is solid steel and it’s a rod which means it fell like a spear, pushing all its force into my one toe. GOOD GOD. The pain lingered, too, well into my sleeping. I was busy reading manga until close to 1am and it was still stinging/throbbing/paining. Thankfully when I woke up, I still felt it sore and stiff, but I can walk OK, it’s not broken and not swollen up tremendously. I was truly terrified I’d crushed the bone or done something awful when the pain wouldn’t stop for 2 hours. Walking is doable, but painful and I have to move my foot in a way so that the pinky toe doesn’t hit anything. I’m just glad it wasn’t any other toes or worse, the top of my foot altogether. Still quite painful, but only if I put pressure on it.

What it means, however, along with the fact that it’s currently raining here and South, is that I now have a decision to make as to when I want to venture down there. Yet another day wasted!! I can’t stain anything when the fence is wet, and while I can still finish up the mulch bed in the back, lugging, dragging and otherwise carrying heavy bags of mulch is going to take much longer and be much harder without my pinky toe to support. You never appreciate anything until you can’t use it. I completely disagree with the “scientists” who believe that not too long into our future, we’ll evolve out of pinky toes. Pfft. Mine is used regularly for balance and strength. Monkey feet.

I think I’m cursed.

I was going to post a photo here but I have the world’s ugliest feet.

At least tomorrow is going to be nice, but I feel bad because I took off of work today and now it’s yet another day wasted in that aspect. Just like my birthday week which I had had all planned out to go do things South and I couldn’t because I’d crashed my car and didn’t know that I didn’t have rental car coverage on my insurance.

It’s probably a good thing that I regularly smash my pinky toe on chair legs and such. Makes it tougher.

Oh and in the shower today I managed to drop my bar of soap. ON THE SAME TOE. Fun times.

In other news, when the dogs and I were rounding the final stretch this morning while coming home, I was busy telling Liana who was scanning the way for our friend Miss Bunny, that it looks like Miss Bunny isn’t out today in the rain! Well. One blind turn to the left and it all happened in a flash:

  1. Bunny hears us coming and darts ahead into the safety of the brush.
  2. The brush happens to be on our right and Bunny is coming from the left
  3. I don’t see Bunny, all I see is a flash of brown heading our way at top speed, which I assume to be a bunny
  4. My brain processes in the flash that this is Bunny, it’s heading our way, I have 2 greyhounds, one who is looking for Bunny and one who is just walking, but greyhounds nonetheless, and it looks like we’re going to collide, the rate at which all of us are approaching each other.
  5. Dread fills me as I have 2 wild fast predators with me
  6. Fight or flight response chooses option 3: FREEZE and GASP AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE
  7. Both dogs lunge at the same time as Bunny’s brain makes split second decision to jump vertically and execute aerial 180 degrees turn Gable is the closest and lunges right at Bunny who is probably mere inches from his face.
  8. I am frozen, so I have a death grip on his leash which I usually keep loosely short, which means that my arm isn’t getting ripped off and muscle tension insures that he isn’t going to get anywhere.
  9. On my other side, Lady Jaguar lunges too, but smashes into the back of my legs. I don’t feel much pain because once again I am frozen and tensed up.
  10. My body releases me and off we go, both dogs on a mission, ears up and hunting.
  11. I try to go as fast as my injured limp will allow me, and adrenaline is nice because it blocks pain.
  12. Bunny is long gone, so Liana in her irritation sniffs out where it was last, and poops. Twice. In that area. Gable adds some urine for good measure. Maybe a warning? A last, “I’ll get you next time, you wascally wabbit?”

Both dogs are both proud of themselves and annoyed that their human is ridiculously slow on the uptake and hunt. Pretty much worthless. Currently Gable is sighing and grumbling to himself because why the HECK are you home today, failed hunter? Feed me or do something useful.

Looks like the sun is coming out up here and the clouds are dispersing. I’ll head down around 11 or so, I think. Less traffic and give the water some time to dry. We have yet another freeze warning tonight. Sigh.

I Only Work 2 Days This Week

Which means that it’s going to take FOREVER.

Soooo it’s April 17th (tax day) and there is a freeze watch for tonight. Whaaaaat the heck. Honestly, it’s not all that weird because it’s certainly happened before. I remember it when I was little even though people at work swear up and down they’ve never seen this before, and I grew up south of the area where it’s usually warmer than up here. Whatever, man. I’m kinda getting tired of people complaining so much about the weather. Yes, it’s crazy, and teasing (it was 80s on Friday and Saturday), but hey, it’s the weather. Though, I have to admit that I’m worried about the plants >_< Looks like I’ll have to move them back in tonight.

Darn it I didn’t do the laundry.

I fed my pups dehydrated rabbit feet and ears last night. They’re the real deal and come from a farm in PA where I guess they farm rabbits for meat? For someone who loves animals it’s a little scary since they parts are literally just torn from the animal itself, fur and all, but I also understand that these are dogs and they are predators. I’m rather thankful, truth be told, that they recycle these parts into dog treats instead of just chucking them somewhere. All I did was open one of the box flaps and the two of them went nuts. I gave them each one foot and an ear. Liana just kept staring at me and licking the bed where she’d left it for the rest of the evening. My bunny killer huntress. It was cool and scary to hear them crunching away at the bones and claws of this deceased cotton tail beast…think about it: their jaws and teeth are made to crush bone and their stomachs to digest it. What’s stopping them from crunching my hand or arm when they’re mad or upset or scared of me? Probably that I give them walkies and treats and toys and soft beds. LOL.

I don’t want to think too hard about Thursday and Friday and Saturday. Every time I plan ahead something bad happens.

OK, time to get this show on the road!

Monday Again!

What a weekend so far!

I’ve done more than I’ve done in while…closer to “living” than I have been able to, I guess.

A couple things to talk about here…let’s see if I can remember them all.

Just remembered that horribly depressing post I did on Friday.

Saturday was the Super Pet Expo! I didn’t want to take my 2 because they don’t usually like standing around and they also like to mark everything and they can get leash reactive and super excited about other dogs. Mostly it’s because they get bored after a little and want to go home, and given the line 2 years ago, that would be terrible. So I arrive early (I was going to come later in anticipation of a line) and the line is much faster than I remember! The reason being is online tickets. The buy-there-line was full, but the get-into-the-event-line was very quick. I kept getting butt-poked by dogs which was totally cute and it happened so often that I thought Gable was there with me. This year the event was much better coordinated and bigger too, so it didn’t feel like sardine packing after a while which is fantastic. The atmosphere was wonderful, no mean spirits that I could tell, dogs galore, and vendors everywhere. Even a reptile house! The only problem I ran into was that when I’d walk up to or past vendors some people would outright ignore me or turn away so that they “don’t see me” only to attend to other people. Those people I didn’t bother with and took my business elsewhere. As I wandered around and bought things, I became increasingly aware that my dogs are missing out and I was missing them. The event was so much better organized that they probably would have enjoyed themselves. I mean, they had 2 or 3 people wandering around with mops to clean up the accidents!! And a poop station because Doody Calls was there! I couldn’t believe that I’d spent an hour and a half there when I left and I had a thought about coming back with them, but one look at the miserable parking situation nixed that idea. Dogs kept coming up to me, nosing my butt, and sniffing my bags (I had treats). DOGS GALORE. Next year, I’ll bring them. MONEY WAS SPENT THERE. Thankfully mostly cash, but then I went home and spent more money because of my sleepwalking thing.

…I hate saying “next year” or “later” or “next time” because there might not be one.

The rest of the evening was veg out, slow cooking the corned beef, and then it was SUNDAY. Whenever I’m busy like that the weekend already feels fulfilled. I promised the dogs out of guilt that I’d take them to the park, so I did. We woke up bright and early and left right at sunrise to get to the park. FIRST ONE THERE. Yessss. It was pretty brisk and the dogs were beside themselves because we hadn’t been to the park in a while (weather has not been favorable and I’ve been tired too) so they were particularly unruly. That made me think that maybe it was a good thing we hadn’t gone to the pet expo after all and if I wanted to bring them that I should tire them out first so we don’t get crazy unruly dog. It was great. Since there was no one there we took the long route, saw some deer, took pictures that Sir Grumpypants no longer wishes to take (he used to be SUCH a model boy!), saw some dogs and an hour and a half later went home. Around the one hour mark Liana got really tired and started lagging behind, but Sir Crotchety just kept trucking like the good boy he is. I’m so glad I went early because as I was leaving (around 8:30am) the crowds started spilling in. Got home and was trying to get my mom to look at pictures of my nephew to order for Easter, but instead got caught up in an email about bathroom vanities at Lowes and BOOM, off we went to get a bathroom vanity. That would be my project for the day and I was super excited for a project!! The best part, was that it would be the best way to procrastinate because I still need to get my CEs done for the license renewal! Way to perpetuate school-days-behaviors. I do this every year holy crap. So of course, I tell myself I’ll just do one every day I come home from work this week like homework. So I start on the vanity project that I’ve been talking about for months because no one ever wants to use our half bath/guest bath because it’s super cluttered, the toilet is scary and the pedestal sink gives us nothing to work with. I am STOKED about this. Aaaaaand of course the excitement turns into frustration very quickly. I am very thankful that whoever installed it did it right because nothing was hard to remove, but when you have a 30 year old house and pipe standards have changed drastically over time…CUE THE EXASPERATION. I have to say that this has got to be the sloppiest install I’ve ever done. The lack of space to work was a little difficult. Over 6 hours later, I’m mostly finished but since it was so sloppy and so much left to chance…I’m not confident. It does, however, look nice. Makes the bathroom much more inviting even though we still have the toilet issue. Another time, another time. I’ll give it a week or two before I make it permanent and secure it into the wall and add the caulk.

Not as proud of this work as the others. I hope it all holds up. Plumbing really is a pain. NOthing I hate more than having to drive out 3 or 4 times for things I thought I had right but didn’t. Well, what’s for sure is that we have only 1 more bathroom to update if we want to and at least I’ll remember that this house is 30 years old and we’ll buy it all at that point correctly. Sigh. At least I think people will want to actually use the bathroom now.

Today, Monday, will see us at my grandparent’s house to be there for their install of new cable and such. My body is in a bit of pain and I ate Waaaaay too much at the buffet last night. Full weekend, I tells ya! So glad to be getting paid this week.

One other thing before I go: I was wondering why in the heck my work bag keeps slipping off my shoulders these days when it wasn’t a big deal at all to keep it on. Turns out, I’ve been doing upper weights so much that I no longer have a shoulder for it to rest on so it falls right off. Bluh. Good thing I hate purses to begin with so I never carry them, but dang that’s annoying because that bag is heavy full of food every day. LOL.

My sleep-walking camera is coming today!!