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Happy Year of the Dog!

Wear red! Be Happy! Eat good food! May you have a joyous and prosperous year!

I should speak ill of the departed, but that chicken/rooster had to have one last parting shot at me. Honestly I was waiting for it, but became complacent. All week I was trying to be careful because I knew the New Year was coming, but what better time to strike than at the very end? Right in my own neighborhood, less than 30 seconds from my house, I was involved in a car accident last evening coming home. After sitting in terrible rush hour traffic and getting out late from work, one wishy-washy girl later and CRRSSSH. I was really rather lucky, however because while the girl herself was literally hysterical, her dad was very calm, collected and fair. She wouldn’t talk to me at all and didn’t even jump out of her car to meet me, so I was awkwardly standing around by myself until her mom came out (it was right in front of her house). Nothing terrible, just scrapes and a dent on the side of my car. Unfortunately for me, however, no one would ever rule that accident in my favor and I’ll admit that it was due to assumptions and trust that this driver was going to do what she indicated she was going to do. Dash cam shows it, but all legal powers viewing the footage would agree it was most certainly my fault. No one wanted to call the cops, so we let our insurance handle it all. I ruminated it over all night and now, of course, my insurance is going to go up, I’m sure. Long and short of it? I was driving in behind her on our neighborhood road (I was super chill today which is not normal, but I was really tired), going rather slowly. She slowed down and signaled her intention to turn into her house driveway, so as she came to a stop (you can see on the dash cam that she had crossed the double yellow to turn), she’d left enough room that I could go around her in consideration of the rush hour line behind me. I made sure no one was coming up on the merge and proceeded to go around when for whatever reason she DIDN’T turn and decided to go straight, right into me. It was like a dream and for a little bit I wondered if this was at all real. Oh it was real enough when I opened the door and saw the dents and scratches. I tried to be as fair and impartial as possible, and while it is as I always say: nervous and wishy washy people are always the cause of accidents, not confident people, I should never had made any assumptions as to her intentions. The more I look at the footage, the more I realize what she was trying to do, which was make a U-turn to park on the street in front of her house. Explains why she went not only forward but to the right. She should not have done that on such a busy street and I should not have tried to go around and waited to see what she was going to do. And because we didn’t call the cops, the only clear loser is me. At least no one got a ticket, though. I would have gotten, at minimum, failure to yield, passing on the right, etc. Ruminating all night and evening on it, I kept wondering how it could have been different…if I’d stayed one more minute at work to talk, if I hadn’t run that yellow, or if I had decided to be more aggressive instead of as chill as I was yesterday, if I’d been more impatient and made a turn onto a different route home, if there were more people at the stop sign, if she had stayed more to the right instead of the left. I guess…someone else might have gotten into that accident, not me…given how everyone drives around here, I’m 50% sure that another person would have done the same thing I did and made the same assumptions. I’ve lived here long enough to know. Maybe that other person would have been much more nasty and I saved her that. All I know is that she acted very strangely: wouldn’t get out of her car, wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t even go into her own house, screamed and yelled and cursed her father out, adamantly refused to leave the safety of her car the whole time I was talking to her parents. It was a minor accident, but I guess in her head it was this monumental thing. He told me that she had JUST had an accident in the same place not 2 weeks ago, so I guess this was horrifically traumatic for her.

Well, no matter where the fault lies, that girl is fighting some terrible demons right now. I’m not unscathed psychologically because I’m mad that my perfect record is dead and that now I have to deal with my car and insurance and WHAT A PAIN. And my plan for doing house stuff next week? GONE. Again. I don’t know why every time I want to go down and do house stuff I can’t. It’s like something is telling me not to, to wait, not to finish, not to sell. Not yet! WHYYYYY????

It’s very warm today and the dogs were unable to sleep all night long it was so stuffy. 70 degrees in the middle of February…and snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Now that I have the window open, Gable is napping. My golden dog. Well, I hope this whole thing gets dealt with easily and quickly so that I can maybe enjoy some of my week off…instead of sitting around moping. That’s another lucky thing: that it happened right before I take a week off work.

C’mon year of the dog!!! Help me out here! Some good events please! It’s Friday everyone! Enjoy it!


Friday again!

So happy it’s Friday. The first day without co-worker was a little bit of a nightmare but not from anything any of us did, just crazy patients. I swear, this time of year, no one is in their right mind. I don’t know why either…well. Maybe I can guess? My body wants nothing more than to laze around and eat, eat, eat. That I attribute to the impending winter and I’m naturally trying to fatten up for lean times. I’d mentioned before that sometimes I feel I might be more naturally inclined than others, a function of being cognizant of it, and possibly not inherently, though I could make that argument. Anyways, people’s scurrying-type-of-behavior could be explained along the same thought process in that we as natural inhabitants in the autumn are frantically gathering for the forthcoming winter. Like squirrels. This time of the year they’re crazy and get squished by cars.

Speaking of fat, I am FAT. Holy mackerel. I was looking through beach pictures yesterday and I could pinpoint the exact day I felt I was too fat. What happened? I never get fat at the beach! I walk so often that just doesn’t happen! Except that this year I’m old and that I was apparently the walking trashcan. Also, my dogs don’t walk nearly as far as they used to.

Liana woke up in pain today and it bothers me. She was perfectly fine yesterday. The only thing I can think of is that I jogged a little with them yesterday. Shouldn’t have done that. It’s her birthday too, which means it’s my mom’s.

My girl turns 10 today. :)

Gorgeous day!

70 degrees F on a summer morning in July? Yes! Time to head to the park with the puppers! We went yesterday already and usually that’s it for a weekend but I couldn’t pass up going again today. Part for them, and part for me. Nothing like getting out there are just being in nature and nice weather and such. Plus more cardio is always good. The old pups…I don’t know how much longer I’ll have with them…whether it be several more years or just a few months. They love it, so who am I to deny that? Good thing we went early, though, because it started really heating up as we left. Other people seemed to have the same idea as us, because as we were leaving we encountered 5 dogs coming in. All young, of course. Normally my dogs are great when other dogs go by, but I think it depends on the day…Gable out of the blue decides to lunge happily at one of the dogs and it was scared…guh. Then the others he just walked by because I gave him the look. 

In other news, some follicles down in the nether regions got massively blocked overnight (or maybe even through yesterday) and I woke up to ridiculous pain whenever I move that extends to my upper thigh. It’s so big it took over several follicles at once. TMI, I know. When I saw it, all I could think of was, “DAMN THAT’S BIG.” Ouch. ouch. ouch. I’m about 90% sure it’s from my ballooning weight and the fact that my capris were way too tight to be wearing them all day yesterday. They used to fit fine…MUST LOSE WEIGHT.

Remember that Gillette BRAUN IPL I bought from Amazon? Now that I’ve had it for about a year, I can safely recommend it. I know that 9 months ago I was busy complaining about how it didn’t work for me, but a year later, there is enough difference for me to finally wear short leg clothing regularly…something I haven’t done in my life since before I started shaving. My legs have less hair and less growth. I shave about once a week and the hair is very short when I do it. How much less hair? At least 60-70% less hair in general. Armpits….not as good. I think there are too many folds and such. Maybe you need 2 people to do it just to stretch the skin. Some have gone for good, but overall I haven’t had much success there. My knuckle hair (mine are akin to male hair growth there…) has been positively affected (less hair and growth) too. If I were to buy again, and these things eventually do need to be replaced, I’d try Remington’s version with safe face feature.

Yesterday I rescued a praying mantis from inside church. It has been a lonnnnnng time since I’ve held a full grown praying mantis in my hands. It was a very bright green with these big eyes. I didn’t want anyone stomping on it. Wish I’d had my phone on me to take a picture. Not sure why, but it made me so happy to see one.

Gable feet.

Brought Liana to the vet for a tech vaccine visit. She greatly dislikes going now and was loudly telling everyone about that as we were waiting. Then 2 more dogs come in and amongst 4 dogs it was like a dog choir in there. It was quite funny to me. She really likes other dogs. Very stubborn pupper though.

What to make for dinner tonight…I haven’t really had to cook in a while.


Hot Water!!!

WE HAVE HOT WATER!!! And not only do we have hot water, but it’s a quick hot and HOT even though it’s set lower than the last heater! They ran into unexpected problems (of course…like anything else in this house…) and what should have taken 2 hours took 4. It’s kind of nice to know that I’m not the only one who has that problem any time I do any DIY fixes on this property. Despite a bit of a language barrier, he seems to be a very friendly and reasonable person. The new heater has a slimmer profile which is fantastic for the tiny space down there and he replaced the old turn knob shutoff with a lever one. MUCH better. He recommends that we replace the whole water shutoff for the house because it didn’t work so he had to turn the water off at the curb. Darn old things. But he can cut us another deal for that and replace it with the lever too. Won’t take nearly as long as the water heater. I didn’t want to ask him to do other things yet because I wanted to see how he dealt with what we have here and to me and so far, it seems very decent. He showed me the leak on the back of the water heater that had been there for a long time and again you could tell how he felt about the old unit. The new one has not only the blinking light indicator but a gas overflow portion safety feature. I’ll give it a little bit of time before I write a review, but I feel good about it. I mean…if on a lower temperature setting the new one is already faster, hotter or as hot as the old one…how efficient could it have been?

When I walked the dogs yesterday, I decided to look at all of these issues in a different light: yes, it is unfortunate and downright scary how much has been piling on us all at the exact same time, but once they’re dealt with, only good can come with them, right? We’re just blessed to have the resources to handle them amongst the 3 of us. I mean, I will definitely miss the tree in the back, but with it gone I can finally clean and stain the deck floor and we will have much less of a mold/algae issue moving forward (there are downsides too, but everyone else has been dealing with that), plus the added bonus of no more leaves and pollen to sweep every year.  The new water heater? 8 year warranty and the possibility of a reliable plumber. My tires? I like them quite a bit. Only time will tell on that one since the last one didn’t last very long. The dogs? …. uh. Don’t know about that one.

Speaking of dogs, though…and speaking of looking at things a different light to help deal with them…a brand new problem arose last night (funny, isn’t it….???). Around 2am, I could not sleep very well and I awoke to hear Gable wandering around. I get up to take him outside because usually that’s what he wants. He follows me and goes outside to pee which is normal. When it was time for him to come in, it’s like he didn’t see the open door, but would go to the window, back to smell a yard bag, repeating that several times before I called his name to come in. He comes in and moves to go upstairs (I think that he just smelled an animal), but then turns around, looks outside then smells the bike and repeats that. I let him out again and he goes to poop and repeats the strange behavior despite the open door. I’m really worried now and I have to guide him up the steps which he seemed confused about. At the foyer, he turns to go back downstairs but I tell him to go up again. Then he just stands there looking around and tell him to go upstairs. He goes and I call him into my room where he lays down but still wild-eyed and looking everywhere. I sit with him a bit and put a blanket on him and pet him and stuff. He finally calms down and my heart sinks. It’s got to be dementia. My thoughts stray to carbon monoxide given the water heater, but I feel perfectly fine and Liana is fine too.

From one thing to the next. I have enough dementia patients to know how it progresses…oh baby boy. Just hang on until the beach, I beg you.


And I still have my girl. Yesterday was the first day I stopped giving her meds altogether. That’s about 7 days post initial emergency. He spirit is good, her temperament is back to normal and the lucidity of her mind is natural. She is still mostly careful, so I’m assuming it aches/hurts. When she stretches the front legs now she does it very carefully, and going up a long flight of stairs takes some thinking. I’m glad for that. Her realism is heartening…though I know I have to keep an eye on things because she does get excited and then forgets.

Was talking to my brother last night as my mom worked night and will do so again tonight. I enjoy the nights she’s not here because it gives me some semblance of living on my own, plus working out actually happens. Unfortunately, though, he’s gotten into this annoying habit in the recent months of being a pain to talk to in the sense that he’s become very outspoken and won’t let anyone talk but himself. While his tune has changed from extremely naïve to just being inexperienced in life events, he still hasn’t experienced anything in life. He tries to make up for it by learning concepts, but rarely in life does anything work out ideally. And damn can he talk now! I mean, I’ll take that over what he came from, the depressed, surly sheeple person, but good gravy. Wanting to talk and being over-enthusiastic about joining in conversation is a tiresome mix. Wearying, that’s what it is. Drains you. Add that to wanting  to do something but afraid or unwilling to try, and it just turns into this obnoxious and futile conversation playout.

Today is M’s birthday. I sent him a card with a wind-up butterfly that will “fly” out of the card the instant you open it. I put a rather generic yet personal message in it like I would for my sister or brother, and signed it my first name since he never could bring himself to call me the name I wanted him to. He texted me on Wed to say he almost had a heart attack which made me happy to hear that it worked. I can’t help but remember his birthday last year where they invited me to come as a surprise and I was busy working on my vanity at home. I unfollowed him for a little on Facebook the other day because every time he posts anything there it’s, well, painful for me to read. He just seems so much happier and lighter now and it irritates and hurts me at the same time. I guess, being with me weighed him down so much and now without me his life is more enjoyable. I figured that by not seeing the posts I wouldn’t feel so bad, but I realize I still need to know how he’s doing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to see them without feeling anything but neutral like my other friends. I noticed, though, that he stopped posting anything about his car ever since I said it as a jab when we broke up. His friends also didn’t care much for the posts either, but I still hold much contempt for his car. That’s really what pushed me over the edge to break up with him. It might be petty, but I can’t help but resent it. I tried so hard to be happy for him finally getting a car for himself and a car he used to love so much too, plus being able to do things for it like a project to keep him occupied given how much he likes cars, but I still can’t. He posted so many pictures of it, spent so much time cleaning it, making it nice, buying all sorts of things for it, taking care of it…and yet never posted more than one picture of me (that I can remember, and from behind too), and never spent much time other than the very beginning trying to take care of me. No, I can’t be OK with that car. It stood for everything that was wrong with us, and not just because guys love their cars either because I can understand that. Just like having another girl on the side.

I was held hostage in the bathtub today by a million legger. Lots of bugs in the house this year! Going to have to clean and declutter soon, methinks…

Baby Girl Update

My arrival at home was heralded by my babies at the steps as usual, but my girl barked and woowoo’d at me which she has been unable to do with her neck problem. It always melted my heart to hear her happy to see me, but it is even more special now.  She was extremely excited and we went out on the walk. I told her to slow down because we don’t have to move so quickly. Gable even cut in front of me (he doesn’t do that because he’s not allowed to) to sniff at her, almost like warning her to calm down. She was so happy, though, no doubt because she felt normal again (medicine yesterday morning). Then tragedy strikes and not soon thereafter she yells and cries because her leg hurts. I rubbed her leg, but her face…her adorable little face…and she limps for the rest of the walk, her spirits crushed. We get back inside and usually they’re happy and hot so they lay there panting while Gable tends to want to play with toys, but she lies on her side right away and stays like that for the next 2 hours. Morose. Depressed. My heart ached at seeing that.

This is exactly what I was afraid of. That we give her the feeling like she’s all better, except she’s not and in all reality never will be the same again. I keep explaining to everyone that she’s just like me and that we’re all or nothing creatures; what’s the point of living when you have to hold back? This is a true spinal ailment.

And this morning she was very slow. Very slow. Plus her foot would drag on the sidewalk every so often.

Man. I hope she’s not giving up on life again…but then again, isn’t that her choice? I understand that, but others really don’t. I don’t want to prolong her life for my own selfish reasons if she doesn’t want to.

I’m going to try and let her go a day without medications.

Back To Work

I’m going back today…part of me doesn’t want to leave. Mostly, it’s because I have face people again. My coworkers, my patients who will certainly ask me about my dogs. It’s not like she’s dead, in fact she seems to be doing rather well. I did it again where I didn’t give her medication for the night…none this time. No yelping, no whining, nothing really. I did notice her slight limp when I woke up and she slowed way down the second half of the walk today, but her spirits are good and it could have been the humidity/heat.

The dread still hangs over me, creating a pallor on the days. It’s a major consolation to watch her roaching, melting off the bed, excitedly look at squirrels, rip up cardboard and try to bark/play with Gable. I know this injury won’t go away, though, and now (really after the 10 day follow up where I will further my financial death spiral) it’s mostly a waiting game. Waiting and cherishing her. Him too, honestly, because for all we know something’s going on with him that will suddenly wish to rear its head too. This is what happened, isn’t it? So focused on being alert with him that I didn’t even notice her.

Looking back on last Wednesday when this all went down, I was focusing on trying to get a temp into our office because I knew something was wrong and she needed to go see the vet. I was trying to entertain all the possibilities and stone myself for the worst. When my mom called me and sent me those pictures, I had to stay strong for those 2 patients, but it didn’t work all that well, and GOD, my heart…I thought my heart was going to stop. There was a sharp and then very dull, continual ache exactly where my heart is, but I was adamant that I wouldn’t get a heart attack before I got home to my baby girl.

Then looking further back and stepping out a little, the stress my heart has endured this year has been so much more than any other year of my life. Even the divorce and running away. I guess I should even include last September with Tristan. So yeah, it has been a year, because right around September was also when I started having major relationship trouble.

I think…I think all of this has changed me. I noticed that when I see my patients now, I’m not as happy, and I know they’ve noticed. I don’t care as much, I don’t talk as much, whereas before it was happy talking about anything and everything, whether it was dogs or not. Idiot doesn’t help either. Now I’m just a depressive lump.

I dunno. I just feel weary. I’m 30 years old. Only 30. I’m tired. I’m somewhat depressed. I’m stuck. All of these things together make up life, I realize that. Maybe I’m not as adaptable or as strong as I always thought I was. Or maybe I’m just less strong now. Taking punches from all sides. I wonder if it was just one big event to focus on, if it would be easier to take. It’s like an acid attack on your teeth…doesn’t matter it’s always a 24 minute window with each attack. Once I got hit last August-ish, it will wane, then WHAM, wane again, BOOM, wane some more, etc. Very short respites of true happiness and plunging right back in to the fray.

Maybe this is why I feel I need someone to share all of this with. That it’s too much for me. You get to a certain age and then you no longer can be independent? Is that it? Life events like tragedy all hit people around a certain time in their life, so I know I’m not special in this, but I’ve never had the feeling like I need someone else to be my strength for me. I always did it myself and had no problem with it. In fact, I was very proud of needing no one but myself. This brain must understand this hence the strong desire to find a mate, and my heart is just silly. Not only can it not let itself go again, yet, but it still holds the dreamer idealism that is core to me.

I guess, I can’t escape nature. Companionship, partnership, reliance. Who knew they were so important? I never did.