So. Sleepy. Again.

It’s 62 degrees F outside right now. In August. My mind went immediately to fall décor as I was walking this morning. I love fall, but it’s a little early. Many of my patients have been complaining that it’s been really hot. I’ve been up here 7 years now and while it is technically cooler than 100 miles south, I can’t imagine it being THAT much cooler…honestly I think the summer has been rather normal…on average. haha. It was super hot for a while and then it rained quite a bit, and now it’s like fall. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just not experienced a “normal” summer but I have no real opinion about the season. It’s…summer.

Finally, 4 days after the day, I can walk not like a zombie and more like a human. Am I seriously one of the few people out there whose body can’t mop up lactic acid or something? I have yet to meet another person who has this problem. It’s not a new thing, it’s been happening since puberty. It was most memorable after aikido class in college, and back then I was at the prime of my physical ability, always doing cardio, climbing trees and doing weights. The day after I’d have to beg my friends to wait for me because my quads were KILLING ME. There’s a good pain and then there’s a not so good pain. And then there was Old Rag which took me out, like, TOOK ME OUT, for an entire week. In that I could not walk, literally, and had to call out of work for a week. They still hurt today but I have some speed! Yay! Maybe I should bring it up at the doctor the next time I go.

The kitty I’m taking care of has stolen my heart. Yesterday I meant to pop by for a little bit, but he really enjoyed my presence and I had to remain because I couldn’t help it. He immediate came over to me and stretched on top of me and then sat on  my belly asking for petsies. Then he wanted to play again, so I pretended to make the mouse burrow underneath the blanket which he was thought was just awesome. Then I emptied his toy box and we played with a rubber chameleon. Later it occurred to me that the box I left for him had been knocked over and a toy placed inside, and the mouse ball I bought him was all the way in the corner. He was super excited about food and as I was doing litterbox stuff, he came down to see what I was doing. When I left he didn’t want me to and wanted to keep playing, so I left all of his toys out. O_O But I’m allergic to you, cutie!

This is why I don’t want to take care of other people’s pets: I start to care too much because I love them all. Hmm. This is why I don’t want to care too much in general. Because I’ll love them too much. And that love makes the inevitable pain unbearable.



I think I need to clean my room…

I hopped onto bed and picked up my laptop + lap desk like I always do. Something tickles my legs and I think it might be the tag on the lap desk, so I pay it no mind. All of the sudden I see a black thing scurry away from me and it dawns on me that it’s a bug. A fraction of a second of glancing at it positively identifies an arachnid. Cue the alarm bells in my head and subsequent leap to safety. Spider’s location is noted and I go into the bathroom, searching for a container of any kind. I find my used Renuzit Pearl Scents container with used and diminished spheres, empty as much of it into the trash can as possible and race back in, praying that it is where I left it. It IS. YESSS. Clamp container over foe and then realize that I’ve got nothing to slide under it. Good thing my room is a mess but also small. I find a random envelope (it has to have some strength to it) and slide it in slowly. Spider freaks out, but is held at bay by the oily fragrance of melted pearl spheres. I don’t know if they can smell or not, but DANG I’d have passed out stuck in that much scent. As I was searching for paper I realized my folly at not cleaning the container out better, but it did have the side effect of creating a scent/physical cage ring. Of course, with spider safely under container, I try to take pictures of the poor thing and find that indeed it is terrified of the liquefied gel pearls. Then it’s a trip to the deck where it can, in the words of The Shredder: “Go. Play. Have fun.” I put the paper on the ground, and lift up the container. Spider about freaks out and instead of wandering off, tries to make itself small in the middle of the ring of liquid fragrance. So I help and put it into a plant pot.

I am not a bug killer unless it is a fly, a gnat or a mosquito. If it’s bigger than a mosquito/fly then I will try my best to “save” it by relocating it to the outdoors. Technically I might be dooming the critters, but its better than being a floor pancake. As much as I try to be friendly to them, I can’t deny the heebie jeebies that are written into my genome. My body has been on high alert, hypersensitive to airflow for the last 10 minutes. Logically, though, it was a hunter-type spider so no webs and since house spiders typically are loners, no real threat of multiple ones. At least it was a jumper spider. Those things are crazy scary.

Man…I can tell you spider stories. I remember very vividly being bitten by a light brown/tan-ish almost pink/purple/gray one back in the house I grew up in. It was in the raised bed where we usually grew carrots. I can’t remember what season it was, but there were dead leaves and such in it, so I was just trying to help clean things out. It was morning on a weekend, and everyone was inside. I just loved being outdoors so there I was. I think my mom was supposed to come out, but hadn’t made it yet. Anyways, it must have just rained because things were moist. I put  my hands in and picked up a bunch of the dead leaves, carrying it to the kudzu jungle we had. It was cold and wet but I could care less because I loved dirt and getting my hands dirty. I reach in for the second round and OUCH something gets me with a good amount of force. Sharp and with oomph behind it. Alarm bells in the head and I retreat. My hand is dirty so it’s hard to tell what happened, but it immediate swelling and aching meant bite, so I look into the pile and see said spider. It was BIG, man. Hunter type too. It was the exact color of the leaves and debris, no way I would have spotted it on my own. In fact, more than likely it was sleeping or hiding lying in wait and I disturbed it. It was a substantial spider…all broad a plate-like…I wonder if I can find a similar picture of it. I ran inside and cleaned off my hands, making visible the distinct bite marks of a spider and the sudden onslaught of pain. I didn’t want to tell my mom because 1) I was supposed to have waited for her and 2) she had repeatedly told me that I needed to wear garden gloves while doing yard work, and I’d shrugged it off. Then I went back outside, found some garden gloves and continued back over to clean it out, but by then the spider was gone and I couldn’t show anyone even if I wanted to. I think I was 10ish.

Another spider adventure was in Kilmarnock in the dental clinic. That thing was absolutely MASSIVE and by then I was in my 20s. I’d seen it before in a basket and had almost reached down to throw it away because it looked like trash, but I suddenly grew lazy and decided to let someone else deal with it. Good decision or spiritual guidance or whatever because later we saw it crawling around and let me tell you how big this thing was…longest legs I ever saw on a spider in real life and when I rescued it in a Cavicide container I could SEE THE HAIRS ON ITS BACK AND HEAD. And all its eyes too. It was too big to clamp the container over either, so I had to guide it in with a high speed suction tip. After that, it occurred to me that it was the same brown thing I’d seen in that basket, so I went to look and OMG I WAS RIGHT. The brown thing was gone. I guess I’d woken it up when I removed the basket stacked over the one it was sleeping in.

I feel like there is one more major spider adventure, but I forget now and I’m sleepy too. I’ve rescued many an arachnid in my life. I’m rather proud of it and will continue to do.

Now, though, I have to live with this ultra strong fragrance stain I left on my blanket.

So after some internet searching, I’m leaning towards either Hobo Spider or Woodlouse Hunter for the 10 year old bite.

Woodlouse Hunter Spider

Hobo Spider

And I am QUITE certain now that I’m looking at pictures, that the one in Kilmarnock was a Huntsman Spider. Those long legs bring back the memory of it sleeping folded up in the baskets.

This picture looks almost exactly like what I remember

Wow. Reading about these guys, it’s amazing how much “bigger” they all seemed at the time of seeing them in person. GUUUUH I am so ITCHY and paranoid looking through all of these spider pictures!

soooo cooooold

Ya I’m being whiny in the midst of all this hard packed ice and wind. For someone who normally loves cold weather, this is not that fun mostly because my body is ready for spring and has been prepped for it. The biggest down is that the time change has me so tired in the mornings which is silly because before it I was up every day like clockwork around 5 and easily up by 6 (which is 7 now). These days I’m unable to get up and it’s one of the worst feelings for a morning person!!! Either it’s the cold weather making me like this or I’m just getting old and my body is used to my later-waking-lifestyle.

Spent the night scaling dog teeth because they needed it, especially Liana, but what I really need to do is finish the last 8 credits of CE courses so I can renew and be done with it. Tonight will be weights again, so hopefully I’ll be pumped afterwards and get one course done. Even half a course is fine. It’s funny Liana used to be the really bad patient here, but it’s like they’ve flip flopped as Gable has gotten old and crotchety. They still build up the same amount of calc they always have and their tissues react as they always have, but their tolerance! Maybe Gable’s finally doing the male thing? He’s fine at first until it goes on too long and he freaks out. After I was done with him, I went into the kitchen to wash my hands so they both follow me. Going back so I could start on Liana, Gable immediately hops onto his LLBean bed while Liana, who was originally lying on the LLBean bed comes over to the bed Gable was lying on and proceeds to lay down like it was the examination bed! Was she waiting her turn? haha! She is so adorable!

My dogs are interesting. People respond predictably to them when they first meet them.

  1. Upon seeing the 2 of them, everyone is drawn to Gable because he’s big and pretty while Liana stands there, all black and overlooked.
  2. After a little while of knowing them, people realize that Liana is actually the adorable one because Gable is mine and he cares little for other dogs and he’s not very cuddly. She’s soft, somewhat chunky and loves people. He’ll go lay down and stare at you. Suddenly people love Liana more.
  3.  After a little more time, while Liana is the adorable little bear girl, you find that her energy level is crazy and she gets destructive. On top of it all she’s extremely food picky and stubborn to boot. Around now it becomes clear that she does not trust people…especially new people.
  4. Time for person to leave and as they prepare to do so, Gable is the only one who cares enough to get up and see them off. Liana will lay on the bed and do a dog shrug leaving person confused as to which dog they like better

What these people don’t realize is that you shouldn’t play favorites. These two balance each other out like yin and yang. And the overarching takeaway here is that they are loyal to me. I keep saying that because it’s true. There are plenty of dogs out there that don’t view their owners in high esteem for a variety of reasons and would probably run away or leave with another person they deem more worthy of their loyalty. Compared to the people my dogs have met in life, they don’t seem to want anyone else but me at this point. Unless someone like Cesar Millan shows up and steals them from me. haha. When you watch their interaction with my mom and brother, you’ll see what I mean. Especially to Liana, the alpha of the 2, my mom and brother are buddies. She doesn’t view them higher than me (that’s good for me and how it should be) and react to them differently. She manipulates my mom for good food and begs, no, expects, food from my brother.

It took me 3 long years to earn her trust and that’s the best present she could give me. In return I listen to her and give her the best I can to not betray that loyalty we worked so hard to achieve together. Gable was mine from the very beginning. He’s my boy. Easy and first owner, so no drama. I persisted with him too, through his myriad of health ailments (ALL MONEY OMG). Such different dogs with different personalities and stories. Proves to me that my true passion really is animal rehabilitation. Wildlife rehab was my true passion in life, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it there…definitely not now. So I’ll settle with making a difference in the lives of other animals.



First Friday back of the year!! I slept too early last night obviously and it was too hot. Was wide awake at 5 this morning and spent the rest of the time tossing and freaking out about it being time to wake up. What’s the point of an alarm clock when my body can’t chill long enough to let it do its job??? And THEN I spend the rest of the morning yawning because I’m sleepy. uuuugh.

I’m looking out my window to see the squirrels raiding the bird feeder. Again. I want to buy a baffle for it but I doubt it will keep them away for long because the conditions for hanging the birdfeeder properly can not be met here at this house. Gotta feel bad for them, though, because the week of Christmas it was like 70 degrees and with it being winter they all had to go raid their stores because there was no food but too warm to sleep. Now that it’s bitterly cold, what are they going to eat? Not just squirrels either…birds too.

See now they birds are here but the squirrel is taking up space. Time to go down and scare it off.

Lots of hits

For some reason my blog has been getting an unusual amount of attention for the “I stepped on a stringray’s tail” entry. Kinda cool, but strangely disconcerting because this is a personal blog. Nothing as interesting has happened to me in a while…but that’s a good thing. Speaking of the sting site, it is doing well! The excess calloused skin around the wound has all peeled away and the large scab that’s there is halfway coming off. Give it another month and it may come off. If I wanted to, I could just peel it right off, but I know that will cause some nice bleeding, so against my desire, I will allow it to fall off by itself. For the most part. Great. I just poked at it, so now it’s panging. What is it now…9 months? Coming on a year!!

It has come to my attention that my body has grown to the point where I literally do not fit into my clothes. Nice clothes have never overflowed from my tiny closet, but after weeding out all the too-small items, it is painfully apparent that need decent dress clothes. Desperately. Dressing for interviews was bad enough, but just finding decent clothes to go to Easter Sunday mass was ridiculous and depressing. Today we went to Kohl’s on a mission to find more undershirts for work, work shoes, but some more nice clothes items. I hate clothes shopping, but today I tried on a dress and a cardigan and…..I…..liked what I saw. THERE I said it. <pout> We’re waiting to see if we can get a better coupon and we’re hoping it goes on sale some more, but I want it. And even more scarily, I TRIED ON MANY ARTICLES OF CLOTHING. Trying on clothes was my worst nightmare, but I tried stuff on just because. I think it’s going to snow. Hopefully not, though. Also, it seems my body is medium through and through. No more small sizes for me.

My sister’s wedding is coming up and now that I’ve gotten even more depressed about jobs, maybe I’ll hang around so that I can take time off and not feel bad about it. PLUS, they’re getting me a piezo at work!!! Finally!!! I am so happy and it was a lot less painful than I thought it’d be. It’s like they were waiting for me to ask. Is that annoying or what???

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed IV all weekend long, to the point where I frustrated myself from playing so much. But I can’t help it!! Assassin’s Creed games and me are like a match made in heaven. It’s everything I want! Open concept worlds, good storyline, myriad of side quests and clear direction when I’m ready to go take it on.

There’s this guy in my neighborhood who has this cool looking white Ibizan Hound ( I think), but ever since it was a puppy he’s been yelling at it whenever I see him on walks. You’d walk along and all you’d hear is, “HEEL! HEEL! HEELHEELHEEL!” in a loud, harsh tone. It would always aggravate me and irritate my dogs too. Now it’s mostly all grown, but today I got to witness him with the dog AND his son on a bike. I heard, “STOP, TURN RIGHT, NO GO STRAIGHT, HURRY UP, GET BACK ON THE BIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET BACK ON IT NOW, JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET BACK ON IT!!” Liana had quite enough so she started barking which I had to correct, but I’ve noticed that she will bark at any dog that is unstable…and maybe people that are unstable. haha. Sometimes it takes seeing what others are doing to reinforce that you shouldn’t do that yourself. I certainly try not to. At least the Ibizan hound got a break today. I took them to the park on Saturday morning which was fun and relaxing. After that, I noticed that my puppies walk better. Cesar Millan is on to something about the whole migrating thing. Liana has been much more accepting of me as pack leader and very much so after the park walk. She will come to me now, wanting to be petted, or just to place her head on my lap. That’s a big step for her because she hasn’t shown interest before this. Almost 3 months!

This coming weekend we’re heading down south! I’m all excited! Got a bunch of plants starting in pots to be planted out later.

Gotta keep making progress on the arm cannon!

Cyber Monday!!!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, now Cyber Monday! I have unfortunately spent some mooola, BUT it has been on good deals! Real good deals, not fake good deals!  3 dog beds for under 60 bucks (each dog bed I buy is at least 150…) plus $3 pillows as inserts making each bed $20, a Norfolk pine, a glowing do leash for night-time walkies, a pretty watch for under $30, 4 ceiling fans each saving $22 for a total of $88 saved, Christmas cards + 3 presents on Snapfish for 60% off totaling $50. Saved lots of cash on stuff I would’ve bought anyways. If only I could afford a refrigerator :(… Not only that, but I’ve been totally productive!! Christmas deco are up inside and out, yard raked, wreath hung, pumpkins chucked.

Thanksgiving was good. My sister and her fiancé came, our house suddenly seemed much larger with all the clutter out of the way, ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, played Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) with everyone (bought it specifically for this holiday, and it is absolutely AMAZING.), and slept in a lot. I never sleep in. I hadn’t slept in for more than one day since I got Gable. It felt good. :)

Finances have been weighing heavily upon my mind ever since I started thinking about Christmas and the new dog and a new job. Consequently, I have reverted back to being a cheapskate. Christmas this year is truly going to be more humble…in the years past since I graduated Hygiene school and started making money I’ve been going crazy giving expensive gifts because I could. After spending all of my life saving and skimping it felt really really good to be able to afford to make people happy like that. Now it’s back, though, and I realize that no matter what I can’t afford at this instant or at its debut into the world, I can always get later, or can get along fine without it. What’s the point of life if you don’t have something to want for? I’m not saying you should covet and lust after things, but it’s healthy to want things. Keeps you on your toes. Maybe I should start enjoying what I have.

Funny thing that comment: I am actually very content with what I have so far. There are a few things I’d like, but nothing major (except a fridge) because most everything I already have. The biggest thing on my list right now is a companion for Gable. I still haven’t heard anything about it and I really hope I hear something soon because I’m getting more and more antsy having to think about being able to afford things and the move and finding a new job. I’ve put everything on hold for the new dog. It’s actually making me quite nervous to think about, makes me second guess the decision, but Gable’s lonesome behavior lately re-cements it. It’s like I can actually feel the void in his heart…greyhounds need it in particular and I knew it the moment I adopted him. I certainly don’t need another dog, another mouth to feed another vet bill, but he does.

You know, I swore I would never get married and definitely would never have kids. He is showing me what it is to love someone unconditionally. He always makes me so happy. He’s always making me laugh and smile. I think about him constantly…would he like this toy? Is his food healthy for him? I want nothing more than to give him anything he wants. I want him to be as happy, as warm, as comfortable as possible. The concept of “too many pictures of him” is nonexistent. He makes me mad sometimes, and he gets frustrated with me, but it doesn’t matter in the end because I love him with all my heart and he is just so forgiving.  And he’s a dog. Imagine the same with your own child. My mom has 3. Which is always what baffled me about my dad…how can you not want your family to happy? I wonder how he’s doing. It’s hard not to think of him when the holidays come around, but it’s also hard to remember what it was like with him around. It wasn’t as happy of a time.

It’s amazing how breaks from work can feel so short!!!!

In other news, this is my 1000th post on this blog!!!! Omedetou!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Dog week

Gable came back from the vet with his grandma yesterday with positive news. They put him on an anti-inflammatory and said that if in a week he doesn’t get better, then to have him come back for an x-ray, though they don’t suspect anything. Grandma had a glowing review of his behavior there…great news. So glad it wasn’t anything expensive serious. He was full of energy yesterday which bodes badly because the vet said that he is only allowed to go potty and come straight back home…especially because his grandma is taking him down south with her by Thursday when the sofa is supposed to arrive. I was planning on heading down Thursday after work because I’m off Friday, but the way the schedule at work looks right now, I’ll be lucky to even make it home to begin with–not to mention the immense level of traffic to sit through that far west. I’d go later like my brother usually does, but I can not stay awake for the life of me. If he’s not taking Friday off and therefore be able to take me Thursday night, then I’ll just leave very early Friday morning. I have no trouble waking up to drive anywhere.

Speaking of dogs, last Saturday saw me take Gable over to my grandparent’s house for a play date with my cousin the Doberman. My uncle is always always travelling somewhere and is currently in Europe for 3 weeks, which leave the poor pup with my grandparents pretty much every week. Even when he’s at home, I don’t think he really spends too much time with the boy. Gable and Tristan had met each other once before already, so I had no qualms about letting them both meet up. Gable had been showing all the signs of wanting to play with other dogs, so I figure it was good to try again. To be honest, it was better that my uncle wasn’t there because he has a tendency to become anxious which would throw off the dynamics of meetup. The first thing that got me was Tristan’s significant decline in obedience since I used to live with him 2 years ago. The more I watched him, the more concerned I became that the lack of exercise was wrecking havoc in his psyche. He was a bundle of energy and therefore emotions all out of whack and out of control. He couldn’t sit still for the life of him, and insecurity oozed from every lift of the paw. I had brought one of Gable’s martingale collars and leashes, and the boy was afraid when I tried to put it on him!!! Dogs love collars! It took me probably 5-10minutes to wrestle him and then he became confused on it. I intended to walk the 2 dogs together to help them bond, but it became apparent that Tristan’s mental state was far more important than getting them to play with each other (Gable still has no idea how to play with other dogs…or at least with crazy dogs…) so I left my calm boy behind and went to walk Tristan out of his frenzy. I had completely forgotten how STRONG he can be, so that took some getting used to, but it didn’t help at all that he had absolutely no leash manners. I tried to correct that right away, but he didn’t understand/didn’t want to and became afraid when I tried to physically push him into the position I wanted him to be in…as if I’d hit him??? Not too far in, I decided he was going to burst, so I ran him for as long as I could manage (I am way out of shape). It was only after that we made progress. He calmed down enough to follow some of my instructions (and to start marking like dogs do), and by the end I had made unbelievable progress, although there was plenty more to achieve. By the time I left, he was actually following my simple commands.

In regards to the dynamic between the 2 pups, I decided that even though they weren’t actively playing together, they definitely were getting along well because Tristan would follow alpha Gable everywhere and Gable was actually allowing him to. They were getting along just fine!! The next step would be to walk both together on leashes and for them to relax near each other.

I can’t stress enough the irritation I feel for those who have dogs and have no time for them. It’s just like having kids to have kids. If you know you’re not going to be around that much, then you get a dog with no need for lots of energy, not a Doberman, not a Shepherd, nor any of the “cool-looking” dogs. The immense frustration these dogs get from the lack of energy expenditure is just pure torture for them. It’s lucky that Tristan is a goofball because many time it translates into aggression or destruction.