8/9/2010 – Poliwag Topper revisited

So after over 2 months, I’ve finally removed the Poliwag topper from my car. And lo and behold: the new way of putting on varnish is perfect. There are no holes, no nothing. In fact, the toppers look just like they did when I finished them–except with some dead bugs on them. 5 coats is perfect, haha. The only real problem that I ran into was removing the topper from my car antenna. The antenna hole that I made had fit perfectly and expelled all notion of coming loose. Well…that’s all fine and dandy, but that makes it rather impossible to remove the topper.

What ended up happening was that I pulled off the topper, but it took the tip of my antenna with it which took about 30 minutes to coax out of the ball. Right now, my car sits unadorned as I try to come up with a better solution than to have the topper fit so well that you can’t remove it. Maybe I should do it the original way I made these: have the hole be cone-shaped. This way seems less stable, but it seemed to work well.

Poliwag topper with my car antenna.

Close-up of my car antenna tip. Notice the long scratches on it from the pliers I used. Extracting that tip felt akin to extracting teeth. Indeed I used the same concept I learned from watching the dental students.

As you can see, there’s really nothing wrong with the topper after over 2 months on my car except the damage it accrued from my antenna tip excavation.

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