2/27/2010 – Revisiting Tooth

It has been a good month and a half that I had the tooth antenna topper on my car. It has braved 2 winter storms, rain, frost, and sun. The result? The same thing as the Catco one: the paint has sucked into the styrofoam. Other than that, though, the topper stayed firmly on my antenna and did not disintegrate or anything! It’s not squishy or missing chunks. Contrary to my previous fears of it molding underneath, nothing has happened to the underside where it fits on the antenna…granted I did paint and seal a little ways into the hole, but not far in at all.

Went and found a sealer in the craft store so I will use that on my next topper to avoid the paint sucking into the ball. Still have people that want me to make one for them too. My classmate said she’d pay me. haha. I’m hesitant because it means I have to take the time to do it again, but mostly I don’t want to make the exact same design for someone else (i’d like to try the same design again for my sake because the “floss me” on the back is difficult to see. I didn’t take into account that you have to look up at an angle to see it, so it’s too far up on the back.).

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