About Me

My namesake, AoWaM, is a mystery to all but me. This is my blog: my life, my musings, my ranting.

All the projects that I have posted on this site are things I do because I truly enjoy them.

AspirationsSubaru Outback/Forester owner (check), homeowner (Check), lifetime gamer, learning how to cook, learning spanish, finish learning japanese, finishing AoWaM

Likes: Animals, biology, gaming, thinkings, sketching, crafty-creative things, doing energetic things, working out, learning new things, dreaming, chatting, music, eating, Pho, comics, martial arts, reading, spontaneity, figuring out things other people can’t figure out, living.

Dislikes: Aggressiveness, superficiality, mushrooms, unmotivated people, unreliable people, copy-cats, superiority, pollution, politics, hypocrites.

Greyhound <3        

My Webcomic

Dental Hygiene School portfolio


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