Day: July 16, 2019

Te Power of One

During my commute today, which was no different, really, from any other commute day (perhaps aside from there being relatively less people than last week) I traveled behind one older Lexus suv (Rav 4 size) which was annoying because it kept repeatedly stamping its brake. That and the telltale dent on the left back bumper translates for me to keep my distance. It wove in and out of traffic never gaining much more than 2 or 3 cars in front of me. I ended up behind a white and tan F-150 meaning that I couldn’t see in front of it which didn’t matter because it was driving very favorably and I enjoyed being behind it. Well, even though I could not see around it, I always knew when the Lexus had cut back in front of it because it would brake. There was a Kia Optima behind me that thought I was driving poorly and would constantly try to get around only to get stuck behind. What it didn’t know was that every time I drove “poorly” was when I was behind the Lexus. And every time the Kia changed lanes and I suddenly became a better driver was because they always changed lanes with the Lexus.

It just made me think about the power of 1 and how one person’s actions can largely affect the people around them. The surrounding people have no idea what caused the cascade of events, just that some negative power is at play. It only takes one worm to spoil the whole basket. On the flipside of that is the power of 1 for good. The F-150 in front of me was very calm and remained a calm force throughout, preventing the spread of this anxiety virus. Certainly you’ve seen before where one aggressive driver breeds several others in retaliation. Then everyone’s defenses are up.

Power. For positive or negative. The butterfly effect is real. Use the Force!


I spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. Been hotly waiting for the release of this game complete with girly squees since I sadly beat the last game. It’s basically the first game except 3x better. How it was meant to be played. Just like the original Dragon Quest games, the first game is single character and limited, but still fun. The second has multiple characters, more exploration and more intuitive. While you have the option to do whatever you want in the time frame you want to, you’re subtly encouraged to do the storyline for more items and more recipes and such. Perfect setup. Just perfect. I love sandbox type games, but I hate the ones that have almost no direction. Like Skyrim. It’s too much too fast and I quickly lost interest. This is perfect execution so far. You know a game is good when you’re playing by yourself and you find yourself smiling like a fool at what’s happening on-screen. The first chapter which is always the tutorial chapter is slowly paced and expansive. I was surprised at how many quests there were and how long it was. Bodes well for the rest of the game. I’m currently only scratching the surface of the 2nd chapter. That was another one of my complaints about the first game: far too short.

Phew. I actually have to TRY to not touch the game this week after work. This level of obsession on my part is the level where I drop everything to do it. Meaning, I literally will do nothing else. Must have self-control. I need to do laundry and workout and other things, but if I lay my hands on it for just a few seconds, those seconds quickly turn into an hour. That’s why I’ve been going to sleep at 2am from Friday to Sunday night. Very strange for me.

Poor Gable hates when I obsess about games like this. Speaking of Gable, though, I was given a strong scare Saturday night. That morning the only weird thing was that he didn’t want to come home from the walk. He was super excited and wanted to go somewhere, but when he realized I wasn’t going anywhere (because I stayed up super late on launch day for DQB2) he was very sad. He seemed ok all day. I fed him in the morning and then sat right down (8am) to start my binge-playing. He slept, doing the kicking and pfoo pfoos . Then I left to take my mom and buy squirrel prevention stuff and we went grocery shopping. By the time we got home he was lying there, not bothering to greet us. Usually that means that he’s mad. My brother had sent a picture of him greetingĀ himĀ when he walked into the door, so he was fine then too. Well. We prepared steak and grills and such which usually gets him super excited, but he just lay there. I gave him beef samples and he literally refused to touch them. Then when we were good and worried, we found that his paws were ridiculously cold. The rest of him was fine, though felt a little strange-warm. I took his temperature which was 97.1 F. Not too out of the ordinary. His gums were healthy, good blanching and his skin wasn’t dehydrated. He wasn’t limping. No cuts, no bugs. He continued to refuse to eat even thought I tried to spoon feed him. I ended up giving him a Rimadyl and lay with him the rest of the evening. He leaned in close to me and when I shifted a little away because the ground was so hard, he scooted so that he pushed into me. I was worried. Very worried. He slept quietly that night, so much so that I was afraid he’d stopped breathing.

The next morning he was back to normal and I took him to the park where it was like he was dipped into the elixir of life. He was ECSTATIC and beside himself with joy. Gable was back! No more cold paws, very strong appetite. I was relieved. In retrospect, I joked that it was like Liana had possessed him. The inexplicable ice-cold front paws. The waiting a long time to come in for dinner when called. The same head-turn for refusal of food. Even the way he pushed into me when I lay close. In reality, I know it was probably more like a minor fever from a small infection or a head cold. That’s why the Rimadyl helped. It could even have been the heat.

Ah well. I’m glad to have him back.