Day: July 10, 2019


I updated my phone because there was an Android update and now it’s stuck on the unlock screen. Bad sign? Nevermind. It was just a very large update. Apparently LG just started rolling out the Android Pie update for my phone. Things are certainly different. It’s a bit laggy too right now, but maybe because it’s doing behind the scenes stuff.

I woke up early this morning because I heard Gable leave my room and as soon as he left, the power of his G-Bomb impacted me HARD. I had to get up and use my phone as a flashlight to see if he’d pooped on his bed it was so intense.

Work yesterday was rough. I was operating on the speed of slow, I’d forgotten my watch (which sets me way behind), and I was horribly sleepy. Figures that the entire week off I slept very well, not tired at all and in fact had loads of energy to work with. The exact moment I have to go back to work, I’m suddenly tired again. Today is no different.

My car was in love with my driving tendencies last week. Yesterday morning it worked like it did when I first bought it. Then in the afternoon it started acting up and feeling weird again because it very clearly hates sitting in traffic. Sigh. I’m super stoked about the new Outback Onyx XT that’s coming out for 2020. I’d been reading about problems with my car’s engine once it reaches the 100k mile mark and that’s scary to me because I sit in so much traffic. I’ve always sworn up and down that I’d drive my car into the ground because I freaking love that thing. And that’s no lie. It’s the very first car I bought with my own money, it’s carried all numbers of things including dogs and people and furniture. It’s my workhorse, and one of the few possessions I own worth any amount of money. I love everything about it. But I am afraid of that engine concern, I really am. And now it’s hard to pass up such an amazing new car package! I don’t know…we’ll have to see.

My physical improvements from last week are all long gone. LOL. A dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts will do that to you.

I’ve been trying out Clipnote Studio for digitizing and I like it quite a lot! Even though the higher packages come with manga/comic frames and such, I don’t need that because I don’t draw via drawing tablets. I’m old school. It takes so much longer, but the feel of pen on paper and the ability to go back and look at them are just awesome to me.

I got to spend a day with my nephew last week, and even though my sister might not be as careful with him (resulting in an interesting event where he opened the door and walked out on his own. Good thing I was on the couch. Gable tried to run after him and I had to shove the dog out of my way to rush down the stairs) and it was just sweltering outside, it was great! I hefted him up onto my shoulders which he loved and I don’t think anyone has ever done (ended up being a short-lived event because I’d forgotten how much my entire body hurt from all the stuff I did the days prior) and he loved being on the jungle gym to bits.

Ugh. I wish it was Friday already. Yesterday was great because you-know-who wasn’t there, but today is going to be a circus. Not having her all last week was just heavenly.