Day: February 28, 2018


I’m in a BAD WAY. Financially.

Holy crap!

How did it get so out of hand!?

The goal was to get it down low or nonexistent again so that I can bring my car in for its 60k work that desperately needs to be done!

There’s no way I can afford a beach vacation this year if I keep this up. Absolutely not. I refuse to go into more debt than I already am in right now, especially expecting it to continue to pile up with car and you never know with my dogs. I’ve got to sell that house but fate does not want me to at all and it has loudly told me so.

My absolute goal in the next few months is to wrangle those credit card balances way back down. I just have to be extremely disciplined. What makes it harder is that since I’m paying for utilities now for House, this ridiculous up and down weather is wreaking havoc on the gas price!!!