Day: February 27, 2018


It’s back to work for me and I spent all morning doing bills and changing my car insurance coverage to a better one (8 years in the making…just kept forgetting) so now I have no time at all to update.

So a quickie.

These days I keep waking up super early because the sun is up early now. DST is coming soon! Kind of sad, kind of happy.

My vacation week is over. :( I was just thinking the other day about what I’ll be doing this week that I keep having off, but I don’t and I NEED to get paid because bills don’t just go away. I didn’t accomplish too terribly much mostly because of my car, but I am thankful for everything that I did happen for better and worse. Spent time with my nephew that I’ll never be able to have again, ever, relaxed a lot which I needed, I think, and even lost weight in the process! I am happy, and content and at this point, life could not be better.

Back to work. Bleh.