Day: February 24, 2018

I officially have done nothing

…productive at all. Looks like it’s not going to change much any time soon either. I am naturally a lazy person. Very lazy. I love taking weeks like this off and not actually doing anything. People think that’s crazy and dumb and a waste of time to take off from work and just not accomplish anything, go anywhere, because many people just can not sit still or relax. Let me tell you: I know¬†how to relax. Well-versed in it. A pro. In this instance it wasn’t planned that way, but it ended up that way. How many can match me on video game marathons? I can literally sit all day long and not move from the couch except for food, water, dog walkies and bathroom breaks. I have yet to meet anyone else who can do that, and I continue to contend that playing video games is MUCH more productive than movie binges. I know I’ve been well-relaxed this week, too, because I can sleep at night without destroying my teeth. I’ve slept well, no stressing about idiot at work, no teeth clenching, and generally a good, happy attitude. I’m less critical, less cranky. When I wake up in the mornings right at sunrise and don’t feel like I just want to roll over, that’s a good thing.

My only problem with all of this is that I’ve been SO BAD about accomplishing any creative things at all. My mind is blank. The attempt has been made, the set up complete, but my hands and brain aren’t feeling it. Even tried to sit down at the piano, but nothing. Good thing for the melodica. In part, it’s the distractions I’ve had. To counter it, I’ve tried at night to at least work on Project Aowam, but that’s been awful too. I end up just reading it and then falling asleep. No significant gains at all. I’m starting to wonder if it’s easier to accomplish projects like this when you live by yourself. Yes, I think so. Probably why some of the most celebrated authors were isolationist hermits. Lost in your own mind, immersed in the thought. When I was younger and wrote the bulk of my writing/drawing projects, it was because I had literally all day uninterrupted to do it. These days, too many worries jumble my mind, many responsibilities, burdens and electronics. My love for video games has as hand in that too. Haha.

It’s just nice not to have headaches and a weight on my shoulders. My vacation is almost up, but I have a few more days!

I got my car back finally! Thursday afternoon! The funny thing is that I had JUST gotten an email from them the day before telling me it would be another week, then THE PHONE CALL. I was fighting a monster in Monster Hunter at the time and didn’t pick it up, but I was ecstatic!! So nice to have my baby back AAAAAAAND gorgeous again! No, even more gorgeous! Not to mention I noticed yesterday that they took the time to clean up all the crap I had thrown around in the back. I think I had trash floating around in the front too, but all the mats were cleaned, I smell cleaner in the car, my windows cleaned of dog noses and my loads of crap were placed neatly in the trunk area, blanket folded nicely. Blown AWAY. They even went out of their way to clear up an old ding from a car door for me! Hmm. Maybe I’ll send them a gift basket. The only awkward thing was the guy that was handling it for me there, went out to show me my car and what they did and I did the whole jaw drop super excitement thing, and I thanked him happily and impressed, and said OK thank you, bye, but he just stood there looking like he wanted to say something. I was like, uh oh, when he didn’t immediately go back in. I shook his hand and said thanks again, and he still stood there. Then he told me about the survey thing, and I was like, yeah, absolutely, 10 all the way…and continued to stand there with that face and I said thanks and bye again, adding that he should get where it’s warm because it was rainy and cold, and he started to move finally, however slowly. I immediately got “busy” on my phone inside the car and he went inside. AWK-waaaard. Nice guy though!

People seem to like my male Korean haircut. LOL.

SO HAPPY TO HAVE MY CAR BACK. I’ve been hesitant to drive it again, though because it’s so pretty now. I also got my new Nationwide statement and I’m terrified to look at it.

Looks like the only productiveness I’m going to accomplish today is going to be laundry. Possibly. Hmm.