Day: February 17, 2018

Car accident update

You know what’s really nice? Support from those who care about you. Cut to day after the accident. I wake up after sleeping on it and my head is clear. The first thing I do after the dog walk routine is review the footage from my dash cam. Seeing it again with fresh eyes and no fog in the brain, I realize what she was trying to do: make a U-turn! I remembered suddenly why I’ve seen that car before: she likes to park in front of the house and ever since they re-painted the lines there and gave that house much less room to navigate, that car became a big annoyance to everyone driving on the road. She was definitely trying to make a u-turn. It explains the damage on my car where she impacted me first, and why even though on the dash cam footage her wheels crossed the double yellow she she didn’t actually turn and ended up overshooting her driveway. It’s true that legally I should not have tried to go around her and pass on the right, but she should not have tried to make an illegal u-turn either and as my brother pointed out, neither was she supposed to turn across a double yellow. She was supposed to do as she’d indicated she was going to do. I mean, the way her parents were acting, I think they knew¬†exactly¬†what she was trying to do from the very beginning. Possibly even something they’d warned her not to do several times before.

When I got to work yesterday, my boss and coworker was listening to my account and both were indignant on my part. I was still very convinced that they were going to pin it on me for the legal portions. Both could picture in their heads the type of person/driver and the situation, and both were upset because they would’ve done the same in my position. My co-worker kept saying that’s how we all drive around here. I knew that too and figured that if it hadn’t been me, then it would’ve been a crash nonetheless with someone else. Someone would’ve done the exact same thing with the same result. Then I got home and my mom and brother suddenly start telling me how upset THEY are because it clearly was the other person’s fault. My mom had gone with my sister to visit my grandma and she got a good look at the crash area. All my supporters thought it shouldn’t be my fault because she clearly indicated her intention but then didn’t do it.

I was lucky yesterday because the body shop called me right when I got out of the shower, and then the adjuster called me just as I’d gotten to work early and was waiting in my car. It was comforting to know (even though I was nervous and wasn’t ready for the recorded dialogue I had with him. I’m SO glad I had the night to clear my mind) his statement that he didn’t know how this would rule out. I know they’ll fight for me even if State Farm told me straight up they were sure it was my fault. Even if I take the fall for it (which I still think I will) I’m very appreciative for everyone’s belief in my innocence, honesty, and car driving abilities.

I was afraid that I’d be scared to drive yesterday, but I wasn’t! I was more cautious and a little more nice when I drove…let me tell you: around here I was more nervous and scared when I DIDN’T drive “aggressively” because everyone else drives like that. My brother also pointed out that I probably wouldn’t have gotten into an accident if I was driving like normal which is very close and aggressively because I wouldn’t have HAD the room to go around her. He’s totally right! I was unusually chill and patient Thursday night and I do believe it had a hand in the crash…think about it: I wasn’t driving around and passing people aggressively and impatiently…in fact I was rather passive, and that placed me in the exact place at the exact time.

…The most perplexing part of the whole incident and the adjusted brought it up, was that I was unable to actually talk to the girl. It was the most awkward thing to jump out of my car, expecting the other person to do the same, and all she did was sit in her car. I was standing out there for a couple minutes like, what do I do? Then when she did come out it was because her parents came out and she was so hysterical, I wasn’t going to get involved with that. Screaming, yelling, expletives to her parents. Then even when I entered their house to review the dash cam footage, she absolutely refused to come inside and stayed inside of her car the entire time. I was only able to talk to her parents. Incriminates one more than absolves, eh? Like she did something she wasn’t supposed to do. If she thought she was not guilty she’d be quick to defend her story. She was impossible to communicate with and here I am. I told the whole truth in my own situation and I’ve not changed my story at all because it’s the truth. Words and emotions aside, the dash cam footage doesn’t lie.

I don’t believe in being dishonest. If it was 100% my fault and I was on my phone or otherwise distracted and smashed into the back of another car, then I would admit to it. Why lie? It makes no sense at all! I’d be scared of the consequences, but it’s exactly as it happened, no more, no less, no opinions.

Well…I felt better after it was all over. Unfortunately, I can’t get to the body shop for the estimate, which they’re anxiously waiting on, until Monday, but I feel perfectly fine and better that someone somewhere is going to take care of me for better or worse. Thank God for insurance…hah. I say that until my rates jump…but really, I don’t have thousands of dollars to have things fixed. I think when the collision people see the damage, they’ll have a much better picture of how it all played out.

It’s just amazing how having a good support system is so comforting. I can’t imagine how this would have played out if we were still with my dad. Actually, I can. They trust my honesty even if they weren’t there to see it for themselves.