Happy Year of the Dog!

Wear red! Be Happy! Eat good food! May you have a joyous and prosperous year!

I should speak ill of the departed, but that chicken/rooster had to have one last parting shot at me. Honestly I was waiting for it, but became complacent. All week I was trying to be careful because I knew the New Year was coming, but what better time to strike than at the very end? Right in my own neighborhood, less than 30 seconds from my house, I was involved in a car accident last evening coming home. After sitting in terrible rush hour traffic and getting out late from work, one wishy-washy girl later and CRRSSSH. I was really rather lucky, however because while the girl herself was literally hysterical, her dad was very calm, collected and fair. She wouldn’t talk to me at all and didn’t even jump out of her car to meet me, so I was awkwardly standing around by myself until her mom came out (it was right in front of her house). Nothing terrible, just scrapes and a dent on the side of my car. Unfortunately for me, however, no one would ever rule that accident in my favor and I’ll admit that it was due to assumptions and trust that this driver was going to do what she indicated she was going to do. Dash cam shows it, but all legal powers viewing the footage would agree it was most certainly my fault. No one wanted to call the cops, so we let our insurance handle it all. I ruminated it over all night and now, of course, my insurance is going to go up, I’m sure. Long and short of it? I was driving in behind her on our neighborhood road (I was super chill today which is not normal, but I was really tired), going rather slowly. She slowed down and signaled her intention to turn into her house driveway, so as she came to a stop (you can see on the dash cam that she had crossed the double yellow to turn), she’d left enough room that I could go around her in consideration of the rush hour line behind me. I made sure no one was coming up on the merge and proceeded to go around when for whatever reason she DIDN’T turn and decided to go straight, right into me. It was like a dream and for a little bit I wondered if this was at all real. Oh it was real enough when I opened the door and saw the dents and scratches. I tried to be as fair and impartial as possible, and while it is as I always say: nervous and wishy washy people are always the cause of accidents, not confident people, I should never had made any assumptions as to her intentions. The more I look at the footage, the more I realize what she was trying to do, which was make a U-turn to park on the street in front of her house. Explains why she went not only forward but to the right. She should not have done that on such a busy street and I should not have tried to go around and waited to see what she was going to do. And because we didn’t call the cops, the only clear loser is me. At least no one got a ticket, though. I would have gotten, at minimum, failure to yield, passing on the right, etc. Ruminating all night and evening on it, I kept wondering how it could have been different…if I’d stayed one more minute at work to talk, if I hadn’t run that yellow, or if I had decided to be more aggressive instead of as chill as I was yesterday, if I’d been more impatient and made a turn onto a different route home, if there were more people at the stop sign, if she had stayed more to the right instead of the left. I guess…someone else might have gotten into that accident, not me…given how everyone drives around here, I’m 50% sure that another person would have done the same thing I did and made the same assumptions. I’ve lived here long enough to know. Maybe that other person would have been much more nasty and I saved her that. All I know is that she acted very strangely: wouldn’t get out of her car, wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t even go into her own house, screamed and yelled and cursed her father out, adamantly refused to leave the safety of her car the whole time I was talking to her parents. It was a minor accident, but I guess in her head it was this monumental thing. He told me that she had JUST had an accident in the same place not 2 weeks ago, so I guess this was horrifically traumatic for her.

Well, no matter where the fault lies, that girl is fighting some terrible demons right now. I’m not unscathed psychologically because I’m mad that my perfect record is dead and that now I have to deal with my car and insurance and WHAT A PAIN. And my plan for doing house stuff next week? GONE. Again. I don’t know why every time I want to go down and do house stuff I can’t. It’s like something is telling me not to, to wait, not to finish, not to sell. Not yet! WHYYYYY????

It’s very warm today and the dogs were unable to sleep all night long it was so stuffy. 70 degrees in the middle of February…and snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Now that I have the window open, Gable is napping. My golden dog. Well, I hope this whole thing gets dealt with easily and quickly so that I can maybe enjoy some of my week off…instead of sitting around moping. That’s another lucky thing: that it happened right before I take a week off work.

C’mon year of the dog!!! Help me out here! Some good events please! It’s Friday everyone! Enjoy it!

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