Day: February 15, 2018

I’m Rather Convinced it’s Spring

Considering how the temperature high is going to be a steady 50-60 degrees for the next 2 weeks with rain and sunshine, I feel like it’s safe to say the groundhog was wrong and spring has arrived. The birds are singing, the trees are budding and my bulbs are growing. Came home to insulation all over the front porch where squirrels are busy forming nests inside our neighbor’s attic. While it’s not unheard of to get snow in March, February looks done for in terms of winter. Dashed are my hopes of one good snow this year. That’s year 2 that there hasn’t been anything to write home about. Figures that 2 years ago we had so much snow I decided to get all geared up in the event we have another one. Hah. Snow blowers everywhere collecting dust in my region. I won’t complain too much because this is exactly what I wanted since I have off next week in order to accomplish anything at the house. Speaking of which, I may decide to have a pallet of mulch delivered to the house so I can get a head start on that. I do need to sell after all and I can only do that in the spring time. The earlier I can accomplish that, the better, and it seems mother nature has made that possible. It’s go time next week to do marathon fence staining!¬† …I think I’m going to have to ask for many more days off of work this year to deal with the house selling.

So many things to accomplish…Things cost too much and yet I keep buying crap at every turn. I need to pay for materials to fix up the house. My car desperately needs maintenance, but I’m trying HARD to wait until March so I can get it all done at once and wait for the credit card statements to close and have yet another month to pay it. I very strongly want to book the beach vacation, but I need to be able to pay the down payment for that which is half of the price and holy moly that’s expensive. Gable’s checkup is due in August, so Monday’s visit wasn’t too terribly expensive. At least my miniscule tax return is something to look forward to. Hmm…I think I’m going to try and do that on Saturday before I leave for South.

On top of it all my doughnut belly is driving me batty. It’s really very big.

You know what’s interesting? Gable and Liana’s duties as dogs in my pack. I’ve begun to notice again their mannerisms when we’re on a pack walk. Gable’s job is lookout. Both of their jobs (and I think I’m supposed to do this too…) are lookout when others are busy being vulnerable (ie pooping and peeing), but Gable is the primary on that because Liana is always sniffing something. He’s the low dog in the pack and she’s higher than him. I’m supposed to be the highest, so technically if there’s a threat, I command them and protect them because I’m supposed to be the most powerful. I really hope I come across like that. Anyways, Gable is extremely active with his lookout duties and I’ve never ever been afraid with him. All I have to do is watch his movements to know where people are and how far away they are. For instance, the other night he was staring…STARING…at a man standing in front of his house smoking as I was waiting for Liana to choose a place to mark, and I hadn’t noticed his presence. Then last night I noticed that as I was navigating the mailbox, I turned around Gable had situated himself¬† with his back to us, facing the sidewalk and path to the extremely dark area between and behind our houses, ears up and on high alert. Liana does it too when Gable is otherwise preoccupied, but she seems to be more alert to other dogs and distracted by small animals. She takes great responsibility in alerting and protecting us from other dogs, though, no matter their distance. Gable doesn’t care as much about dogs unless they are very close. At home, Gable has no protective duties unless it deals with the front door (whereupon he stands there looking big), but Liana is very active defending the home from passer-by dogs and squirrels. She gets loudly upset and barks like a mad dog, hackles up and all. Typically, though, if a stranger knocks on the door, everyone just lays there until someone decides they want to get up. LOL.