Day: February 13, 2018

Crazy Weather

Iiiiiiit’s Tuesday again!!

And it’s also cold again, only to jump up past 70 degrees on Thursday how exciting!! I noticed buds forming on the plants outside today. That’s bad because I know there’s ice coming in the forecast. Buuh. My bulbs were starting to sprout out back too. Eh, what can you do? Well, as for me, since I HAVE NEXT WEEK OFF FOR MY BIRTHDAY WHOOOO, I’m going to try an take advantage of the weather to do outside work finally. Please stay warm through that for me so that I can actually do something.

heh heh heh…every single year I take off work around my birthday because that’s what I really want: to not work. People take off of work to go travel and stuff but I take it off and lounge around because that’s what makes me happy. Especially in this area, people will look negatively on me for not wanting to make exotic trips or for excitement filled vacations, but I like them. I’m not a frills person. I don’t care at all for anything super fancy. I DO want to visit some picturesque locales and see the grandeur of nature, but the other stuff? Not so much. If I went, that’d be nice, but I don’t feel the absolute desire or need to do any of it. I understand other cultures, and other socioeconomic backgrounds. I am well aware that our culture here is only one of very many throughout the world, that other countries go about things differently. I don’t judge anyone for anything in that aspect. Many of my patients are world travelers, have lived all over the world. The vast majority of those residing here are those types of people, one because of work (government, military) or two because they can actually afford to travel (money and time). When I tell people I just don’t have that travel bug people are genuinely confused. Once again, I’d much rather take a hike and visit all the national parks than go somewhere bustling and fussy.

Haha. I’m too different to live here. I don’t enjoy the fast pace, or the impatience, or the lack of space or the crowds or the emphasis on self and money or the entitlement everyone exudes. But. Here I am. And I’m not going anywhere any time soon it seems.

How’d this turn into that.

One thing I’m starting to enjoy quite a bit is cooking! It’s like any of my creativity projects, except edible! Making new flavors, exploring new dishes! It’s much more helpful to not have to cook for anyone but myself (and my dogs) but it’s also nice to be able to get feedback and share the taste and creation with others. Unfortunately for me, when I do cook for others they have very limited taste due to food allergies and such. No matter what, I’ve been cooking just for myself lately rather often and it’s great! Usually what I do is figure out what’s on sale at the grocery store, then I start looking online for said items and add the word recipe to it. Many times I don’t get good hits because of the particular set of ingredients I have to work with, so I’ll combine different recipes to get an end result, plus, of course, my own taste. The only limitation is that I have to be able to feed whatever it is to my dogs too. There have been some flops but last night’s was very good! I greatly enjoyed it and am already thinking about how to make it better. My success rate is much higher than my failure rate.

Ever since I ate that Texas doughnut which was bigger than my head, I’ve been struggling with the addition of several inches to my waistline. It’s been absolutely terrible. Add in the bloating of a certain time of month, and BOOM. My muscles are doing really well. The weights are staying constant, my leg muscles are limber as well as my ab muscles. This was all evidenced last night when I skipped the cardio for floor exercises and stretches. And there’s the problem right there: lazing out on the cardio. My body does NOT want to do it, I’m so heavy, the cardio is slow and my heart is not liking it. I can’t do the DDR anymore because of the addition of a mattress downstairs, Just Dance is also not doable because people are always upstairs and the TV downstairs has been moved down South. Mostly I’ve been doing my own dance routines and it works except I’m so lazy! Weights are more fun for me because I see results and quickly, but cardio feels BAD, my feet hurt and it never seems enough. Also, portion control has been awful because¬† I end up having to eat leftovers myself so I don’t have to waste food and throw them away.¬† The jiggles…THE JIGGLES.

But yeah, it’s bad when I can sit here and feel the stomach bulge squish together. I hate that feeling…

Gable’s vet appointment went well yesterday. When we came home he almost ripped off my arm running up to greet Liana who literally ran out to see him too. It was absolutely adorable. They really and truly do love each other. She was terrified that I’d take him away and never come back with him again, just like last year…