Day: February 7, 2018


Yesterday, everyone was making a huge deal about the ice/snow/sleet we’d be getting this morning. We had patients call in asking about whether they should cancel and wanting to cancel. I, personally, had seen the forecast but thought nothing of it because it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. It was surprising and I can see how one person freaking out can cause almost mass hysteria (interesting story on the origins of the word hysteria…) because it started making me wonder if it was supposed to be bad. We looked it up, and it confirmed my earlier thought so we so called it when we said nothing would happen. There was this whole work exchange last night trying to figure out if I should come in early and do a 7-5 shift which I most certainly did NOT want to do. Different story if I lived closer, but I don’t and it requires me to wake up 2 hours earlier than normal and then be awake from 5 to 11pm or so…those who live closer get up around 6:15 and just roll into work and roll back home. It’s not super bad, so I do it occasionally, but in this particular instance, I’m fighting off a second wave of something and I just don’t feel very well. Waking up this morning my normal time, I was very grateful for the usual schedule because unlike last week, I’ve been sleeping pretty well with normal dreams.

Weirdest thing about this morning was that 66 is extremely quiet. I know that they don’t allow trucks on the road when it’s icy, which probably attributing to that, and that schools are all 2 hour delayed, but it’s really very not slick outside at all. My railing and the poop stations were all iced, but sidewalks and roads are just wet. Figures, after all the excitement with messages last night.

My patient told me yesterday that what I got during the New Year and what’s going on now is very much akin to what her 3yo granddaughter had and has. Nasty cold that doesn’t go away for 2 weeks, lasting cough, and now congestion and more coughing, basically round 2 of the same. It’s a lesser degree, but much more sinus involvement. The strangest part of it, though: My body feels fine. I don’t feel slowed down by it now or before. There are just symptoms that prove it, but I don’t feel miserable, just that I have something. Well. If it continues for another week, I think I’m going to have to go ahead and finally establish a PCP.

Speaking of which, why is it so hard to find a new PCP? I’m looking all around and I just can’t find one that seems to have consistent reviews…now, yes, I know reviews are a terrible way to judge any practice at all, but the resource is there, why not use it?