I dislike. Loathe. Dread. Weddings. I feel strongly about this. Especially now that 2 of my co-workers are engaged it’s really irritating that I’m always hearing about it. I’m not even sure exactly why I hate them, but there is just no doubt that I quite despise weddings. 

The planning. Everything leading up to them. The dresses. The people. The speeches. The presents. The attention. The money. Going to them. I just abhor weddings. 

Call me a humbug if you’d like. A buzzkill. A killjoy (my patient told me I was one today). Doesn’t change my opinion or my mind.

Maybe it’s what a hoopla weddings have become. Money pits. And for what? Free gifts from people? Attention? Oh look at me? I feel like it’s all just for show. Is there any meaning amymore to them? Brides wear white for purity. Exactly how many brides these days are actually pure? For tradition’s sake? 

You could say I’m jaded. You could say I’m jealous, that just because I don’t currently feel unbridled love for someone right now that I say this. Well, yes, I am jaded. I’m cynical. I’m scarred. But you can also translate that as realistic. When I was in the throes of love and passion, I still did not wish for a wedding. I just don’t like them. I get what they represent. I get that they are celebrations of a supposedly lasting legal commitment in the relationship of a couple. I have no issue with the ceremony or the celebration. 

I just don’t like weddings. Period. 

Now try to tell anyone that and see what kind of reaction I get. 


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