Month: January 2018



WHoo! Check it out! I finished my craft project yesterday! Super proud of myself for actually finishing a product. I you’re interested in how it was done, see this.

Now I have to do laundry. Blechy.

Got an eye exam this morning. Very nice doctor. Same exact prescription as I’ve had for years. No need to change glasses, but I might come back and order new glasses when I actually have monies to spend. Dilation just started totally wearing off, but I swear I’ve been chewing through anesthetic in the last few years much faster than I’ve ever done before.

Other than that…nothing else to report. Super proud of myself for finishing that flag. :) Won’t be displaying it until closer to the date, though.

Been eating a lot again… buh.

3 Minutes…GO

It’s…FRIDAY!! Whoooo!

I’ve been doing really well the last 3 weeks about food and such and my body is reflecting that too. My stomach seems flatter, my clothes fit for the most part, and my fat clothes are loose again. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a spot where my body is rejecting this smaller portions diet thing, and WANTS FOOD NOW. Monday was particularly bad where I ate cake, cake, cookie, 2 helpings and fries. I want fries and fried chicken right now, thanks.

Money hasn’t been so good…but because of that, it’s a strong motivator to NOT spend money on eating out. Expenses left and right, me trying to fund my craft project while trying to pay for bills and thinking ahead because 1) Eye Exam on Monday which means money for glasses, 2)Gable needs Rabies this year! Whoo! I can’t just flub up and not bring him!, 3) Been trying hard to put off bringing in the car which reallllllly needs it until March because I just can’t afford $1200 of repair right now, and 4) I want to rent a beach house for the summer, but I can’t afford the down payment. GAAAAAAAAH

Aaaand I’m 3 minutes over the 3 minute mark. GTG


I dislike. Loathe. Dread. Weddings. I feel strongly about this. Especially now that 2 of my co-workers are engaged it’s really irritating that I’m always hearing about it. I’m not even sure exactly why I hate them, but there is just no doubt that I quite despise weddings. 

The planning. Everything leading up to them. The dresses. The people. The speeches. The presents. The attention. The money. Going to them. I just abhor weddings. 

Call me a humbug if you’d like. A buzzkill. A killjoy (my patient told me I was one today). Doesn’t change my opinion or my mind.

Maybe it’s what a hoopla weddings have become. Money pits. And for what? Free gifts from people? Attention? Oh look at me? I feel like it’s all just for show. Is there any meaning amymore to them? Brides wear white for purity. Exactly how many brides these days are actually pure? For tradition’s sake? 

You could say I’m jaded. You could say I’m jealous, that just because I don’t currently feel unbridled love for someone right now that I say this. Well, yes, I am jaded. I’m cynical. I’m scarred. But you can also translate that as realistic. When I was in the throes of love and passion, I still did not wish for a wedding. I just don’t like them. I get what they represent. I get that they are celebrations of a supposedly lasting legal commitment in the relationship of a couple. I have no issue with the ceremony or the celebration. 

I just don’t like weddings. Period. 

Now try to tell anyone that and see what kind of reaction I get. 


Did not get up this morning. Thank goodness the alarm in my head went off, because I shot awake 11 minutes after I was supposed to and ran off to start the routine. One look outside confirmed why I couldn’t wake up: rain! This warm weather is driving me absolutely batty. I hate it. The tulips and such will be coming up soon, I’m sure. The sad part is that I’ve been waiting for it in order to do that fence, even though the BEST opportunity was this weekend and I didn’t get to do it after all.

Speaking of which, my stomach still hurts, but not like before. It’s just kind of unhappy,  but not debilitatingly so. Stomach bug? That or too much cheese and beans. Haha. I made nachos last night. Oh so good. Next time, not so many beans, though. My knee feels much much better today. I just hope it continues down that path.

Back to work this week. -_-;; Feeling some major “don’ wanna work” blues right now. I’m glad I decided to take off the week of my birthday. I’m totally rocking the Chinese New Year thing this year! I don’t know why I’m so excited!

Monday Yet Again

It was a 4-day weekend whereupon I was supposed to take advantage of the unseasonal 60 degree (again) winter weather to paint my fence at the other house and otherwise prep to sell. Well. As is per the norm these days, I didn’t because things always happen. In this case I was sick. Stomach sick. Like, I woke up at 5am with a very sharp pain in my stomach which landed me in the bathroom for the majority of the morning. Throughout the day it was strong enough to make me nauseous. So I stayed in and stressed over my girl who was then on food strike. Again. Yet another complication to travelling with her. Her gums were so light colored I was terrified she’d just fall over given her age, but she was as spry and energetic as always, just extremely extremely stubborn. I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore nor why I bother trying to fight it, because she’s going win. The battle of wills always ends up in a draw like that. As it turns out, after some anger from me and more stubbornness from her and about $100 or so later, we came to an agreement and she’s happily eating again, while  my dog-feeding anxiety grows yet again and I feel wrinkles, white hairs and my life-years ebbing away. These are just DOGS. Not human children. It should never be so hard and stressful to feed a dog. Can you imagine children? I’ll be an old wrinkly prune I think if I had kids.

Friday was shopping day with my mom where we were gathering materials for a project I’ve been wanting to accomplish for years!! I’m super excited to be making headway on it. I spent the rest of the day playing video games (Dynasty Warriors All-Stars for PS4).

Saturday was awesome. I was supposed to go South and take advantage of the 60 degree weather. Instead, I woke up at 5am with stabbing pain in my stomach which ended up lasting all day long. I played video games and lolled around for a while. Went out and got Gable some birthday accoutrements. However, I did manage to get my girl to eat her food! Made it all better. And Gable’s 10th birthday! My old man!!! Such a cutie pie.

Sunday (yesterday), surprisingly,  saw me not even touch a single video game! Instead I spent literally all day long drawing, designing and cutting out the piece to my garden flag project! I can’t believe how long it took me, but I am super proud of being able to focus on it for so long and accomplishing so much. These projects are equal part planning and doing. Takes such a long time. Golden Girls in the background helps quite a bit. By the end of the day, I found out that didn’t have all the puzzle pieces to make it all come together. Very frustrating, but partially a good thing, because it means more time to think and plan. I also gave Gable a bath in the morning and every time they get baths they are extremely soft and it’s soooo adorable!!!

Monday! Today! Usual routine in the morning. I thought I was going to play more video games per as usual since I needed to wait for the other equipment to arrive. Mulled over buying a Cricut machine to help this sort of project go by much more quickly and look more professional. As it turned out, I couldn’t get over the project and jumped right into sewing up the flag portion. I’d been worried about that since I’d never worked with nylon before. The lines are super NOT straight and in retrospect, the gold thread while a nice accent to the red, would only look great if you were very sure of your straight sewing abilities….yes. Should have stuck with red. Don’t inspect too closely. Oh well. Still waiting on an iron in order to star the fuse web. I guess I should have started the painstaking cutting and such of the fuse web for the pieces, but I want to make sure it’s going to work at all before I commit to even more cutting of small pieces. Today’s background was Unusual Suspects, murder cases. Very intriguing stuff.

While I’ve officially lost pounds in weight, I’m wondering if it’s muscle mass dwindling away. My knee still is healing and feels much better today, but I’ve been trying to rest it as much as possible. My diet took a dive today, too, not sure why.

Well there you have it. Almost 11 now. Gnight.


Could not get up this morning! Even going to sleep early the night before! I’m just thankful my brain was aware enough to wake up literally 5 minutes before I’m supposed to wake up. My body certainly used full advantage of sleep, methinks. My knee feels a bit better, but still tender when I press on the mesial ligaments surrounding my kneecap. I am convinced now that it had something to do with my sleeping the night before and not from working like I’d surmised yesterday. Work certainly exacerbated an injured ligament, but not the cause. Gotta wonder sometimes…

Super happy that today is the last day of work this week…not that I’m going to get a break because I’ll be doing marathon fence/yardwork at the other house.

Yowza…my brain isn’t working properly. I can’t think right now.

Whenever my 2 engaged co-workers at work start talking wedding stuff, I don’t want to hear it. I want to be excited for them, but I’m not that kind of girl, I think. That and I guess it’s a still a somewhat sore point with me which is silly because I really am not all that interested right now. If I was, I’d be busting my butt to shop around. I’ve resigned myself to not ever having kids and I think my family has 1) always known this as I’ve announced it from when I was little, and 2) don’t expect any different. Still waiting for my future path to open up and show me what it has in the plan.

Now that I’ve been doing DIY things for a while, and seeing others, I’ve grown a major respect for professional skills. It used to be the mindset of “why should I pay someone to do this when I could do it cheaper and hopefully correctly without worrying that someone is cheating me out?” Now it’s the more that I want to do it myself. Partially to save money, but mostly merely because I want to. Take, for instance, cars. I know and I’ve done my own brakes. It’s not hard at all and would save so much money to do it myself. However, why? I have a patient at work who is a car guy. His whole adult life he’s been buying very old cars and restoring them from the ground up. I’d mentioned to him that I’d like to change my own oil sometime and he basically told me, why? It’s not that expensive and it saves you a whole lot of mess and inconvenience. If I was younger, I’d say, wow, what a rich person, entitled thing to say, but you know what? He’s got a point. Going back to the brakes thing, even if I know how to do it, I don’t really care to do it myself unless I’m super strapped for cash or I just enjoy more than anything doing car stuff. It’s a big pain in the butt and will indeed take all day. Not to mention, if something goes wrong….the people at the shop not only have lifts that make it all so much faster, but they have parts if something indeed goes wrong. I’d still like to change my own oil once to know exactly how it’s done (I know in theory) but I will still go pay someone a small premium to do it for me and dispose of it, get THEIR hands and arms dirty for it, etc.

In the same vein, over the last few years (also benefitting from a decent paying job, mind you), I’ve grown to appreciate prices and cost. Yeah, it might be cheaper this way or that way, but I’ve come to a realization that there’s a good reason for cost. Sometimes not, if someone decides to charge an arm and a leg for name and logo alone, but most of the time. My co-worker was complaining that she went to Barnes and Noble, picked 5 books and put them all back because it came to about $50 and she could get them much cheaper through Amazon. My brother regularly buys things that you can easily get from a standing store through Amazon because it’s convenient (Target is literally 5 minutes from the house). My relatives like going to H-Mart because their apples are not only more than half the price of a regular grocery store, but more than double the size! Not to bust the convenience bubble, though I sort of am because people are so doggone lazy these days (this lady called into the store, my mom was telling me, and asked if we would deliver her online-bought goods to her car outside. When asked why, she said because it’s too cold and she doesn’t want to get out of the car to walk in).

What, exactly, are you paying for when you buy a product? Why is it that Amazon can charge such a low price? Why is it, that with the rise of Amazon, individual stores are going belly up in droves? Why in the world are bigger products like apples far cheaper than the smaller, more natural ones? When you buy from a store, like Target, you’re not only paying for the ability to get it right then and there, and touch it, and feel it, and smell it, and try it on, you’re paying for their lease of the store building itself, the utilities, and most importantly, their workers. Like my mom. That she can make a living, that she can have medical benefits. Amazon uses robots mostly. They use people too, and I don’t know about working conditions now, but it wasn’t too good not long ago when people were literally dying. They don’t  need standing stores, they just need giant warehouses and rely on delivery companies. I know a person who works for UPS. He doesn’t get paid more with the massive influx of online ordering, he just gets a much bigger headache. Their overhead is lower, bottom line. Apples that are so big, but very cheap? What in the world is it grown? What is injected into them? You gotta wonder! Things have a price. Think about it. I’ve tried really hard to buy products in stores instead of online. Definitely online has an almost endless supply of choices, it’s convenient, cheaper, and there things that you can only find online, but I’ve been trying extremely hard to go to standing stores and support them. Wean myself off the online binge which is so easy to do. I want this, and this and that and ooo what’s that I don’t need? $100 for a $3 purchase? Sweet. It’s bad enough when that happens in Target…online it’s a breeze to go overboard!

It’s only 9:30!

It wasn’t even 9pm yet and I was already feeling like it was 11pm…Not only am I sleepy, but my body is in pain. I’m not sure what was going on last night in my sleep, but I woke up with my side feeling like I’d spent the entire night doing side crunches. Not only that, but at work, I found that I’d twisted or otherwise injured the tendons inside my left knee because it is PAINFUL. Feeling almost like there’s an air pocket in it. I’ve always had a problem with that knee for some reason, but this is not fun. I’d intended to work out a bit tonight, but given the pain and how my workouts are, it’s most likely in my best interest to not do that. Instead I did stretches and floor work, ending with as much of the Plank pose as I could manage.

Hopefully tonight won’t be as active. If only my dogs could tell me about my night stories… I’d been meaning to one day install a camera that would record my activities all night. Then again, maybe I don’t want to know because it’d be too creepy. I swear I’m like possessed or something at night. Only way I can explain why some nights I wake up with bruises, body pain and feeling very unrested. The most inexplicable ones are when the bottom of my feet are killing me when I wake up as if I’d been walking all night long. Alien abduction? What if I just disappear altogether and then reappear?

Only one more day of work this week! I’m so STOKED to have off on Friday! Not doing anything particularly fun…I will be going down to the other house on Saturday in the hopes that the weather forecast is correct so that I can get some fence work done. It had snowed last night a good ~1 inch, and then it’s AGAIN supposed to be almost 60  degrees this weekend. What in the world. I mean it was 70 degrees last Friday! The plants are all confused I bet. I know we are.

You know you’re old and boring when the most exciting thing that happened to me was that I made an eye appointment. Whoo! Got to work on some creative project or something. Seriously.

Gable’s birthday is Saturday!

I spent the last 2 weeks not eating out at all and I think it has made a tremendous difference in my bloatedness/weight. All to be destroyed tomorrow at work, but it’s nice to know that it does work to eat better and that’s it. I really really really want fries though.

MAN…thought that I’d be able to write in here and pass the time, but I am so sleepy I can’t stand it.