Day: November 13, 2017

Monday Working

Bluh. Just bluh. I guess the anxiety of remembering to wake up on a Monday had gotten to me, but I was WIDE awake at 2:00am thinking it was at least 6:00am. Which meeeeans that I spent the rest of the morning sleep-waking-sleep-waking in anticipation. I don’t set my alarm anymore because my body wakes up when it knows it’s supposed to wake up (unless it’s for a 7am call). Plus, these days with DST being over, the sun is up before I’m supposed to wake up which is nice because my body is up with the light and down with the light.

Now, the whole day is going to be like that because my brain is working before reality. Great.

Gamer Guy has been talking to me a lot on Messenger. I’m still not interested. I wonder if he thinks that I’m his only shot left for a relationship which is why he’s been so tenacious. I mean, I was in a relationship for about 2 years, 1.5 years officially and he was probably one of the longest and first guys I communicated with. I think…I HOPE…I’ve been treating him just like a friend, because that’s my goal. He’s messaging me right now.

Gable is suspicious because I’m not usually up this early and doing the weekday schedule on a Monday…and when I am…that means…I’m leaving.

This time of the year is really my favorite. Good memories, and there’s a bit of a calm before the storm. It seems to peaceful.