Day: October 31, 2017

Tuesday again….HALLOWEEN!

I just realized I forgot to send my Halloween card. Buh.

One of the reasons I don’t like relying on my mom to do sewing projects is that since forever, she waits until the very last moment to finish them. Yes, it’s Halloween and they’re still unfinished! Very close to being done, but not done. Bluh. I can understand procrastination and being down to the wire because, well, school, but usually I like to be done the day before or at least several hours before. In this particular instance, Halloween is on a Tuesday and I’ll be at work. Oh well. It’s not like we’re doing any contests or anything, so eh. Still, I’m glad she was able to (while still frustrating that she can’t thread a needle with her super poor vision) accomplish much of the project and choose fabric and stuff. This may well be the last time she does this. I finished my own portion yesterday: namely, adhering the samurai emblem. Yes. That was all I had to do, but it took me ALL AFTERNOON. I couldn’t find any fuse web, so I decided on fabric glue. It seems straight forward until you have to use it on gold satin. Then it looks like CRAP. Plus, glue is very messy and apparently permanent so any glue spilled on the costume never ever comes off. Also, because I had to use gold paint to revive the color of the satin after the glue, I had the bright idea of “sealing” the fabric first for one of the emblems and then impatiently waiting for it to dry and “helping” it along. What looked like crap looked only slightly less crappy, now with bumps and ugly ridges. The other emblem I just straight painted on and it looks really nice and smooth. However, after completing that portion, I looked at everything and asked myself: why didn’t I just paint it all on to begin with? Not to mention the satin edges would fray constantly. Oh well. You live and learn. And I never made him the rest of the armor. D’oh!

At least once it’s over the table in the living room can be put away again.

I put up Halloween lights in the vein of my Christmas lights. Our walkway up to the door can be really scary without the right lights (and also dangerous especially since our porch light can’t actually stay on for longer than 5 minutes and the sensor is wonky). We are the only ones with the lights and I have to take it all down already this weekend.

I’ve got to figure some other configuration of lights this year for Christmas… change it up, make it different.

My car and my Amazon shopping cart need monies to fuel them, but I’m too cheapo to do anything. I really do need to bring my car in. Why do things cost money all the tiiiiime?

Spent Saturday doing yardwork…or at least that was the plan. Took myself out to Lowes and bought some soil, sand, rocks and some paver stones. Everything was great until I realized the parking lot was up a hill…you don’t notice these things until you have to struggle to push a 300lb cart by yourself up the slope, and then when finally reaching the car, open the trunk and realize said cart is rolling back down, so I have to use allĀ  my weight and might to try and pull it backwards, almost lying on the asphalt to make it stop, attracting stares from people driving by. Also that weird guy in the red pickup who kept revving his engine as I was huffing and puffing up the hill. Then I had to unload the cart into my trunk, aaaaand getting home and realizing that now I have to bring each bag one by one out of my car, up the many stairs of the porch and back down more stairs to get to the backyard. Ya. So by the time I dropped them all on the porch, I was too tired. Went to the back to put away my tools, but I HAD to do something, so I pulled up the wood and whacked the soil a few times before taking a shower and heading to the front again to cut the roses and set up my lights.

Talk about exhausted.

Sunday saw me playing mostly video games, but finally hefting all the bags to the backyard. It was raining all day.

All I have to say is, I am SO glad I decided to be focused and back in my workout last week because otherwise my Lowes venture would have ended up much differently as would the state of my muscles.