Day: October 26, 2017

Can’t Stand It

Not anymore. All of it. I just want to go into the woods and be a hermit. Gable and Liana’s food pickiness is testing me to the limit. I can’t take it anymore. Feed yourselves. Seriously. Just whatever you want. The absolute worst part about them. Its unbelievably distressing to be unable to feed someone or things. Almost 6 years of food wrangling. How hard is it to just freaking eat? I spend 30 minutes in the morning just trying to prepare food for them only to have them still refuse to eat it. I’ve compromised, tried tough love, indifference, spent dollars after dollar. Either one will eat it and the other won’t or neither or we’ll go at most 2-3 weeks where 80% of the food is eaten without too much incident.

I can’t take it.

Anyone want to adopt them from me?

On top of that irritation, I got almost all the way to work behind infuriating drivers to find out that 3/4 of my water spilled all over my bag and car seat. Damn Camelbak and half twist cap wasn’t closed the extra 1mm that needed closing.

Yeah I’m in an amazing mood today.