Day: October 25, 2017


3 years ago, today, Gable got into a fight at Wylie Wagg with Prince, the non-racing greyhound. The racers and non-racers are built differently from each other; where the greyhounds (athletes) are slim, smaller and fast, the non-racers are much more like what you know of a dog: squarer head, bigger snout, big paws, no butt muscle, big barrel chest. Overall they’re much more substantial. Nope. My boy did not win and he now has a scar on his snout as a momento of the fight, but it was a good, however surprising memory. I never in a million years ever thought he would’ve gotten into a fight. My dogs and Prince made up after the fact, as dogs do. They don’t keep grudges like humans. Prince was banned from the store altogether so we all went to sit outside and had a good time talking and hanging out. In the end I held the 3 of them together while Prince’s owner went to bring the water bowl back inside and he definitely had anxiety problems, but nothing that couldn’t be remedied. He’s a big boy!


You can see he has a much wider stance, bigger paws, fatter snout, more substantial head. All around bigger than Gable.


People could learn from dogs, you know? Fight, yes, fight it out, but in the end we can still coexist. They really do live in the now. Not the past, not the future. Then you had my girl Liana trying to calm the situation the whole time, even though we jokingly speculate that she was the cause of the fight. I don’t think so. Apparently the store’s staff saw one dog try to warn the other and then BOOM. Attack. GOOD GOSH it’s scary to see two large dogs fight. They’re SO TALL when they get up on their hind legs.

Memories, man.