After that horribly depressing post this morning, my day wasn’t much better. It wasn’t terrible either. Crazy amount of traffic going to work. Just people. Lots of people, out and about doing nothing important and getting in my way of getting to work. My work day was a headache of You-Know-Who’s nonstop track blaring in my ears and everyone else’s. It’s only my first day of the workweek, but I feel like I’ve been working all week already. Commute home was normal traffic jam.

Got my packages today, but of course, the one item I really wanted isn’t supposed to come until Monday. Bluh.

My uncle accused me of being anti-establishment, and know you know what? He’s totally right. I’ve always rooted for the underdog, no matter what, and the instant something gets too popular, I no longer want it. That’s why I was bummed that after I bought my Outback, suddenly everyone wanted the same car. Meh. It’s a weird way of doing things, but it’s how I am. Support the small businesses as the large ones start taking over the world. Apple? Samsung? Amazon? While I still shop on Amazon, I’m trying to shop from other businesses. It’s not so much that’s I dislike mainstream stuff (if it’s a legitimately good product and business model, then hey, I’m not going to deny that) as I don’t like when people get full of themselves and forget why they exist to begin with. Companies are out to get money, of course, I understand that, it’s a business, but most companies start out to deliver a service to consumers, so they’re always for the people and their workers. When a company gets too big to remember that, then I’m done with them.

How come I’m the only one who has toilet paper issues?

I just posted on RW for the first time in months and dang I hadn’t realized how many hits I’d been getting. Almost 200,000 hits! Wow. For a nobody webpage, I was blown away. I swear the last time I looked it was at like 80,000.

The dogs are acting up again. Why is it so hard to feed these darn dogs? It’s been a struggle since the day I got both of them. I love everything else about them, but the stress of feeding them is ridiculous.

As a sign of the times, or maybe my confidence now, my short hair doesn’t affect people like it used to. Having had super short hair for almost 10 years now, I’ve been through my share of experiences. More and more I see it in advertising, so it’s less of a surprise, though I still get comments and stares and avoidance reactions. I really don’t care. It’s my hair, not yours. Everyone always asks me (just like with food!) if I’ve ever tried long hair before as if the only reason I have short hair is because I’ve never had the long kind. *eye roll* Yes. Yes I had it for 5 years. I hated every moment of it and virtually never wore it down, always up. The social acceptance was nice, the blending into crowds could be nice, the attention of the male population was possibly nice if I had cared, but I hated it.

It’s nice to see my mom interested and doing a hobby she is good at and loves. Even if I was supposed to be the one to do it, I’m really glad to be able to give her the opportunity to do this and not mush her brain on the couch with her tablets. There’s an awesomeness to crafts and sewing you just can’t match with anything else. I thought I might try and redo/rework the Samus costume I was making. Wasn’t happy with it at all, that’s why I stopped.

Soo sleepy. I’ve been so unmotivated by life lately…most likely the reason my everything went to hell in a handbasket. Nothing matters. Still just waiting. Always waiting for people to move their asses. It’s been hard not to spread the negativity. Disillusioned. I start something exciting and then I just stop caring. Is that depression?

At least the human body has good memory. My workouts have been frustrating again with the lack of muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance, but gotta get past that hurdle. I already feel better after 2 days of trying to break through that wall.

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