Day: October 20, 2017

Friday again!

So happy it’s Friday. The first day without co-worker was a little bit of a nightmare but not from anything any of us did, just crazy patients. I swear, this time of year, no one is in their right mind. I don’t know why either…well. Maybe I can guess? My body wants nothing more than to laze around and eat, eat, eat. That I attribute to the impending winter and I’m naturally trying to fatten up for lean times. I’d mentioned before that sometimes I feel I might be more naturally inclined than others, a function of being cognizant of it, and possibly not inherently, though I could make that argument. Anyways, people’s scurrying-type-of-behavior could be explained along the same thought process in that we as natural inhabitants in the autumn are frantically gathering for the forthcoming winter. Like squirrels. This time of the year they’re crazy and get squished by cars.

Speaking of fat, I am FAT. Holy mackerel. I was looking through beach pictures yesterday and I could pinpoint the exact day I felt I was too fat. What happened? I never get fat at the beach! I walk so often that just doesn’t happen! Except that this year I’m old and that I was apparently the walking trashcan. Also, my dogs don’t walk nearly as far as they used to.

Liana woke up in pain today and it bothers me. She was perfectly fine yesterday. The only thing I can think of is that I jogged a little with them yesterday. Shouldn’t have done that. It’s her birthday too, which means it’s my mom’s.

My girl turns 10 today. :)