TOday. Thursday.

Marks the first day my co-worker will be not here for 2 weeks which means I have to deal with STUPID for the entireity of the time. I’d mentioned before that if she started working here every day, I’d quit and find a different job. This is going to be hell. Maybe I should bring a book or something.

I love short hair. I just LOVE short hair. I don’t care what people think either. I’ve had super short hair for 9 years now, and I’ve been through lots of flak for it. It has been one of the most enlightening and empowering experiences I’ve ever been through. Let’s just say, it takes GUTS be able to wear this type of hair as a female. Dirty looks, annoying comments, silent judgements, fear, awkward confusion about my sexuality from straight and non alike, cluelessness from the older population. Then there are the overly supportive ones, those who wish they had the guts too. However….it’s a good thing I live in this diverse area and not somewhere more backward and conservative.

One good thing that came about that whole email-sister-thing, is that I was able to sleep really well last night–something I’ve been unable to do for a while. High blood pressure has got to come down sometime. I don’t feel sleepy this morning even though I ended up oversleeping 8 minutes. THrough it all, she just doesn’t get it. She can’t or won’t see the truth in all of this. Nothing I said was a lie or an untruth. It was fact. Then again, factualism is how I get into the ire of other people as I’ve found…but how can you refute fact? By bringing in emotion. That’s all the defense there is at that point. So no matter what hot air she blew at me, when all of that dissipated, the bottom line is still the same. The facts remained. That’s probably what made her so mad to begin with, and I knew she’d get mad and I put that right in the email. She’s always accused me of being a know-it-all. Well. Maybe because I AM right the vast majority of the time. I’m not boasting, it’s just, well, the facts. I pretty much know what’s going to happen once I decide to do something because I’ve thought of all the outcomes already. She has always been fantastic at accusing other people of things and never herself. Always quick with a defensive mouth-off. That’s my dad and his family. How can I possibly be wrong?

You could say to me right now, well, are YOU wrong? Admit that! I would respond with, I’ve thought about it already: I’ve been wrong about nothing. I’ve never asked much of them. For some reason she’s been hung-up on the whole fridge business about not being able to choose it themselves. She has no reason to be because it’s NOT HER HOUSE. Plus, how do you live without a fridge? I also did it because a fridge costs a lot of money. I just finished paying it off actually. AND on top of it all, that day was the last day of the black Friday sale last year. If you waited longer everything would be very expensive. I’ve been fridge shopping before. I know how much these things cost.

In the end it’s a major ego trip and she’s forgotten the original reason why we had this agreement: for them to save money to buy a house. It wasn’t because I wanted them to live in my house. That part was just beneficial for security and home insurance. They’re squatters. It wasn’t for them to raise a child. In fact, all of us stopped wanting to go down there altogether . It was like my vacation home away from things. She even mentioned she was upset that no one would visit. Why would we want to visit? It wasn’t just me. It was my brother and even my mom too. No one wanted to visit. I didn’t put them up to it as people seem to think I do. They can think for themselves. In fact, I did the opposite and encouraged my brother to go though he never did.


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