Day: October 2, 2017

I am fat

And it’s driving me crazy. It’s not even sitting in one place, fat. It’s like, I’m going to spread myself evenly around like padding, fat, so that when I try to bend or stretch, it impedes my movement. But the worst part, is that I must be well into Storage Mode, because I’m eating twice the amount of food necessary. Something about storing up for winter, methinks. I’ve been trying to cut my portions and rid the house of snacks, but I keep defying the portion control rules and then eating cookies, telling myself that I need to get rid of the bad stuff before I start getting back into shape again, otherwise it won’t work. In part, I’ve not done nearly as much yardwork as I usually do given the weather, the inability/lack of desire for going south, is a major hurdle too. Not to mention that since my dogs are older and have health issues, I’ve been averse to long park walks with them, with the fear of being unable to carry them back to the car in case something happens. Lots of excuses, not much action. Always excuses.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work this past weekend doing pretty much nothing but sewing for 3 days straight. That’s right. Sewing. Actually sewing with a sewing machine. Frustratingly, I’ve not made much progress…but I’ve learned quite a bit and have a very newfound respect for seamstresses and sewing as an art. Extremely useful skill, but more complicated than it looks. There are lots of problem solving, planning ahead, details, remembering, patience, etc involved with all of this. What’s taking me so long is that since I have zero experience sewing, I decided to do a mock-up/practice round first before jumping into the final material in case I mess up. Basically, I’m doing it twice (or sometimes thrice) over. In this, like many other skills in life, practice makes perfect. The more I do it, the more I learn little tricks and what to and not to do. You have to make mistakes to learn. The stitches look awful in some places, learning how to push and pull the material, what is too much, what is too little, how to patiently press on the pedal instead of flooring it and having the thread fly everywhere. I constantly forget to back-sew which means that eventually my stuff will fall apart. How the cuts need to be spot on or it just looks bad and lopsided. Honestly, I’m terrified of doing the real deal now. Haha. But I know I’ll have to and I feel better now that I’m doing some practice runs. Extra helpful in this case because I’m free-handing everything from scratch. No patterns involved except for those I created myself specifically for these projects.

With all the pieces for Liana’s costume coming together, I’m getting excited for the real deal! She is a terrible, terrible, model, though. I thought Gable was bad. Also, she’s old and much more grumpy than she used to be when she was younger. It’s nice, when you’re doing costumes like this, to get input on the design from other people. My mom is appreciating quite a bit that I am suddenly interested in doing stuff like this and I can feel the creativity rising in her too. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen that in her. I have to ask her about how to do things because at this point she is the master and I am merely a novice. I have never, ever had the patience to do anything like this, even though she tried to teach us. Haha…I still don’t have the adequate patience to be a real sewing master (don’t know if I ever will), but I have enough to accomplish the project as a whole.

And then. what would the limit be?? Costumes for me??? Heck, I’ve not even gotten anywhere with my Samus costume. Mostly because I am dissatisfied with the parts that have been accomplished already. I want to redo them, just like I re-did the cardboard samurai helmet. I don’t know how people can work with cardboard. Yes, it’s easy to work with, and more supple than foam which means more intricacies can be accomplished with it, but the finished project is much more fragile and doesn’t look nearly as good. Case in point, I took a picture of both dogs wearing the old and new samurai helmets and they hated them, of course, so they both tried to get them off by rubbing them on furniture and walls. Liana managed to rip the cardboard one altogether, while the foam one is still intact. For the moment. Silly pups.

Major hitch in all of this is the lack of moolas. Major roadblock, without the greens, you know? Coupons, yes, but it still costs money! And time looking for that perfect design or material in hopes that you don’t mess up.

I’m really proud of myself, overall, though. Another to scratch off the bucket list. Let’s hope the end product turns out as well as I imagine it will be.