This is a map of the total solar eclipse’s path on August 21. Where I am, we will only get about 82% visibility, but hey it don’t matter. Just finished reading an article on how animals react to eclipses and now I’m eager to see how Gable and Liana react, though apparently domesticated dogs and cats seem to have little and varied reactions.

I woke up this morning and my left eye was really weird, like it was swollen. Turns out it was…just like how it is after I cried a lot the night before and went to sleep. It’s still swollen like that. Was I crying in my sleep again? I slept better last night than other nights because I put in my nightguard, but it wasn’t a straight restful night. I don’t remember my dreams ( I did have them, I remember as much), but I did wake up with the  Rascal Flatts song From Time to Time on my lips. Yeah, I typically wake up with a song, and it can be telling about the dreams from the night. If this is one of those nights, then it explains the one crying eye. Just one, though. LOL.

After my lofty goals for Saturday, all I did was eat food and play video games. Yay.


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