Day: August 11, 2017

Is it bad

that I don’t even want to read the news headlines?

It’s finally Friday! I swore up and down that yesterday was Friday…you know how that goes. I am thankful, however, that everyone is on vacation this week. Traffic has been so light. I wish it could stay like this forever. Probably won’t get this kind of mileage for again until the next big holiday.

Tomorrow I plan on moving forward with a test piece for Gable’s samurai coat costume. Monday saw me cutting out a pattern on doggie pee pads. Lol. Not only were they the biggest piece of something I could find, but they’re tough with little risk of ripping. He is not a big fan of being a model for fabric especially during the time he usually naps. There is still part of the design I have to mess with (the shoulder part for the coat) to make it look closer to authentic, but I think I have an idea of how to do it. The “armor” I made last October out of cardboard is still slated to be used with it, but I am still super unhappy about how working with cardboard looks. I mean, it’s corrugated and reflects light in strange places…and it looks like it was made from cardboard. I wonder if I can remake them with foam…which presents its own problems. We shall see how much time I have. The helmet was the hardest part which is why I originally chose cardboard. Not sure how I can do the same thing with foam. Foam helmets are literally the hardest part conceptually. Apart from carving it from a block of Styrofoam, making it symmetrical is hard but shaping it is the worst. I’m a bit excited, though.

Made an appointment for Gable to go to the vet Monday. I shall be poor yet again. Sigh. I tried their advertised “make an appointment online!” thing and OMG what a slow system!! It was awful. I spent an hour the night before trying to mess with it and it was just impossible, so I was like, whatever, I’ll just call. Lo and behold when I called the next day, it was NOTHING like what the system told me. It informed me that Saturday had lots of appointments available, but the girl told me, nope, all booked. Then it had told me there was no openings on Monday and the ones available were with a doctor I didn’t want (I like most of them, but not her…interestingly the doctor that my greyhound mentor adores), but upon calling I got a doctor I liked. Wut. So much simpler, so much faster.

Finished the last day of cat-taking-care-of. He is so cute, I’m so glad we were able to find the source of the incessant and ear-splitting beeping going on in the house. How very obnoxious for an animal with more keen senses than ours! His zoomies were very spirited and fast! He also reallllllly liked my brother for some reason, and used me as a bridge to balance on and get to him. I made up a game with him where I’d fake a mouse burrowing under the blankets and popping out every so often and he just LOVES it. It could be anything, not a mouse, and he was completely intrigued. As much as he set off my allergies, I’m going to miss him.