Day: August 10, 2017

Natural People

…As much respect as I have for going organic and nature in general, “natural” or “homeopathic” people drive me crazy. I work in a field where scientific evidence is at the core of what we do. There’s no denying science is the real deal, as much as people try to. One of my co-workers got into yoga and if you know anything about yoga peeps they all go “natural” with their essential oils, incense and crazy crap. For a time she was doing the detox, no carbs, etc etc diets and all sorts of stuff to reduce “toxins” from her body. I’m not refuting the efficacy of certain ones because I, myself, have been using some my whole life. The whole idea of “Chinese medicine.” Menthol for muscle pain, stuffy noses, (Vicks Vaporub!), Lavender puts you to sleep, the power of tea, and so on and so forth. Recently she’s been doing essential oils and is trying to start a brand with a friend for essential oil soaps, or whatever.

I mean, I’m all for supporting her, but time and time again I’ve warned her (nicely) about the potential risks of all this crap. There is not enough scientific evidence to support medicinal/therapeutic uses for these things. Similarly to “natural” supplements, they’re not FDA regulated, and therefore not required to provide risks or contraindications. In fact, you use it all at your own risk. She says, that’s why you do your research, but are those sites legit? And also, the worst part about these “natural” things, they don’t actually¬†have¬†to prove that the concentration of their product is 100% pure….it could be anything thrown in there…you know, people trying to make a quick buck. And then there are allergies. There is someone in this world allergic to basically everything out there. When you think business, my first concern is liability…as should everyone. No matter how much benevolence you aspire to or is the push behind an idea, you must think of liability in this day and age. She asked me my opinion on her brand thing and I straight up told her that I wouldn’t ever use them. Some days she’s like, I have a headache so I dabbed essential oils on my head. And she has a diffuser at work which while she means well, could possibly cause an allergic, respiratory reaction in some people coming through. This is why the medical field prohibits you from wearing perfume around patients. I always give her a look, but there’s only so much bubble busting you can do, you know?

I don’t know how many of these type of people I’ve been running into lately. I mean, whatever, I’m not them, they can do what they think is appropriate, but from a third party perspective, how much of it is worth the time and money? Things that make you “more calm” in my experience usually does the opposite in the long run and beyond that, the effects are most likely temporary or have unintended side effects….like Chapstick. Addiction. Your body becoming dependent upon this external function because why waste energy doing something when there’s something else taking care of it? Better to allocate resources to this minor infection. I swear in the end it’s mostly mindpower. The power of suggestion.