Day: August 9, 2017


So. Sleepy. Again.

It’s 62 degrees F outside right now. In August. My mind went immediately to fall décor as I was walking this morning. I love fall, but it’s a little early. Many of my patients have been complaining that it’s been really hot. I’ve been up here 7 years now and while it is technically cooler than 100 miles south, I can’t imagine it being THAT much cooler…honestly I think the summer has been rather normal…on average. haha. It was super hot for a while and then it rained quite a bit, and now it’s like fall. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just not experienced a “normal” summer but I have no real opinion about the season. It’s…summer.

Finally, 4 days after the day, I can walk not like a zombie and more like a human. Am I seriously one of the few people out there whose body can’t mop up lactic acid or something? I have yet to meet another person who has this problem. It’s not a new thing, it’s been happening since puberty. It was most memorable after aikido class in college, and back then I was at the prime of my physical ability, always doing cardio, climbing trees and doing weights. The day after I’d have to beg my friends to wait for me because my quads were KILLING ME. There’s a good pain and then there’s a not so good pain. And then there was Old Rag which took me out, like, TOOK ME OUT, for an entire week. In that I could not walk, literally, and had to call out of work for a week. They still hurt today but I have some speed! Yay! Maybe I should bring it up at the doctor the next time I go.

The kitty I’m taking care of has stolen my heart. Yesterday I meant to pop by for a little bit, but he really enjoyed my presence and I had to remain because I couldn’t help it. He immediate came over to me and stretched on top of me and then sat on  my belly asking for petsies. Then he wanted to play again, so I pretended to make the mouse burrow underneath the blanket which he was thought was just awesome. Then I emptied his toy box and we played with a rubber chameleon. Later it occurred to me that the box I left for him had been knocked over and a toy placed inside, and the mouse ball I bought him was all the way in the corner. He was super excited about food and as I was doing litterbox stuff, he came down to see what I was doing. When I left he didn’t want me to and wanted to keep playing, so I left all of his toys out. O_O But I’m allergic to you, cutie!

This is why I don’t want to take care of other people’s pets: I start to care too much because I love them all. Hmm. This is why I don’t want to care too much in general. Because I’ll love them too much. And that love makes the inevitable pain unbearable.