Damn HOA

OK…if this tree falls over onto our neighbor’s house it’s not our fault. They need to get back to us about it. I sent it via email since we’re in the 21st century but if they want it by snail mail instead, then that’s fine, let us know. Very annoying. HOAs are in theory, great, but ours is a huge pain in the butt. Don’t do this, you can’t do that, oh here, let’s just increase the due every single year because we don’t do anything anyways but we like moar monies. On top of it all, the person writing the newsletters is straight up annoying. There are nice ways to say things and not nice ways to say things. How come my HOA down south is practical and nice and to the point? I’ve lived where there is no HOA and where there’s a civic association and I’ll take the latter any day.

My friend tells me that there’s an 80% solar eclipse coming to the US on August 21! I need to get my glasses. Except that I’ve been spending money out the wazoo. UUUUUGGGHHH. I just want to live a normal life but I can’t, can I? Haha…I used that saying the other day on a teenager and it belies my age, for one, but as I increasingly find, my non-native status. I’ll say things that I heard often as a kid but people in general around here find foreign and funny. I used the term “hooligan” with my patient the other day and he thought it was absolutely hilarious. There’s something to be said for “uneducated” people huh? I dunno. I miss it. The little things like that. They make life less uptight, kinder, somehow. I feel like I always have be politically correct and proper around here.

I was texting and messaging up until 11pm last night. Given that my bedtime is 10pm, my conversations ended up melding into my dreams so I hope I was making sense to my friends…probably was half asleep at the time.

The section on paranormal stuff ended today in my potty book, but the last entry was about haunted objects. The “experts” in the field consider “energy” responsible for things like residual hauntings. Apparently hauntings are either intelligent or residual. Residual is described as an oft worn path of energy that continues to replay, kind of like a burnt on image of a movie or TV show to the screen. Have you ever seen the show “Haunted Collector?” That was the first time I’d ever heard of items being haunted…though I thought the show was a bit of a sham. It stopped airing a long while ago.

Hmm. Time seems to have escaped me today. Happy Friday!


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