Tuesday again!

Making homemade fried chicken tonight. We can’t drink milk, and what makes fried chicken so good is the fact that it always has buttermilk in it. I never knew what buttermilk is so I looked it up and basically it’s spoiled milk. Milk that is sour. So began my Sunday quest for almond milk which meant that ended up buying 10 more items than I intended which is exactly why I try not to go to Target. -_-;; Anyways, as I’ve learned over the years of cooking, chicken and poultry in general does not absorb marinade quickly like beef does, so it has been in marinade for the last 48 hours. I am excited.

I know I promised to stay away from the fried chicken in respect for the Chicken this year, but I think I figured out why it’s angry…I had gotten a little greyhound statue and put it on the porch and named it…Boubar. Boubar is rightfully a chicken’s name. I am currently on a quest to find a legitimate and appropriate chicken statue to place out there and assign the proper name, but it’s amazingly difficult to find one.

One of my scores from Target, however, was Ever Oasis, a new game for 3DS. It’s not an established series and honestly I don’t even know the company that made it, but the premise sounded great and I am desperately in need of something new and exciting. New indeed! Finally an original game not based off of anything, with a new world, new gameplay, new everything! So far I love it. It’s like a mix of Rune Factory town micromanaging, real time monster fighting like Children of Mana, you can have a team up to 3 players and there are dungeons to explore! A bit like Golden Sun too where you need certain abilities to access areas in the map. I think I’m about 70% done with the game.

This PMS this month has been ridiculous. I must be super fertile this go-round. Not only emotionally am I feeling it, but I feel FAT, I want fried food, and my skin is secreting a crazy amount of oil which means, pimples. Everywhere. My desire to forage and gather is also tremendous!! And let’s not mention my temper. Good golly.

Speaking of temper, I find it absolutely amazing, if not short of a miracle, how much I’ve chilled out. Part of it feels like, I’m too old and it requires too much energy to care about so and so, and the other part of it is simply, it really does not matter. My life fire is starting to burn evenly and looks like it’s only going to diminish from here on out. 30. Such an interesting year so far.

Ever since I organized my room yesterday, my skin stopped crawling as much and the allergies mostly left me. Darn dust mites. It’s weird, as I get older, I find that I’m less allergic to pollen as more allergic to dust. Still allergic to mold, but the dust is the real killer for me.

I was very productive on Sunday as I resolved to be: baked things, made Jello, cleaned my room, spent a frustratingly long time trying to fix the shelf in the kitchen which was literally being held up by a sandwich container (my shoulders are much too wide to fit in tiny spaces like that anymore…10 years ago that would have been easy…it’s amazing how much you grow in your 20s…not up, though, only out, lol), spent money, marinade, found my DS, aaaaaaand…then played Ever Oasis. lol.

Did you know that TeeFury sells posters? Really cool ones too.

Cystic type pimples are the worst. They are so PAINFUL.

Beach in one month!


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