Assassin’s Creed Embers

Ugh. I should be sleeping right now but I made the mistake of watching this movie after finally beating Assassin’s Creed Revelations (and therefore clearing The Ezio Collection). So much about it was subpar to me and all in all I would have been perfectly happy (if not happier) having never have seen it at all. Especially the ending.

And the internet seems to agree with me. Except that I’m about 5 or 6 years late.

First off the graphics are really bad. My very first reaction was, this is going to suck. I don’t usually care about graphics because it’s the story and gameplay that matter to me but especially after playing through the 3 games this was just painful. Certainly doesn’t add anything to the movie…

How did it go from this…
…To these…?

But I kept watching. Thankfully they kept his voice, phew! It starts off well enough: Ezio is old now, trying to salvage what time he has left in life. He’s struggling to find the words to some letter he is writing. He has two young children all at the ripe age of 60 something…very old considering the time in history that this is…it’s amazing his kids don’t have autism or some such disability. Sofia doesn’t seem to have aged at all (though I’m not sure how old she was in Revelations) which means that retirement has not been nice to Ezio…though he seems happy despite a nasty cough. Pneumonia? Lung cancer? Probably pneumonia…though given how many ancient, sealed crypts he’s unsealed and broken into, it’s amazing he hadn’t died of some nasty mold years ago. Perhaps lung cancer it is.

Robbers? Nah. Templars and all enemies I’ve made will never find me here! You know…just the last of the Auditore’s. Da Firenze.
I’m grumpy, ok?

Then all of the sudden some young girl assassin from China shows up and almost wanders off with his daughter. Doesn’t she know not to go off with strangely robed foreigners?? Good job fathering, Ezio. He gets all grumpy and mean all of the sudden and it’s explained that he has given up the assassin life and wants no part of it in an effort to protect his family. Revelations ends with him stripping off his hidden blades and sword. That was annoying to me to see and completely unrealistic in spite of the relatove realism and logic of the rest of games so far. Even Altair understood that. By the time Revelations ended Ezio was so famous and infamous to Assassins and Templars and governments alike you honestly expected to live in a Tuscan villa outside Firenze, his hometown, without anyone ever finding you? Even if he’d dropped the symbolic weapons, I think it highly unlikely a lifelong killer would refuse to stock weapons in such an open and defenseless place like a villa. What about robbers and marauders? Bottom line is he was doomed from the get go of his retirement. He’d surely have known people would find him and come for him so he’d have a contingency plan ESPECIALLY given he had a family to protect. It doesn’t make sense.

Oh strange oriental female in robed costume and neato weapons wants to walk off with me? Sure let’s go!

On to the Chinese assassin. Interesting. But rather improbable. She didn’t even have a bag or supplies. A straight up foreigner expecting to live off the goodness of strangers? Haaaaa. And she travelled all the way from China, lost her mentor along the way, to meet grumpy denial Ezio and ask him to teach her how to save the Chinese Assassins. Chinese Templars follow her. Fight scenes. Old man still got some moves. He just tells her to love people. Then she just leaves and he gives her some mysterious item in a box but tells her not to use it unless she gets lost. Huh. Very anticlimactic. Apparently Chinese Assassins have hidden blades on their feet and not their wrists. Sucks. You travel on foot and horse from China to Italy and end up with basically nothing. 

But! That was the jumpstart he needed to find the right words to write in his letter. His coughing is very bad now and he insists on going into the city with his wife and daughter (wonder what they did with his son…no evidence of a nanny or anything…). He’s very tired and weak so they sit him on a bench and wander off to buy things. He watches them happily and then a strange young man crosses in front of his vision and sits down. This is where it gets weird. The young man complains about the ugly women here and how he wants to go to Roma instead of dumb old Firenze. Understandable. Youth. Ezio mumbles that the city isn’t the problem and starts into a fit of coughing. The young man grabs Ezio’s hands and smiles creepily at him. There’s this drawn out exchange of eyes and creepy smiling and the guy has this scar extending from his mouth. Ezio, to me, seems scared of the man. Then he claps Ezio on the shoulder and gets up. Ezio manages a small smile, looking at his daughter and dies much to the horror of the girl and his wife. But he didn’t die with a smile…I got the notion is was painful. 

Creepiest guy of the year award

Creepy eyes

Here’s the hand grabbing part. My initial inpression was he stabbed Ezio!! Omg!!!

I was…confused and shocked. Who was that young man? What was with the weird eyes and smiling exhange? Did he poison Ezio? That was my immediate conclusion, that the Templars got him in the end. The internet was ABLAZE with confusion and questions and arguments. Ubisoft officially said it was just a young representation of Ezio in his past juxtaposed with his aged self. However, the strange hand grab, the scary grinning, the fear in Ezio’s eyes, and the suddeness of his death, plus the unsettled looking pose on the bench as opposed to Altair’s peaceful looking death…all to me pointing yo foul play. I mean, the graphical quality as I’d mentioned was pretty bad so maybe the grinning was supposed to be a genuine grin? And the eyes, same thing? But the scar…and most compelling yet is this: 

Blatantly in the frame a red cross just barely noticeable. I claim foul play, no matter what Ubisoft says. Plus that guy is freaking ugly and since everyone else was depicted as good looking or cool (the ones fighting the Chinese assassin) I say there was a reason for his ugliness. That death was just too quick and his face too scared/knowing. 

It doesn’t matter in the end, because no matter how Ezio died (I guess a heart attack?) and I agree with some people’s thoughts that since Desmond, Connor, Edward, etc is decended from Ezio, that Ezio’s daughter became an assassin to probably avenge the death of her father which she possibly witnessed. Because otherwise how would she have known to become one? Ezio made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with assassins anymore and it’s very highly doubtful he would wish it on his daughter since he despised the life he led so much. 

Then again I guess she needn’t had become an assassin to pass down the genes…

Well. The truth is out there! Or not. Because nothing is true and everything is permitted.

I was glad to be done with the Ezio storyline though, because doggone it all he had 3 games to himself. Altair had only 1 and some screen time in Revelations. He was paramount to the Order, unlike Connor or Edward, influencing change, spreading the creed and giving focus to the assassins, but man he really did need that rest. Leave it to the young people.

I still wish I hadn’t seen that movie, but I feel better now.


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