What if…

I’m on the supernatural portion of my fact book, and today while reading I had a what-if moment. You may have read about my ideas on paranatural stuff over the years, but here’s my thought today: what if haunted places are like that because the time-space continuum has been broken there, or the planes/realms of existence have coalesced/mixed together there somehow? If they exist, but on a different plane/realm, but want badly to come into ours for power and to possibly feel alive again (for the malevolent ones the reason they cause trouble and haunt), they can try and punch through that intangible barrier. You hear of ghostly encounters where they walk the corridor, talk or act like they did when they were alive, like they are on rails: the same thing over and over and over again and the same time. That type of activity could possibly the time continuum leaking into ours.

Parallel universes…alternate planes…think about it: someone asks you make a decision, so you choose one. What if you hadn’t chosen that? What if you said yes instead of no? Life would be different, right? In another time (an alternate reality) you said yes and went out with these people or went to that place, but in this reality, you’re in the other part of the decision tree.  THE NONARY GAMES.

Gah out of time.


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