I just read an article about some serial killers and now I forgot what I was going to update about. Wow.

The tree out back is splitting with haste! HOA needs to hurry the heck up and approve the application before it does start to fall on the neighbor’s house.  The other side of the tree/crack is even bigger than the easy to view side!

More Gable feet. Thankfully he hasn’t had any more episodes of the dementia he exhibited earlier. Puts me at ease at night. I’ve been having fitful nights again, in part because of watermelon and having to get up to pee (had another poop dream last night…so ANNOYING) and probably in part because of heat.

A couple weeks ago there was this putrid odor in the house we attributed to a dying/dead squirrel on the roof, but that has since gone. Yesterday, however, I woke up to a similar odor or rotting flesh, but no one else could smell it. Actually for the last couple of days I wake up to my hands smelling like I just went to pick up dog poop. Less today, but I do remember waking up every so often this morning to a rotting type of smell. I wonder what it is? Of course, the Fact book I’ve been reading today was dealing with the Amityville Haunting and one of the symptoms was a foul, putrid smell that would randomly emanate from seemingly the walls. It’s fine right now, I smell nothing. And it’s not my dogs because they don’t sleep in the room with me.

A patient and I were talking about kids yesterday because he has now a 2 week old and an almost 2 year old. He was all excited talking about them ( I like when people can entertain themselves, so I just help it along. It makes the appointment less miserable for people) and I asked a few questions. Then out of the blue he asked me if I want kids. I was like, well that’s an interesting question. Isn’t that the kind of thing you talk with your friends about? But I answered truthfully. If you asked me this 5 years ago, I’d say straight up NO WAY. Now? I’m much more amenable to the idea. It’s always been about the idea of kids: that they’re people and you’re in charge of the future of persons that will grow up and go into the world. Your goal is to make them a good person. You can go into it thinking, OH I’m having kids so that someone will take care of me when I’m old, but even that is not ensured for many possible reasons and frankly, it’s a terrible reason to have kids. It’s just not good enough a reason…to be selfish like that. That’s what I told him out loud, but in my mind there were other thoughts.

Part of the reason I was suddenly leaning towards kids is that I loved someone. Truly loved him, so much so that I understood why people want to have kids together. Except that everything I felt he felt the opposite. Another thing I didn’t tell my patient was that more of a reason not to have kids or have them is genetic material. If you have some disease or insanity that runs in your family, I don’t feel like that’s something that should be spread even further down the line, since we’ve all but destroyed evolution at this point. Plus, some people just shouldn’t have kids. Just, don’t. They’re not dolls.

My respect level for him went up, though, because he quipped that what people don’t understand when you have kids is that it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul. As he said, you can’t have kids and go out to the bar like you always do. And if you do, only one who suffers is the kid. We need more people who understand the depth and gravity of the situation. Mature thoughts. He is only 2 years older than I am. It’s nice to hear that there’s hope for the world yet. Unlike OTHER patients that we have….



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