Gorgeous day!

70 degrees F on a summer morning in July? Yes! Time to head to the park with the puppers! We went yesterday already and usually that’s it for a weekend but I couldn’t pass up going again today. Part for them, and part for me. Nothing like getting out there are just being in nature and nice weather and such. Plus more cardio is always good. The old pups…I don’t know how much longer I’ll have with them…whether it be several more years or just a few months. They love it, so who am I to deny that? Good thing we went early, though, because it started really heating up as we left. Other people seemed to have the same idea as us, because as we were leaving we encountered 5 dogs coming in. All young, of course. Normally my dogs are great when other dogs go by, but I think it depends on the day…Gable out of the blue decides to lunge happily at one of the dogs and it was scared…guh. Then the others he just walked by because I gave him the look. 

In other news, some follicles down in the nether regions got massively blocked overnight (or maybe even through yesterday) and I woke up to ridiculous pain whenever I move that extends to my upper thigh. It’s so big it took over several follicles at once. TMI, I know. When I saw it, all I could think of was, “DAMN THAT’S BIG.” Ouch. ouch. ouch. I’m about 90% sure it’s from my ballooning weight and the fact that my capris were way too tight to be wearing them all day yesterday. They used to fit fine…MUST LOSE WEIGHT.

Remember that Gillette BRAUN IPL I bought from Amazon? Now that I’ve had it for about a year, I can safely recommend it. I know that 9 months ago I was busy complaining about how it didn’t work for me, but a year later, there is enough difference for me to finally wear short leg clothing regularly…something I haven’t done in my life since before I started shaving. My legs have less hair and less growth. I shave about once a week and the hair is very short when I do it. How much less hair? At least 60-70% less hair in general. Armpits….not as good. I think there are too many folds and such. Maybe you need 2 people to do it just to stretch the skin. Some have gone for good, but overall I haven’t had much success there. My knuckle hair (mine are akin to male hair growth there…) has been positively affected (less hair and growth) too. If I were to buy again, and these things eventually do need to be replaced, I’d try Remington’s version with safe face feature.

Yesterday I rescued a praying mantis from inside church. It has been a lonnnnnng time since I’ve held a full grown praying mantis in my hands. It was a very bright green with these big eyes. I didn’t want anyone stomping on it. Wish I’d had my phone on me to take a picture. Not sure why, but it made me so happy to see one.

Gable feet.

Brought Liana to the vet for a tech vaccine visit. She greatly dislikes going now and was loudly telling everyone about that as we were waiting. Then 2 more dogs come in and amongst 4 dogs it was like a dog choir in there. It was quite funny to me. She really likes other dogs. Very stubborn pupper though.

What to make for dinner tonight…I haven’t really had to cook in a while.



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