Living Hell

Freaking damn. Really. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, temperature at 100 and high humidity. Nothing wrong with that because it’s summer and to be expected! I’d be much more afraid if the highs were in the low 70s. Except. It was like I was thrown back in time because there was no A/C at work. Again. It happens every so often but it was absolutely KILLER yesterday and I couldn’t take it. The psychological part for me is the worst, bringing me back to how it was. Take that, and extend it to ALL of summer and that’s what it was like. You couldn’t do anything because you didn’t want to…because of the heat. You’re not hungry and you just want to strip and just sleep. It’s hard to do my job too because it’s absolutely amazing how much of a sweat we work up doing that. At one point the sweat was literally dripping off my head and I had to stop and wipe it off before it fell onto my patient. It has been 7 years since we had to deal with all that ridiculousness, you just don’t forget, you know? For a few years thereafter I could withstand any temperature extreme. The AC and the heat at work, given the old building, cuts in and out every so often during the year. However, as the years have gone on, that ability has started to wane. Plus, the heat index and air quality yesterday was to such an extreme I just stopped wanting to deal with it all. I know our schedule at work doesn’t allow it, but if that was my office, I would either cut the day short or just cancel everyone. No one needs to work in those conditions, really. Especially when I have to deal with idiot.

I had the idea that maybe it cut out because of me being there. My coworker’s tires are rather bald and the last Friday we were there, I reminded her of that. She said yes she knows. Guess what: that night her tire blew out. If all this stuff hasn’t been happening around me I’d think it a normal occurrence. Similarly, after Gable’s dementia episode, I messaged my greyhound mentors about it and they said their pack of girls are fine and don’t have that. Just 2 days later, one of them is dead. Unrelated problem, but I feel responsible because I haven’t talked to them directly for a long while and boom.

I’ve always had the ability to “tell the future” but this is getting depressing the older I get.

Going to look up portable AC units. haha.



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