If you’ve been following my blog at all over the years, you’ll run into my fantastical thoughts, inferences and views on paranormal, spirits, etc. Yesterday I tried to explain it to an old friend online and it’s annoying how poorly it sounds when I try to type it all out. Then again, in person is not much better…just a little bit easier because I can go faster and they can ask questions. Orrr just give me weird looks. My mom and I share these beliefs because we’ve both experienced things that just don’t make sense if you merely believe in the physical world. Even if you say you’re religious, it doesn’t encompass this sort of thought…in fact, even though Christianity and most religions contain downright “magical” or “spirit-ual” elements, most followers are loathe to believe in it. How many “Christians” condemn “magic,” when the Bible is rife with it? The Catholic Church itself deals with exorcisms…you don’t get more paranormal than that…but the priests are very hush hush about it all.

When I keep talking about the strength of mind, body and spirit, the first two are understandable by most people, but is the third? Not commonly, no, especially in our technologically advanced and “all-knowing” world. The Realm of Spirits: something science can not touch. The ghost hunters use electromagnetic tools and other gadgets to help (just watch any Ghost Hunter type show) but beyond that, how can you possibly comprehend it all? Like, why are the spirits still around? IS there a “heaven?”  Why aren’t they there? What’s this realm like? Are they locally bound, are there those that can travel? If so, how? What channels?

Think about feelings of deja vu. Not the minor ones, the major ones, that you should have no memory of because you’ve never experienced it before. Think of that instinct that a mother has for her children even at a distance, or just that inexplicable and intangible connection you have with anyone you truly love. How can science explain that, and yet no one denies it. You just don’t think about it because you can’t really explain it so you just accept it and move on. Think of that “gut feeling” you get and how it’s right the vast majority of the time. I know that one for sure. It’s almost scary how accurate it is.

To me, it all goes back to the instinct that animals have, that 6th sense, that tells them when bad weather is coming. They certainly don’t watch the news. Same with dogs and kids being able to detect ghosts that adults can not. Barometric pressure, electromagnetism, temperature changes. I don’t doubt those, but think about how they are so attuned to it, but as adults, we are not. Kids are animals in that they are attuned to nature. As we grow older the growth of the brain makes us rely on our own knowledge. Beneficial to life in general, but most of us lose that ability to read nature and our actions show it. The native Americans value that natural connection. Then again they didn’t have technology like now.

What I’m trying to get at with this is: animals sense ghosts + animals are highly attuned to nature = ghosts/spirits are natural.

I have so many other theories and such about this I could probably write an entire dissertation and be unable to support it with evidence.

Dream travel, remaining spirits, reincarnation, non-reincarnation, soulmates, perception, twins, attached spirits, malevolence vs benevolence, afterlife… I could go on and on, but I am sorely out of time.


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