Relating to my previous post, and I know I still haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty placing me as this paranormal wonder, I really do seem to have a strong aura that projects out there like a beacon. All of the sudden my previous suitors have taken a renewed interest in me and are talking to me all at once again. It’s one thing if you follow me on Facebook but this guy I hadn’t talked to in 2 years and frankly I thought he had moved away or something. Nope out of the blue we were playing catch up on Steam messenger and it was amazing how much I remembered about him because after our first date he was a definite no for me so I kind of…forgot him. Haha. 

I swear…maybe I am sending an “I’m available” signal out there.


My dreams last night were interesting too, involving people I uses to know but straight up people I’ve never seen before and do not recognize. Bartolomeu was this one guy’s name, a guy from Africa. He was my ally’s right hand man. We were fighting another faction in this fight game in a facility of some sort set up for sneaking or faction wars. Lots of other people I don’t know but he stood out the most and I was the most drawn to him. Had to track him down to return his red cap. 


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