Hot Water!!!

WE HAVE HOT WATER!!! And not only do we have hot water, but it’s a quick hot and HOT even though it’s set lower than the last heater! They ran into unexpected problems (of course…like anything else in this house…) and what should have taken 2 hours took 4. It’s kind of nice to know that I’m not the only one who has that problem any time I do any DIY fixes on this property. Despite a bit of a language barrier, he seems to be a very friendly and reasonable person. The new heater has a slimmer profile which is fantastic for the tiny space down there and he replaced the old turn knob shutoff with a lever one. MUCH better. He recommends that we replace the whole water shutoff for the house because it didn’t work so he had to turn the water off at the curb. Darn old things. But he can cut us another deal for that and replace it with the lever too. Won’t take nearly as long as the water heater. I didn’t want to ask him to do other things yet because I wanted to see how he dealt with what we have here and to me and so far, it seems very decent. He showed me the leak on the back of the water heater that had been there for a long time and again you could tell how he felt about the old unit. The new one has not only the blinking light indicator but a gas overflow portion safety feature. I’ll give it a little bit of time before I write a review, but I feel good about it. I mean…if on a lower temperature setting the new one is already faster, hotter or as hot as the old one…how efficient could it have been?

When I walked the dogs yesterday, I decided to look at all of these issues in a different light: yes, it is unfortunate and downright scary how much has been piling on us all at the exact same time, but once they’re dealt with, only good can come with them, right? We’re just blessed to have the resources to handle them amongst the 3 of us. I mean, I will definitely miss the tree in the back, but with it gone I can finally clean and stain the deck floor and we will have much less of a mold/algae issue moving forward (there are downsides too, but everyone else has been dealing with that), plus the added bonus of no more leaves and pollen to sweep every year.  The new water heater? 8 year warranty and the possibility of a reliable plumber. My tires? I like them quite a bit. Only time will tell on that one since the last one didn’t last very long. The dogs? …. uh. Don’t know about that one.

Speaking of dogs, though…and speaking of looking at things a different light to help deal with them…a brand new problem arose last night (funny, isn’t it….???). Around 2am, I could not sleep very well and I awoke to hear Gable wandering around. I get up to take him outside because usually that’s what he wants. He follows me and goes outside to pee which is normal. When it was time for him to come in, it’s like he didn’t see the open door, but would go to the window, back to smell a yard bag, repeating that several times before I called his name to come in. He comes in and moves to go upstairs (I think that he just smelled an animal), but then turns around, looks outside then smells the bike and repeats that. I let him out again and he goes to poop and repeats the strange behavior despite the open door. I’m really worried now and I have to guide him up the steps which he seemed confused about. At the foyer, he turns to go back downstairs but I tell him to go up again. Then he just stands there looking around and tell him to go upstairs. He goes and I call him into my room where he lays down but still wild-eyed and looking everywhere. I sit with him a bit and put a blanket on him and pet him and stuff. He finally calms down and my heart sinks. It’s got to be dementia. My thoughts stray to carbon monoxide given the water heater, but I feel perfectly fine and Liana is fine too.

From one thing to the next. I have enough dementia patients to know how it progresses…oh baby boy. Just hang on until the beach, I beg you.


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