…are a pain. Love ’em but you hate ’em. The townhouse has all these things that need to be done and they just keep piling up. Can’t keep up! That’s what happens when it’s almost 30 years old. The gutters are falling apart (this torrential rain is making that well known…but the squirrels don’t help much by constantly jumping and hanging on them. That’s the back too. The front has a major clog in the corner), the tree in the back is split and is in dire need of being cut otherwise the limb will break off and destroy the neighbor’s deck and fence, and as always the plumbing that is still just existing in the ceiling… Then you have your minor things like exterior paint, cleaning and restaining the deck floor, and what to do about the mulch/draining problem in the backyard. The latter is the least important.

We’ve done a few improvements like newer windows and doors, replacing the HVAC, new fence and gate, visual improvements to the front yard, nice lawn (mostly…when it’s not droughting), new caulk on all the windows for insulation and pollen control, and interior lighting. Too bad the list won’t ever end.

In the words of Mr. Krabs: “Moneymoneymoneymoney!” Yes please, Mr. Krabs! Help a gal out, eh? How are we supposed to afford everything?

So much for yardwork today. This torrential rain…where did it come from? The forecast only said thunderstorms on July 4th. Maybe I should pay attention to the news more. I mean, I’m not complaining much because my lawn was crunchy and yellow, and we did need the water, but yowza this is a LOT of water! Felt good, though, walking in it this morning. The dogs disagree with me, especially Liana, but I felt like I needed that: the water pouring down on me, pounding on my shoulders, pelting my head, making my feet squish, smelling the smell of nature. To feel something other than anger and pain. To feel alive again.

Did you know that leather gets super heavy when it’s wet?

Dang this gutter is going to fall down before my eyes…there’s a big old nail sticking out of it now.

Maybe I should just buy a light ladder and go up myself.

When is it appropriate to go searching for a mate again? I keep saying that my situation doesn’t allow for things right now and financially and housing-wise, it’s not, but something is calling me big-time. I had a dream last night, courtesy of my biological clock, telling me I need to have kids NOW if I want them. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m running out of time. For what, though? I don’t understand why it’s so strong! Does anyone else feel this way? …it IS expensive to date and be in a relationship… sigh. More waiting for me.


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