I found myself festering all day from what happened this morning and the finality of it all, so I decided to use all that anger and channel it into something other than video games which weren’t helping alleviate it much at all. So I aside from just thinking about it, I pulled out my sewing machine and watched a step by step video on YouTube to set it all up and get started. 2 hours! I feel great! Like the future is my oyster and I can make anything!

Well. I have so much to learn…just free-handed a shirt and found out how wrong I was doing it as it started coming together, but the solution was glaringly obvious and I can feel new information flowing through me. Maybe I should start with patterned designs before I freehand everything. Either way it feels really very good.

Here are a few pictures!

Not a good table for it I know…it just bounces everywhere
I made a pocket haha

Tried a few stitches
Freehanded a shirt. So wrong in so many ways, but I’m learning!

So happy to find something new to learn…and that I finally did it instead of just talking about it. Now how to get enough money to afford all the fabric and stuff…


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