July 4th!

A not-so-hot-and-humid day so far. It’s cloudy out, I’m very sleepy like it’s going to storm and my dogs are both sleeping again. 66 is more quiet than usual. Looks like I might not be getting too terribly much done today…so sleepy…even though it’s a great day to do yardwork given the temperatures. Classical music doesn’t help much either.

Speaking of classical music, I was just sidetracked there looking at classical pieces on amazon and then jumped into Video Games Live. I remember a friend of mine kept inviting me to go and I would LOVE to, but I never did. Next time it comes around I would like to go. Even if it’s by myself. See? Things like that I forgot I loved and want to do. I like many and varied things. I don’t mind opera, I like art stuff. I like information and new. How to surround myself with people like that? With open minds now that everyone’s old? I can’t. Because those people are all busy and taken.

One nice thing about body hair is that it detects mosquitoes and other bugs really easily. A big old Asian tiger mosquito landed on my arm this morning on the dog walk and I felt it instantly. I feel nothing on my legs without my leg hair and consequently I have lots of mosquito bites there.

I’m back into fat mode: the never ending appetite, the lack of desire to work out, the laziness, the snacking, the inability to feel full. I NEED to though…gotta pull out the DDR. These days because I can’t walk the dogs nearly as far and with the heat too, my cardio has suffered drastically. However, ever since upping my Total Gym resistance, my upper body has benefitted tremendously! My mom poked the top of my back on Saturday, the same way my paternal grandma used to, trying to make me “stand straighter.” I have this muscle attachment on par with males but no muscle large enough to attach to it because I’m not male (I’ve spent much times observing strangers’ neck shapes from male to female to come to this conclusion). My body is built like one but I’m not so I just look intimidating instead. Doesn’t help that I prefer really short hair — the shorter the better– and that my personality is rather intense. Too much testosterone at some point in the womb. I still contend that I had a fraternal twin, a male, that died early on in the pregnancy. Maybe since he died I absorbed the excess hormones meant for him. My voice is distinctly female, however, as are my hands and feet. Tiny things.

See that hump? I’m sitting as straight as I can in this pic

HAHA speaking of which, you know they say that your feet are the same length as your forearm? Well I tried and my feet are 1-2inches too short. My mom’s fit perfectly.  Either I have super long arms or abnormally small feet.

I have weird feet, yes.

I guess I should go feed the dogs? I’m scratching the heck out of my bug bite instead.

Lazy. Sooo lazy.


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